This plant nursery in Lier is such a refreshing place to be at that some daily take a taxi all the way from Antwerp to visit it

Peter Bahi owns one of the most popular plant nurseries in Lier, Belgium, who writes on his book that some people are so addicted to buying plants that they visit his nursery all the way from Antwerp to Lier everyday, using taxi antwerpen.

Peter also writes on his blog that many plant freak couples come to his nursery instead of going to a pub, movie or elsewhere, for the reason that Peter has kept his nursery such a cool and refreshing place to be at.

Peter claims on his blog that only those that are passionate about plants can survive in the business. He writes that many large corporations and landlords that had no passion about the business tried their luck with no experience but a lot of money but they all failed. Peter is happy that they failed and says that it is a signal from the nature that nature is far superior to the money.

Peter writes on his blog that he sometimes has to work as long as 21 hours a day. He says that watching Indian mystic Sadhguru’s video where he mentioned that at one point of time in his life he used to sleep for only 3 hours a day really motivated Peter to go on like that and he also claims that he has watched the same video at least 100 times.

Successful Full-Time Bulgarian Internet Marketer hopes to make tens of millions with his upcoming T-Shirt business

Joshua Hamilton is a full-time internet marketer who was born and raised in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Joshua still lives there.

Joshua has been working on inventing a robot that will be able to create 100% unique content by itself. Joshua expects to make a lot of money with the same but more than that, he expects to make money with the T-Shirt business that he is about to inaugurate next month, thanks to Siatex, a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh, which Joshua has been relying completely on for his upcoming T-Shirt business.

Joshua is very confident that he can do great in the T-Shirt arena with his internet marketing skills and more. He says that all he needed was a reliable private label clothing manufacturer which could sell him merchandise at a price that could make him tons of profits and he believes that he has found the same.

The very first website that Joshua did optimization for was that of a friend’s hair dryer company. Joshua was too nervous and confused back then but surprisingly enough, the website became a superhit, owing to Joshua’s incredible efforts, intelligence and common-sense.

Joshua claims to have maintained more professionalism than a doctor or a lawyer of the modern era by never calling the prospects back, he claims to have never used telephone or email marketing. Joshua claims that all the business that comes to him, comes through sheer old-school search engine optimization.

Joshua loves writing and he says that he is glad that finally, the content has really become the King in the SEO world.

Joshua says that he is too attached to the online marketing and SEO, that no matter how much money he makes with his upcoming T-Shirt business or any other, he is never going to stop doing the Internet Marketing or SEO.

Choose your Apple watch and Orthopedic Surgeon wisely

Do you believe that when the emperor Sviatopolk I of Kiev murdered his brothers, he took it as a great accomplishment? Do you believe that Sviatopolk I of Kiev was like a messiah for the mughal emperors that committed fratricide? If you do, then you might also believe that the Apple Watch 5 is going to solve all your problems. Well, you are not alone, even some of the most popular and intelligent orthopedic surgeons like Dr Greg Griffin are with you, who took a day off from his practice just so that he could learn how to operate his Apple Watch 5.

Dr Greg Griffin has always been unusual, interesting and controversial, especially on his practice’s official blog. In his most recent blog post read, he advised the fellow doctors to never recruit a receptionist with a sexy voice. He claims that first those receptionists with a sexy voice get trolled hard and ultimately, your practice gets ruined and many times sees its last days.

Dr Greg Griffin claims that the greatest measure of an orthopedic surgeon is how well he treats the spinal injuries.

Dr Greg Griffin claims to have been working on inventing a medicine that will prevent spinal cord compression due to aging. Dr Greg Griffin believes that most likely it will be a vaccine.

Dr Greg Griffin writes that since the patients can now read reviews on Google Places and other places for a medical practitioner, more orthopedic surgeons lose their practice to rude assistants more than anything else.

The footnote of Dr Greg Griffin’s Orthopedic Practice’s Website reads “Choose your orthopedic surgeon wisely, choose Dr Greg Griffin.”

Writing and selling eBooks cheap is one of the proven methods to make money online

Bobbie Beale is a British author who recently completed writing her third eBook. When I interviewed Bobbie on Skype after reading the book, she told me that it is a part of one of her ways to make money online. The book is on the life of the historical King of Norway – Harald Hardrada.

In her book, Bobbie writes that Harald could have been a far greater emperor if he spent lesser time on the women and alcohol and more on the governance.

Bobbie writes that Harald was a man of great clarity, he knew what he wanted and he would do whatever it took to achieve it.

Bobbie writes that due to his addiction to women, Harald couldn’t keep a check on everything that he needed to.

Bobbie writes that Harald possessed great communication skills and had a great command on his men but he was also a very shy person.

Bobbie criticizes Harald Hardrada by writing that Harald would only come into picture if it were so important that they couldn’t do without him, he was so busy with the women and alcohol otherwise, that’s the foremost reason behind each of his failures as well.

Bobbie writes in her book that she believes that Harald inherited his high libido and fondness for the opposite sex from his mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter, who also happened to be the same.

Bobbie writes that the claim that Harald’s mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter was responsible for killing Harald Grenske so that she could marry the young, virile and vigorous – Sigurd Syr, is a completely fake story.

Bobbie writes that Harald’s first wife – Elisiv of Kiev, was addicted to advancing her knowledge, just like her great-great grandmother – Saint Olga.

Optometrists prefer to use Large Format Printing art in their clinics for their patients’ ease

Dr Sarah Soprano is an optometrist from Detroit, Michigan, who makes at least one post on her practice’s blog each week. Dr Sarah claims on her blog that those who eat nuts and dried fruits since the young age are very less likely to suffer any kind of degeneration in the later years compared to those who do not.

Dr Sarah once claimed on her blog that if the military people don’t ever get hit by any physical eye injury, they are 300% less likely to suffer any chronic or permanent naturally occurring damage or degeneration over the years.

Dr Sarah says that it is a pity that the modern optometry related mass companies care about their profits more than they do about the health of the eyes of their patients.

Dr Sarah once wrote on her blog that they really have come a long way when it comes to the advancement of the technology of the contact lenses, but they are still far away from making it 100% healthy, which she personally believes will never happen.

Dr Sarah’s most recent post on her blog was that because she acknowledges that most of the patients that come to her office cannot see clearly, she has chosen to use nothing but Large Format Printing art there.

Orthodox Jew author from Haifa wants to write his next book in collaboration with an essay writing service seller

Noah Brenner is an Orthodox Jew author from the city of Haifa, Israel, who believes that the Jewish matriarchs aren’t given the importance and respect that they deserve and all the focus of the followers of the Abrahamic religions is on the patriarchs instead. Noah’s latest book which he launched in the August of this year was completely based on this topic which he titled “Jewish Matriarchs – The forgotten mothers of the so-called holy ones”. The book hasn’t sold good numbers yet but I happen to be one of the few that have bought a copy and the book really exceeded my expectations.

In his book, Noah writes that it is a pity and a form of racism that they do not include Hagar in the list of Jewish matriarchs. Noah agrees that she wasn’t a Jew, but he then adds that he was the mother of one of the most important Jewish patriarchs – Ismael, whom Arabs consider to be their real ancestor.

Noah claims in his book that all the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs had the healing powers like the Jesus but they preferred not to show it unless there was a necessity unlike Jesus, who was addicted to showing off his powers.

Noah believes that Rachel is a more important matriarch than her sister Leah, but she is not ever given the respect that she really deserves. Noah claims that Leah was just a bit fat but almost as good-looking as Rachel contrary to the popular belief.

Noah claims to have used an essay writing service more than 15 times lately that he discovered on the docker hub and has fallen in love with the same. Noah writes that he has been considering the owner of that essay writing service to write a book in collaboration with him if he agrees.

Engineer wishes if he could play a video game based on the life of Methuselah on his Sega Genesis Mini

Jacob Goldberg is an engineer by profession who recently turned an author with his book on the life of the current President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

Jacob never gets tired of repeating on his blog that in some professions, the imagination has an edge over the knowledge, in others, it is the opposite, but for an engineer, both equally matter.

Jacob believes that like in most other professions, the success of an engineering firm mostly depends upon the energy levels and overall health of the founder and the employees.

Jacob claims that the upcoming foldable smartphone – Flex Pai is going to sell like hot cakes in the beginning but it will also work to ultimately defunct the company in the end that is going to create it – ‘Royal Corporation’ as Jacob believes that it will come with so many issues that the Royal Corporation will have first have to call the phones back many times and then refund the money of the buyers, ultimately resulting in a disaster for them.

Having been grown up in the 1980s and the 1990s, Jacob is most interested and curious about the Sega Genesis Mini lately and was among the first ones to buy the same.

Jacob recently enjoyed a trip of Eastern California with his Indian co-workers and went on to see the world’s oldest tree there – Methuselah. Jacob’s Indian co-workers told him that most Indians that know about Methuselah tree believe that the Methuselah tree is in reality a leg of Methuselah which has grown up to become a tree and is never going to die. They told Jacob that this rumor was spread by a fake Indian saint who has several heinous criminal cases pending against himself.

Chilean hopes to make her first million with her first book that she wrote after beating the disease of procrastination

Tara Martinez is an American author of Chilean origins who recently completed writing her first book after reading the popular blog post – 7 steps to overcome the “I’ll start tomorrow“. She has always been a procrastinator but claims to have overcome the same now with the help of several different books, web posts and other stuff.

Tara was generous enough to send me a free copy of her book. The book is on the life of the biblical patriarch and Methuselah’s father – Enoch. In her book, Tara claims that Enoch living 365 years according to the Book of Genesis conveys the relationship of his age with the 365 days in a year.

Tara claims to have studied the religion of Hinduism thoroughly as well in both her book and blog. Tara writes that Enoch draws a great resemblance to Narada Muni, the son of Hindu Trinity God – Brahma. Tara writes that just like the Metatron Narada, Enoch is also an angel who communicates god’s word.

Tara adds that Enoch also draws a huge resemblance to Atharvan, another son of Hindu God – Brahma. Tara doubts that Brahma could also be the distorted and exaggerated version of the Jewish patriarch – Abraham.

Tara claims that Enoch’s biggest weakness was his anger and wrath.

Tara claims in her book that the Hindu Brahmins are most likely the disciples of Enoch, who followed him. Tara then adds that the Hindu scriptures also seem to be the distorted version of the Jewish scriptures, the Hindu upanishads show a great resemblance with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tara claims in her book that the first and second book of Enoch were without a doubt written by Enoch but the third book is wrongly attributed to him. Tara adds that there is no way that the third book was written by Enoch.

Akron’s most popular conspiracy theorist claims that the pharma industries are scared of this one agonist

Frank Medrocillo is a conspiracy theorist from Akron, Ohio, who is mostly interested in the conspiracies going on in the Indian subcontinent region and in the health and pharma industry.

Frank Medrocillo claims that he buy gw-501516 regularly and take it and he has experienced nothing but positive effects with the same. Frank believes that the pharma companies are scared of its magical effects on eliminating many of the weaknesses, disorders and illnesses which the pharma companies feed on and that’s the reason why they are so much scared of the same.

Now, let us come to some of Frank’s political conspiracy theories around the Indian subcontinent. Frank claims that the 3rd ASEAN-Russia summit that took place on the November of 2018 was more of an instruction summit by the KGB to Southeast Asian countries whose chiefs work exclusively for their agendas.

Frank claims to have studied the Indian political and parliamentary structure thoroughly and he has come to the conclusion that the President of India is a puppet of the Prime Minister of India for most of the part. Frank writes on his blog that the constitution of India says that the President of India must be of a sound mind but it has only happened a couple of times that a man with a sound mind was chosen to be the President of the nation of India, one of such Presidents was APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, but generally, they only choose a man of an unsound mind who can be easily controlled by the man who calls all the shots in India – the Prime Minister.

Cuban restaurant owner from Antwerp congratulates Stad Taxi on such a grand success of theirs

Juan Manzano owns a Cuban restaurant in the city of Antwerp that only uses Surti buffalo’s beef from a particular Animal Husbandry in Indonesia for their delicious and popular Ropa Vieja, Shredded Beef and Nom Cuban Beef.

Juan lived in Florida for over 10 years and claims to have tried Cuban food at each and every restaurant there, he says that no Cuban restaurant in the entire Florida can compete with his own.

Juan writes on his blog that for the first time, beef has become more popular at the Cuban restaurants around the world than the pork. Juan writes that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the duck becomes the most popular served form of food after a while at the Cuban restaurants around the world, just like Stad Taxi has become the most popular taxi antwerpen lately.

Juan’s restaurant is extremely popular with the homosexuals and that sometimes even serves as the negative for the business.

Juan writes that the customers of today are more focused about the health than the taste and hence using the best quality beef is quite inevitable.

Juan claims that his is going to be the first Cuban restaurant in all of Indonesia that will have chefs from all Havana, Cuba.

Juan has mentioned more than a couple of times that it is in his blood to own and operate a restaurant. Juan’s grandfather established an Indonesian restaurant in the early 1960s but it failed drastically. Juan wishes all the time if his grandfather were still alive to see Juan running a very popular Cuban restaurant in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

Davao city’s Urologist knows how to save money, his cheap Windows 10 key is just one example

Dr Matthew Cole is an urologist from the Davao city, Philippines who claims on his blog that the urologists that have on-site labs are 200% more popular compared to the ones that don’t and it has been proven time and again.

Dr Matthew claims that drinking coffee increases the risk of kidney, bladder and prostate cancer, although there are not many studies available that prove the same, but who needs many proven studies when you read something written personally by Dr Matthew Cole on his personal blog written using his laptop that uses cheap windows 10  key.

Dr Matthew Cole claims to have had the most funny case of his career recently, a mosquito flew inside the penis of a patient when he was sleeping naked, the patient had to go through the medication for kidney stones that made him pee like a firehose all the time, it didn’t work at all, then the mosquito had to be taken out by a urinary tract surgery.

Dr Matthew has mentioned more than once on his blog that you are better off visiting a cosmetic surgeon if you need a penile implant, and you should never get it done through an urologist, although most of the certified urologists are open to penile implants.

Dr Matthew claims that vasectomies aren’t as popular as they once used to be anymore. He further adds that vasectomy reversal has gone more popular on the other hand though.

Dr Matthew Cole agrees with the popular Dr Lawrence Wilson’s claim that we can know more about a patient’s health through his/her hair than his/her urine.

I never knew that Francesco Costanzo loved the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini

I recently read this post by the Italian ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo who claims that he is one of the greatest fans of Pier Paolo Pasolini in the world.

In his post, Francesco Costanzo writes that the paternal uncle that Pier Paolo was named after was also suspected to be a homosexual by many but nobody dared ask him as he was physically a very strong man. Francesco also writes that this paternal uncle of Pier Paolo Pasolini was a very creative man like Francesco Costanzo himself but he was never able to make it mainstream like his nephew with the same name did.

Francesco Costanzo writes that when Pier Paolo Pasolini’s younger brother – Guidaliberto was born. Francesco writes that Pier Paolo’s father knew very well that they couldn’t afford having another child financially and that’s the very reason why Pier Paolo’s dad used to gamble day and night with the hope to make enough extra buck with it but rather the opposite happened.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo’s father was never persuaded by the so-called virtues of fascism but he had no other option than to say that he is persuaded by the virtues of the fascism in order to save his life from the cruel and arrogant fascists.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo being a pro-life, optimistic, creative person is highly evident from him writing poems appreciating the beauty of Casarsa at the young age of 7. Francesco adds that anyone who has visited the city of Casarsa will tell you that the city is not a very beautiful one but Pier Paolo really didn’t miss a single beautiful thing that he could mention in his poem and that too at the age of 7.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo being influenced by bisexual poet – Arthur Rimbard at an age that he didn’t know that he was a homosexual himself, even before he discovered that there is such a thing as homosexuality, proves that bisexual and homosexual men have creative prowess that is quite distinct from their straight counterparts which attracts the like of them. Francesco adds that there is a reason why most of the successful fashion designers are either homosexual or bisexual men or straight women.

Francesco claims that Pier Paolo started losing his religion the day he discovered the hatred against homosexuality and bisexuality in the religious scriptures of the religion that he and his family used to follow. Francesco writes that it wasn’t possible for him anymore to go back to having faith in his religion.

Francesco writes that although Pier Paolo Pasolini identified himself as an atheist, he was often confused there as well, he would think of himself as a pantheist, agnostic or apatheist at times.

Francesco claims that Pier Paolo used attain the state of nirvana whenever he used to write poetry between 12 to 5 AM in the night.

Francesco believes that entering the politics was the greatest mistake of the man called Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo couldn’t ever get over the death of his younger brother Guido’s murder.

Francesco writes that although Pier Paolo loved the communism, he hated Stalinism and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read him even a bit.

Francesco believes that it is a pity that they haven’t been able identify the murderers of Pier Paolo Pasolini till date.

Francesco writes that at one point of time in his life, Pier Paolo was obsessed with learning the Sanskrit language to understand the Indian vedic civilization better but because he couldn’t even after trying so hard, he turned his back on it and started hating the Sanskrit language and the nation called India. Francesco adds that the next year, the same happened when he tried to learn the Hebrew and Yiddish language simultaneously again to understand the Catholicism, Judaism and Israel better.

Francesco writes that although Ezra Pound wasn’t a communist, interviewing a great poet like Ezra Pound was the greatest moment for Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Francesco writes that if Pier Paolo were alive today, he would be extremely happy to see how far the gay rights have come.

I personally do agree with most of the points that Francesco Costanzo makes about Pier Paolo Pasolini and I am immensely happy to have learned a fact yesterday that the biopic directed by one of the former collaborators of Pier Paolo Pasolini – La Macchinazione, has over 70% Non-Italian viewers, which I believe should be a delight for any PPP lover.

Like Nijinsky, Francesco Costanzo believes in making the dance extraordinarily easy for the beginners


Ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo has something to teach to everyone, no matter whether you are interested in learning ballet, contemporary or hip-hop, or you belong to the advanced or beginner level.

Like his all-time favorite hero – Nijinsky, who wanted to innovate some extraordinarily easy classes for the beginners, Francesco Costanzo has also been working on the same.

Francesco Costanzo has also been working on combining yoga exercises with dancing for the ones who aren’t ready to believe that dancing can be a perfect form of exercise or are yoga freaks.

Francesco Costanzo met some Sufi saints while he was in Iran recently and he taught them some ballet as well. He also enjoyed Sufi Whirling with them for hours.

Francesco Costanzo attended a wedding in Pakistan in the year 2017 and he was amazed to see that in the most fanatic Islamic nation, they had a wedding where everyone was dancing, especially the women and that’s when Francesco said to himself that nobody can stop the power of dancing.

Just like his hero Nijinsky, Francesco believes that dancing with your body, mind and soul simultaneously and wholly increases your intuitive powers as well. He claims that it has increased his own.

Francesco claims that Nijinsky believed in behaving nice all the time, no matter how stressed or frustrated he was at the inside. Francesco claims that this is the philosophy of every great dancer including himself.

Francesco recently read each and every article that he could find about the founder of the Ballets Russes and Vaslav Nijinsky’s infamous lover – Sergei Diaghilev. After reading every piece that he could find, he came to the conclusion that Sergei did his best to hate on Nijinsky but he couldn’t do it wholeheartedly, his love for Vaslav Nijinsky remained the same till the last day he breathed.

Panbanisha has definitely learnt the words faster than Kanzi but many of her viral videos are an art of deepfake

I have a scientist friend who has been working on creating vocal structures for apes that will let them speak just like us human beings. I don’t know whether he is going to be a success or not but I really believe that the evolutionists should donate a lot of money to people like Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh and organizations like Ape Cognition and Conservative Initiative (ACCI), to get rid of the most evil thing ever invented by the mankind which goes by the name religion. I personally believe that these Bonobos can evolve really well and fast. I believe that they can evolve really faster than us with all the technology that us human beings have which can help them in this effort.

But some people are misusing this technology. Some deepfakes freaks are making the videos of Kanzi, Panbanisha, Matata, Koko the Gorilla and other apes talking to each other and humans viral. All these videos are fake and although a very few apes have been able to mimic the human speech, none of those has ever been able to mimic us so perfectly like shown on those deepfake videos.

I personally believe that feeding apes with tea and coffee is extremely harmful and abusive and Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh must be prohibited from doing so.

If you know about Kanzi, then you must be aware of Panbanisha as well. I believe that one of the reasons why Panbanisha showed a greater capability to learn the language than any other Bonobo is her mother Matata who was already well versed in many words by the time birth of Panbanisha took place. It proves that evolution takes place even among the apes.

Sayulita born neurosurgeon can now convey his interesting brain health messages to English speaking audience

Dr Ricardo Diaz is a neurosurgeon from the city of Tijuana in Mexico. Dr Diaz was born and raised in the Sayulita village in Mexico but moved to the Mexico city to complete his higher education. Dr Diaz never spoke fluent English until he came across koe mexico last year. Now, Dr Diaz created an additional official website for his practice in the English language using WordPress, all by himself and he also regularly writes blog posts there that are second to none in terms of fluency in the English language and are very interesting and informative as well.

Dr Ricardo Diaz writes on his blog that many neurosurgeons are now always in a hurry to perform temporal lobectomy for the patients with seizures, which he believes is completely unfair because it involves the resection of the temporal lobe which according to him has a great importance and shouldn’t be resected until and unless there is no other way to get rid of the seizures. Dr Ricardo also believes that several products that are available in the market freely are responsible for creating these seizures and they include aspartame containing drinks like Diet Coca Cola, Energy Drinks and many others. Dr Ricardo claims that Red Bull is the most dangerous energy drink that is available in the market today, because he claims that it contains amphetamine along with aspartame which is a lethal combination. Dr Ricardo claims that most of the governments are sold out and they will not do anything about it as long as they are being paid millions by the Red Bull owners.

Dr Ricardo claims that he has been working on finding different better permanent cures for the seizures and hopefully, he will be able to find some soon enough.

A couple of soap dispensers by Toshi Automation drove this Dehradun cosmetic surgeon crazy

Dr Srilekha Pannu is a cosmetic surgeon based in the Dehradun city of India. Dr Srilekha has a very popular blog dedicated to her practice on the official website of her blog where she mostly writes nothing but posts related to the cosmetic surgery but sometimes she writes other things as well there, for example, she recently made a post telling how the soap dispenser supplied to her by Toshi Automation Solutions has turned out to be unbelievably good and how she is trying her best to recommend this company to others as a form of gratitude.

Dr Srilekha writes on her blog that generally, the cosmetic surgeons that have their videos performing the surgery on the Youtube can be trusted more but you should not choose the ones that don’t allow comments on their videos and also always make sure to read the comments posted beneath a video if it has some because sometimes reading a genuine comment can change your life for the better.

Dr Srilekha believes that cosmetic surgeries are underrated and under-appreciated for how many lives and marriages they save and a good cosmetic surgeon should be given as much respect and regards as any other surgeon which many people do not do. Dr Srilekha appreciates the celebrities in this regard very much as they respect their cosmetic surgeon more than their general practitioner and sometimes owe their whole career to a good cosmetic surgeon that they luckily could discover.

Dr Srilekha also writes that you must always make sure that it is the surgeon himself/herself that performs each and every treatment/procedure, because owing to their super-busy schedule, sometimes the surgeons let their expert employees perform the surgery/treatment which can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even lethal.

Are Apple Security Issues a part of the New World Order? Only Cosmetic Surgeon Jeremiah Pena can answer this

Dr Jeremiah Pena is a Cosmetic Surgeon who was born, raised and completed his education in Dallas, Texas. Dr Jeremiah is very outspoken as well and the evidence of this is that the blog on his practice’s official website is full of controversial posts, but his controversial posts do not make him an inattentive doctor with a negative attitude.

Dr Jeremiah tells on his blog to not trust any home remedy or cream that they sell in the marketplace to get rid of the wrinkles, lines around the eyes or smile/frown lines, only Botox can help you in such a situation.

Dr Jeremiah believes that DYSPORT is the most underrated and under-recommended wrinkle relaxer presently.

Dr Jeremiah says on his blog that patients really appreciate personal calls/Whatsapp messages or/and SMS post-procedure, a good doctor must make sure to do it if she/he can. Dr Jeremiah himself doesn’t use any Apple device or application, due to Apple Security Issues and that’s the reason why he claims to have never used iMessage.

Dr Jeremiah also advises that if you are going for the Botox, choose only the most expensive one and make sure to see the samples before and the pictures of some celebrities that have got the same done on themselves through the same surgeon. He also advises to make sure that you choose the procedure that lasts as long as possible. Some people that are rookie to things like Botox, choose the procedure that lasts only 30-60 days only to regret it later.

Dr Jeremiah believes that the surgeon that uses nothing but the latest procedures and technology may not always be the best and he has also cited many examples on his blog regarding this to prove his point.

Black or White choreographed by Francesco Costanzo is really fun and so is the post that he wrote about legend Carl Ebert recently

Did I ever tell you that my most favorite city in the world is Los Angeles? I don’t know if I ever had. Only if I could become an American citizen.

Okay, so you may be wondering what does my favorite city Los Angeles has to do with this post, well, the reason is that this post is about a gentlemen opera director who is no more with us – Carl Ebert who spent the last years of his 93 year long life in his love Santa Monica which comes under the Los Angeles county.

My favorite ballet dancer and my good friend Francesco Costanzo after uploading his video of Michael Jackson Black Or White choreographed by Francesco Costanzo wrote a great long article on his blog about everything he read about the legend Carl Ebert.

You would be surprised to know that the greatest quality that this legend Carl Ebert was known for was his ability to choose the most suitable clothes for the performers.

Francesco writes that after his meeting with many different powerful figures in the Nazi party including Adolf Hitler, Hermann Wilhelm Goring offered Carl Ebert the control of all the opera houses of Berlin but Carl rather refused and decided to leave the country instead. The Nazis wanted to make Carl Ebert one of the most powerful figures in the history of the Nazi Germany; The Nazis would have turned him into a very high level powerful minister owing to his sincerity, discipline, intelligence and other traits.

After Los Angeles, Carl Ebert loved Turkey the most.

It is funny how some people believe that the surname Lawless was used to denote the lawlessness of Carl’s biological parents to whom Carl was born without marriage. In reality, Lawless was the surname of the woman that adopted Carl.

It is also funny that how because of his big ears and nose, many would mistake Carl as an inbred in his teenage years and thought of him as a nincompoop.

Neil Armfield is an idol for several Opera Directors around the world, including Francesco Costanzo

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must be aware of my love for the Opera, Theater and Ballet. There is someone who is far more interested than me in all three and his name is Francesco Costanzo – The Opera Ballet Theatre Director.

Francesco recently wrote a very lengthy article about one of his heroes – Neil Armfield on his blog. In his blog, Francesco writes that The Royal Queensland Theatre Company saw a remarkable crowd on the day they performed ‘A Cheery Soul’ by Neil Armfield.

Francesco writes that Neil Armfield was the first one to depict Muslim characters in the play ‘The Marriage of Figaro’. He writes that he did so in order to reveal that the Muslims also consider the play to be pious for them.

Francesco also writes that nobody directed ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ better than Neil Armfield in the history of Opera.

When Francesco interviewed Neil once when he was in Australia, Neil told him that many of the viewers of ‘Waiting for Godot’ believed that the play is all about Gog and Magog after hearing the characters’ names. Neil also told Francesco that surprisingly, ‘The Underpants’ which was originally written by the German playwright Carl Steinham in 1910 as Die Hare is his most difficult work yet. Neil also joked that the play Alchemist really got him obsessed with alchemy in real life.

Neil also told Francesco that the way he directed the play ‘Keating!’, it really got a great percentage of the audience to believe that he is a sycophant of the Prime Minister Paul Keating.

Francesco’s personal favorite by Neil Armfield of all times is the play ‘Stuff Happens’. Francesco says that the passion that Neil put in while directing ‘Stuff Happens’ really portrays how anti-war and peace-loving sensible man he is.

Successful General Practitioner from Lexington uses this one website only to order textbooks for his children

Dr Dennis Surnow is a general practitioner who has been practicing in Lexington, Kentucky for the past 11 years. Dr Dennis is notorious for writing posts related to the medical field on his practice’s blog.

Dr Dennis  claims that the patients have become smart enough now and with the Google Places and other websites where the patients can post a review for you, it has now become next to impossible to extort money from the patients through unnecessary tests and investigation and the ones who do, have no future and are bound to struggle to make enough money even for their survival.

Dr Dennis Surnow  recently wrote on his blog a lengthy post about how he has been providing free self service coffee in the reception area since the day of his clinic’s inception.

Dr Dennis claims that first come first serve has proven to be the best way for a general practitioner time and again. Dr Dennis claims that he knows several general practitioners personally that tried the appointment method only to give up on the same soon enough.

After reading reviews for general practitioners from across the globe on Google Places, Dr Dennis wrote on his blog that it becomes extremely hard for a general practitioner to check how the receptionist(s) is/are behaving with the patients. Dr Dennis says that already doctors in the USA find it extraordinarily hard to keep up with everything and now many patients are overly concerned with how the receptionist(s) in the clinic behave with them. Dr Dennis claims that many of the times it is the patient’s fault and they claim that is was the receptionist who initiated it and sometimes they accuse the receptionist(s) for the things they never did. Dr Dennis Surnow really hopes that some new technology soon takes the place of the receptionist(s) so that the general practitioners around the world can get relief from this issue.

Dr Dennis may be a rich and successful gentleman, but he prefers to save each and every penny that he can and that’s the reason why he chooses nothing but College Student Textbooks when it comes to getting some textbooks for his children’s education.

The daughter of a popular Fortaleza book store owner has some of the best videos on skin care

Parker Leone owns a very popular book store in the heart of the Fortaleza city in Brazil. On the official website of her book store, Parker claims to have the greatest ratio of rare and unique books anywhere in the province of Ceara.

Parker says that surprisingly enough, atheist looking people love to read biblical books more than their religious counterparts which astonishes her each time she sees one. Parker is an agnostic herself and she claims that she used to be a devout Orthodox Christian until she was 21 and in her case as well, the more she read the textbooks belonging to the different religions, the more agnostic she found herself until one day she announced that she will never again go to the Church on Sundays to ask for the forgiveness. Parker says that she still loves reading religious textbooks, especially the biblical ones, but she cannot go back again to her Orthodox Christian ways even if she tries.

Parker believes that helpful staff is perhaps the most crucial thing when it comes to owning and managing a book store. Parker says that she visits different libraries and book stores in the spare time, looks for extraordinarily helpful and friendly staff there, asks them their salary and then offer them 1.5 times the salary for working at her book store which they agree to roughly 6 out of 10 times. Parker is always looking out for some more innovative ways to recruit people at her book store and she says that each year her book store has far more friendly and helpful staff than the previous one. I haven’t visited her store personally as I have never been to the city of Fortaleza so I can’t attest this but from the testimonials and reviews on the Google Places, it looks like she is telling nothing but the truth.

Parker’s daughter is a Youtuber and most of her videos are regarding makeup, skin care and fitness stuff. She recently made this video about how to eliminate expression lines (como eliminar linhas de expressão) which I showed to my wife Dayanita who is well-versed in the Portuguese language and she couldn’t thank Parker’s daughter enough for such helpful content.

Bayu Angora is perhaps the fastest growing Indonesian freethinker at the moment

Respati Brahmana is a freethinker Indonesia blogger from the city of East Jakarta. Respati has always been a huge critic of Bertrand Russell and his philosophy and has been writing a book on him now. Respati has published some of the excerpts that he has included in his book, here are some of those:-

Respati claims that if Bertrand Russell wasn’t born in a prominent aristocratic family, he would have been just another guy and he claims not to be the first one person to say it, he claims that several people before him have mentioned so but he hasn’t named any of those in his books which is quite strange.

Respati has used the term – “Jack of all trades but master of none”, for Bertrand Russell and he claims that he was surprised to see him in the polymath category of Wikipedia which looked insulting for the term ‘polymath’ to him. Respati says that Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, etc, only these guys deserve to be called polymaths. He goes to the extent of saying that Bertrand Russell was nobody but a big melancholic complainer born to an adulterous mother and a depressed father.

Respati claims that the main reason why Betrand’s father went into a state of chronic medical depression was due to the adulterous deeds of Bertrand’s mother who couldn’t get enough of different men.

Respati ends his book by saying that there is no denying that Bertrand Russell was definitely ahead of his time in several aspects and that’s the main reason why he is celebrated so much but he says that he would have been just another philosopher in the modern times.

Respati is a great fan of another freethinker Indonesia blogger – Bayu Angora and cannot get enough of reading his same poems over and over again.

Urologist from Mexico city is astonished with the great hosting service provided by tuHost

Dr Ramon Aburto is one the most popular urologist from the Mexico city. Dr Ramon recently started a blog completely dedicated to urology and he was astonished by the hosting service (servicio de hosting) provided by tuHost.

Dr Ramon claims on his blog that never before the urologists saw a greater number of patients that only come to get treated for issues related to fertility and sexual dysfunction. Dr Ramon believes that it is due to the growing culture of free internet high speed high definition porn.

Dr Ramon tells on his blog that most of the patients that go through vasectomy only to regret it later. Dr Ramon claims that the vasectomy reversal specialists have been making more than the vasectomy specialists as they charge much higher and are very much in demand because there are very few of those. Dr Ramon claims that vasectomy is a more advanced job which requires far greater experience, knowledge and expertise.

Dr Ramon claims that the most advanced of the urologists sometimes fail to do a proper vasectomy reversal and hence you must choose one with great recommendations in this regard and always confirm that the person who recommended you a specific urologist wasn’t lying or bragging about his experience with the urologist.

Dr Ramon says that a lot of old and middle-aged veterans that lost both their testicles during different wars come to him and ask if something can be done regarding their fertility; He says that many of them start crying in his clinic itself the moment they heard the word ‘No’. Dr Ramon says that it has made him cry along the patient a few times as well.

Dr Ramon believes that the revolution that happened in the field of UTIs recently is really overlooked and they are not putting much emphasis on the achievement of the doctors that did it, neither are the doctors interested in taking any credit for the same.

General practitioner and her pediatrician husband have been getting great response from Bomiklan

Dr Ambar Avni is a General Practitioner who has been practicing in the city of East Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 12 years now. Dr Ambar claims that having your practice located next to a prominent hospital can prove to be fatal or the best decision ever made depending on various different factors and for you personally, depending upon your shrewdness and vision.

Dr Ambar is so full of generosity and believes in going the extra mile to maintain a relationship that she personally works as the receptionist for her pediatrician doctor whenever his receptionist is on a holiday or vacation.

Dr Ambar says that the doctors that keep rotating their medical fields are either incompetent or extraordinary depending upon whether they rotate their interest out of the boredom or because they are interested in a specific field and want to learn more about the same. Dr Ambar further adds that it goes without saying out of the two, who is extraordinary and who is incompetent.

Dr Ambar says that to herself personally, using the term ‘regular patient’ sounds and feels like a derogatory term. She has an approach so holistic that she always tries to provide a permanent cure to her patients rather than the treatment.

Dr Ambar claims that more doctors than ever before are looking for the ways to cure diabetes and most likely some or many of them are going to succeed in finding one soon enough.

Dr Ambar and her pediatrician husband both claim that no matter how hard it becomes to survive for a doctor without an insurance, they are never going to use it for their practice.

Dr Ambar and her husband both place their online ad (Pasang Iklan) personally by themselves and they claim that their aim to promote themselves on the internet is not to make money but to serve as many people as possible.

Successful podiatrist from Louisville has only been using one particular t-shirt store for all her t-shirt needs

Gloria Mullen is a successful podiatrist from the city of Louisville, Kentucky who has practicing podiatry for the past 15 years. Gloria has been very generous, charitable and believes in social welfare since she was a child and for the past 9 years, she has maintained a podiatry help blog aimed at the welfare for the people having foot related problems.

On her blog, Gloria says that a patient must never trust a podiatrist that walks around the streets or come to his practice wearing fancy Hawaiian shirts with a note that she is serious about it and many of these podiatrists have a fake degree as well.

Gloria says that is a pity that many patients still do not trust female podiatrists as much as they do their male counterparts. Gloria claims that podiatrists who don’t even have a quarter of her experience are making a lavish living whereas it took her 10 years to make a name for herself. Gloria really hopes that the things get better with time.

Gloria is not an advocate or fan of homeopathy, ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine but one incident really changed her view. Gloria came across this multilingual podiatrist one who was very open-minded and valued ancient cures as well. Gloria says that he spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese and would cure patients with side-effect free Chinese herbs for minor issues. Gloria also says that he may not be the most successful, rich or popular podiatrist that she ever met but he definitely made a mark on Gloria bigger than any other.

Gloria warns that one must not trust a podiatrist that tries to market himself/herself very hard. Gloria likes to give example of an online T-shirt company – Nexus Tees Shop to prove her point that in order to become successful, you don’t need to try to market yourself very hard if your product is extremely great just like in the case of Nexus Tees Shop. Gloria says that she stumbled upon Nexus Tees Shop by an accident and since then she has never used any other.

Rheumatologist lost Binary Options only to get those back again

Dr Taylor Condrin is a rheumatologist based in Dallas, Texas who has a combined MD and MPH degree from Yale University School of Medicine, and a medical specialization: F-O Rheumatology from the University of Manchester.

Taylor Condrin has always been of the belief that a doctor, especially a specialized one must always stay at home in case of any family problems as working for a doctor while having some family issues is bound to effect his/her goodwill and might even cost the patient some permanent damage in rare cases. Dr Taylor has always walked the talk in this regard but one day after having a very rough argument with his beloved wife, Dr Taylor decided not to go to the clinic and rather try the recent popular phenomena – Binary Options Investment and he did only to regret it later as he lost all the Binary Options that he invested overnight only to get more sad, disappointed and misanthropic than he was in the morning after the argument with his wife. One good thing happened though and that was that his wife who didn’t even want to see his face after the argument in the morning, sat right beside Dr Condrin and drank a glass of champagne with him. And after they both got a little high, Dr Condrin’s wife suddenly recalled that the same happened to a very good friend of hers a couple of months ago who then tried a company that goes by the name Assured Recovery on a friend’s suggestion for her Binary Options Recovery and had great success with the same. All the Binary Options that she had lost were successfully returned back to her for a petty fee which was a chachki compared to the damage done.

Dr Condrin tried the same tactic only to get the same success that the friend of her wife had.

Sir Isaac Newton didn’t hate farming, he felt that he was too good for the same

Like many of you science freaks, I am a great admirer of Sir Isaac Newton and I can say with certainty that Isaac Newton never suffered a nervous breakdown after his friendship came to an end with the Swiss Mathematician – Nicolas Fatio de Duillier but it is a conspiracy against him to portray him as a homosexual. Many of the admirers of Isaac Newton whom I personally know do so in order to portray Isaac Newton as a great friend and human being along with being a great genius. I personally believe that Isaac Newton was too strong a human being to have a nervous breakdown due to any event and the breakup of his friendship with the Swiss Mathematician Nicolas Fatio de Duillier is a very petty event for such a task.

I have studied every piece that I could find about Nicolas Fatio de Duillier and Isaac Newton’s friendship. I personally believe that the friendship between Nicolas Fatio de Duillier and Isaac Newton deteriorated because of their differing religious views; Yes, their differing scientific views were definitely a part of their friendship getting broken but the main and vital role was played by their differing religious views.

I also believe that many of the scientists could have surpassed Sir Isaac Newton if they followed chastity just like himself. There is no denying that the greatness of Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and Stephen Hawking is their practice of chastity. Even involuntarily celibacy/chastity can provide you with huge rewards and Stephen Hawking is just one example.

Another personal observation about Isaac Newton that I made is that he didn’t hate farming but he felt that he was too good for the same.

Indoor herb gardens are more common than ever before

Donald Balcom lives in a small house but he has an indoor herb garden inside his small house nonetheless.

Donald says that some people are so ignorant that they look for the same herbs out in the market that already grow in their houses and one of the things that is common among them all is that they act like they know a lot about their plants.

Donald also believes that the indoor herb gardens look more beautiful than the outdoor ones.

Donald claims that one thing that he has noticed among all the lawn mowers is that they all have a great heart. He says that he knows some of the most greedy and cruel people that turned into very sweet and generous human beings after they started mowing lawns. Donald loves gardening himself.

Donald’s wife belongs to a family that owns one of the largest numbers of olive trees in Italy. Donald’s wife drives a Porsche GT3 RS and she doesn’t let Donald touch it. Donald is happy with his good old Honda Fit.

Donald is a great big fan of the Spinach and this is evident from his statement that iron content is not the most significant thing in the Spinach, the most significant content of the Spinach is still undiscovered and unidentified by the scientists. Donald remembers how he used to believe in the childhood that he would turn into Popeye the Sailor man if he eats a lot of Spinach and his parents would tell him lie that he will really turn into someone like Popeye if he eats up enough Spinach and play lots of sports.

Donald says that you shouldn’t consider taste at all while buying a herb for yourself, just look at the benefits that it provides and if it is tasty as well, that’s wonderful but don’t look for the taste yourself.

Pharmacologist has been working day and night to find unknown ways to calculate the molarity of a solution

Dayna Cooksey is a pharmacologist who also runs a science related blog. Dayna says that French are to the chemistry what British are to the parliamentary democracy.

Dayna recalls how she used to listen to one of Blondie’s most popular songs of all time – ‘Atomic’ while studying atoms after coming back home from the school. Dayna was more than glad when her favorite song ‘Atomic’ by Blondie was featured in the GTA Vice City.

Dayna also laughs at the fact that how she used to doubt that the French chemist – Gay Lussac was called so because he was a homosexual and that was the time when Dayna recently discovered what homosexuality really is.

Dayna believes that the scientists should give up the hope that they are going to find water on another planet and they should rather focus on creating chemical water instead.

Dayna wonders why it is only recently that the field of science has progressed so much but in the past it was almost nothing. Dayna is confused whether our brains and minds weren’t equipped enough to understand the science as much or it is because just like money makes more money, scientific knowledge also multiplies.

Dayna believes that ‘Dalton’s Atomic Theory’ has been the greatest revolution in the history of science. Dayna believes that if Dalton would have been alive today, he would have modified his atomic theory for better to create the ultimate modern atomic theory.

Dayna claims molarity of a solution can be calculated in different ways that the scientists haven’t discovered yet but Dayna has been working day and night to find the same. Dayna says that she will not stop until she finds out a new and more simplistic way to find the molarity of a solution and it will also act as the gateway to make Dayna’s name immortal in the world of scientific history. Dayna has been reading several different books day and night to achieve her mission, just last night she downloaded the Nivaldo’s Introductory Chemistry 5th edition PDF as well.

Gardener uses only ArmorThane on her Chevy Silverado’s Bedliner

Emma Shire’s Gardening and Landscape (name changed) was founded by Emma Shire, a New Yorker who first wanted to name her company something related to the African Starfish flowers but she didn’t name it as such because many of her friends suggested her that it will make many people misunderstand what her business is all about.

Emma Shire wants to expand into selling small gardening tools as well.

Emma is very optimistic about life and she is always welcoming to new things and changes. One example includes replacing the forum on her one and only business’s official website with a blog because many of her friends suggested to her that the forum looked outdated. Another example of her being welcoming to the new changes is her replacing the bed liner spray that she used for her one and only Chevrolet Silverado only to find out that the new spray is at least 10 times better than the previous one.

Emma claims that she never parked her Chevrolet Silverado on any of her own trees.

Emma is always on a constant pursuit of new ideas and places for garden designs. She is unbelievable passionate about the knowledge of plants and trees.

Emma studied biotechnology at the college, she couldn’t score a job in her own state with her knowledge of biotechnology but she is happy about it as she believes that her gardening and landscaping business couldn’t have become a reality if she weren’t a graduate in biotechnology.

Emma’s husband is a Master in Architecture and he helps and supports Emma a lot. He has his own architectural firm and he has had never been fully involved in Emma’s business.

Emma has several friends with horticulture background that keep supporting Emma from time to time.

Milena Novotná has successfully recruited over 30 employees with a single free job ad for her new mobile phone company

Milena Novotná is building what she claims will be the greatest Czech mobile phone company ever. Milena claims to be a hardcore nationalist and that’s the reason why she took this decision to stop going to her day job that she had been working at as a senior engineer for over past 6 years.

Milena says that she is envious of Chinese, South Korean, Japanese and American mobile phone manufacturing companies and she wants to create a Czech mobile phone company that will surpass them all in terms of the quality, reliability and durability and make Czech Republic a proud name in the tech world.

Milena has already recruited many employees by putting an ad on a free local and popular job portal (inzerce práce zdarma) and she is amazed at the quick responses she got from the really eligible candidates.

Milena is extremely proud to have companies like Skoda in her country and she believes that it is herself that is going to create the second most significant Czech company after Skoda.

Milena is really an epitome of honesty and integrity and this is evident from the fact that owing to her extraordinary performance, she kept getting offers upon offers from other companies while she was working at her previous company and she decided to reject those all and stuck with working at her old job.

Milena says that she is going to stay celibate until her company becomes a success and she has told the same to her present boyfriend who says that he has no issues with the same. He is a restaurateur but has promised that he will help Milena in whichever way possible to establish her company, he has already provided some funds to Milena for her new company which Milena didn’t reject although she has a huge ego and self-respect.

Brick and mortar retail chain combined with eBay and reliable automated phone message service = Perfection

My Own Way (name changed) is a large clothing retail chain that has been serving kids, men, women, babies with the best possible clothing, accessories and underwear at the best prices possible. My Own Way also caters to adults that wear Plus Size clothing.

Instead of raising the prices for their products during the festival season, My Own Way offers rebates.

The secret behind My Own Way’s extraordinary success is a hard-working, persevering team. My Own Way is also one of the greatest sellers of all time on the eBay.

When their competition was getting sold out, My Own Way was continuously expanding.

One of the co-founders – Kate started her career as a seller on eBay and she didn’t want to give up her plans and ambitions with eBay and instead of dropping her business on eBay, she looked for the ways to make each and every stuff available for sale offline on My Own Way retail chain instated on her eBay store and she really succeeded in that.

The clothing chain really makes huge profits on eBay and along with making them profits, eBay gives more publicity and promotion to their store. A huge percentage of their buyers at the stores are the ones who found about them through eBay.

 Kate used to believe that eBay is the most fun business ever before My Own Way was founded but now she says that if you think selling online is fun, you gotta manage and operate your own brick and mortar store and to multiply the fun, make a chain of it.

My Own Way has been using the same automated phone message by Robotalker for over past 4 years and the only business group that they believe is more hard-working than their own is that at Robotalker.

Top HR gentleman has some tips for the interviewees

It is very hard to find employees that can adjust with fast and dynamic environment. One of my good friends – Steven who is the head of the HR department at a major company says that their company and almost all major companies around the world still overlook how a negative employee can be extremely destructive for the work environment beyond imagination.

Steven also says that the communications skills are always going to be the foremost important factor during a job interview and for maintaining a job for the employee.

Steven claims that recruiting perfect people is more challenging than getting recruited and that’s the reason why HR people are paid so much and even after they are paid so much and the major companies nowadays have revenue in billions, they still prefer to perform their USA resume search free.

Steven recently interviewed this corporate trainer who was looking for a job himself who was continuously getting rejected everywhere because he was forcing himself too much to sound energetic, cheerful and enthusiastic.

Steven claims that the entrepreneurs can be some of the best employees for major jobs in major corporations as long as they don’t charge a fortune for their services.

Steven was involved in politics while in college and he still knows some of the top politicians around the country because of both – his involvement in the politics while in college and also because of his involvement in working with some of the topmost corporations.

Steven always has some advice to give to the interviewee. He says that an interviewee should never lie in an interview, the HR people are extraordinarily good at catching your lies and most interviewees nowadays fail the interviews not because of nervousness but due to acting cocky, arrogant and overconfident.

Wealthy businesswoman took weeks to find out the best possible toaster oven

Sandra Ramirez used to believe that toaster ovens were an overrated and useless commodity and all you needed was a Microwave oven. Sandra made up her mind to buy a toaster oven after she learnt how great quality cupcakes could be baked so easily with toaster ovens. Sandra also knew that the quality of the toaster ovens have gone quite a lot up with time and that also helped her make her mind to buy one.

Sandra is one of those that don’t believe the reviews they read on Amazon or eBay and hence the only way she had to find out the best toaster oven reviews was to first look for a trustworthy review blog/website/forum by a reliable expert and then buy the one that is highly suggested there.

When Sandra was looking for the best possible toaster, she got so much confused because of so many different options suggested but she didn’t give up on it and here she is, with a toaster oven that gets complimented by friends and the family all the time. Some of her relatives have also bought the same toaster oven since they saw how well it cooks the chicken legs. Sandra’s husband loves to cook the chicken legs all the time on this toaster oven.

Sandra has now been thinking about starting her own forum/blog/website dedicated to toaster ovens, all she need is some spare time to dedicate to it.

Sandra is a leading supplier of Submersible Pumps, Centrifrugal, Monoblock, Diesel, Hydraulic Pumps and Spares but she is still so scrooge and doesn’t spend a penny if its purpose is not justified.

It took this ambitious and young SEO firm owner from England only 9 months to get fluent in Mandarin Chinese language

Warren Huxley is a proud owner of a successful SEO agency based out of Portsmouth city in England. Warren has a habit of watching motivational videos on the Youtube and his latest hero is Dan Lok. Inspired by Dan Lok’s Chinese origins, Warren decided to learn the Mandarin Chinese language in order to expand his SEO business and to learn more about the Chinese culture, history, traditions and the Chinese people.

Warren was told by a friend that one of the top ideas when it comes to learning the Mandarin Chinese language is to begin with their numeric system, which he did. It was about 9 months ago when Warren started learning the Mandarin Chinese language and today, you cannot even tell on the phone whether it is an ethnic Chinese or a person whose mother tongue is other than the Mandarin Chinese is speaking. Warren has proved that he has some great memorizing and learning skills. He is on with his SEO business expansion in China and has already received 9 orders from 9 different small businesses. Like his hero Dan Lok, he aspires to become a multi-millionaire by the time he is 35.

Warren has a SEO niche blog as well and he is popular for making honest, blunt and sometimes controversial statements on his blog, for example, once he said that the age of a website can alone be the ranking factor for a website belonging to some not-so-competitive niche. The post received more negative than positive comments, many of those were name-calling comments and like always, Warren didn’t delete a single one of them and even replied to some of those, despite of the fact that they were extremely rude.

Warren remembers the time when he started off with SEO, he became weird and annoying to his family as he started using SEO analogies all the time. His mother called him an idiot when he started comparing the age of a human being with that of a website.

It is foolish spending money on employment ads when you have such great free job portals

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on magazines, newspapers and other sources to advertise the employment vacancy in your business? I know you are if you have a business in Czech Republic and still don’t know about how you can put the advertisement for jobs in your company for free (inzerce práce zdarma).

One example that I witnessed myself is that of Mr Brad Davis. Brad Davis is a wealthy British businessman having businesses all over the Europe including Czech Republic. Mr Brad Davis loves to learn new languages and he spends so much of his time learning new languages that he sometimes forgets to put appropriate time in his business interests due to the same. Mr Brad Davis currently owns two companies in Czech Republic, one company manufactures Pole Mounted Dustbins. The ones that are normally used in road side area, malls and housing societies. These include swing type and color coded dustbins. The other company of his manufactures Roof Vents, Turbo Air Ventilators, Wind Turbine Ventilators, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators an d Wind Driven Roof Ventilators. When both these companies combined together had over 27 job opportunities in the year 2017, Mr Brad Davis had to spend over 15000 Euros on advertisements for the recruitment to see success but thanks to his command in the Czech language now, he discovered some of the best free job advertisement portals in the Czech Republic and in the previous year, when his two Czech companies combined had over 41 job opportunities, he didn’t have to spend a dime on the advertisement for employment and was able to recruit the employees within less than one month.

Ex-salon worker is happy to be kicked out from her job because otherwise she couldn’t have been a successful Garra Rufa fish spa owner

After losing her job at a beauty salon, Brenna Benatar was hopeless about her future. Brenna is a single mother of 2 beautiful kids that are both younger than 10. Brenna’s husband is no more and the social security benefit program in her country just sucks. Brenna had been working at a nearby departmental store since the day she was laid off from the job and the money she was making at the job wasn’t even enough for herself. Brenna was going mental working at this departmental store until the day she came across this miracle of nature called ‘Garra Rufa Fish’.

One night, Brenna was reading random posts on Reddit and that’s when she came across a post thanking Garra Rufa fishes and the ancient people that discovered its miraculous capacity of eliminating the symptoms of an incurable skin condition that affects the entire body called psoriasis.

Brenna first thought that the poster was a troll but a voice in her head said that the guy is genuine and she started googling everything about Garra Rufa fishes. Brenna has a habit of reading every banner and board that comes her way while she is traveling and she remembered that she never saw an banner or advertising board for a Garra Rufa spa or Garra Rufa sale (garra rufa predaj) in her district ever although she spent all her life there.

Brenna knew a couple of her family members that suffered with this condition and she knew that psoriasis is really everywhere. Brenna then got an idea to start a Garra Rufa fish spa herself and she asked her brother who is a well-off guy to pay for whatever it is going to cost and she will return his money whenever she has it. Her brother, like every good brother was happy to help his sister and immediately gave the amount of money that she asked for.

It has been only 6 months since Brenna started that spa of her and she has been able to pay back her brother almost half of the money that she borrowed from him. Her business is really booming.

A Non-Profit Internet Marketing School is a great idea to teach what you know about VPS hosting to others

Maria Sousa is an internet marketer, online baby store and several other small online stores owner who says that the joy of owning an online business is far greater than the joy of owning a brick and mortar business.

Maria Sousa says that most online businesses fail because they overemphasize on ranking on the top of Google but they forget that ranking on the search engines like Bing, Yahoo, MSN and having a great social media presence is also as important as ranking on the top of the Google. Maria says that they also fail because when they start out, they start out with a belief that internet marketing is very easy and doesn’t require to be street-smart or shrewd and that’s where they make a huge mistake.

One of Maria’s best friends is also involved in internet marketing. This friend of Maria got a job at the Chrysler instantly after she completed her graduation from Stanford, she decided to leave her job for the internet marketing and she has been making ten times the amount of money that she got as a salary for working as an engineer at the Chrysler.

Contrary to the popular belief that the new businesses aren’t easy to rank anymore online, Maria claims that the new businesses can rank their webpages with the same ease as they could about 10 years ago if they play their cards right.

Maria claims that the Google is going to reintroduce Page Rank soon enough and this new Page Rank will be much more accurate and advanced than the previous one.

Maria says that her online business journey began when she started an internet forum while still in grade school. Maria says that she wants to teach her expertise which will include VPS hosting as well by starting a non-profit internet marketing school

Conspiracy theorist husband and astrologer wife are in love with the CrazyBulk

Anatoly Kolar (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist with a passion for bodybuilding. Since Anatoly started using bodybuilding supplements, Anatoly feels so energetic that he hits the gym 2 hours a day, 6 days a week regularly.

Let’s come to Anatoly’s conspiracy theories for a while, which Anatoly likes to call ‘the truth’. Anatoly claims that the richest Saudi Arabian – Waleed Bin Talal has always been obsessed with Hindu spiritualism and he is a huge fan of Nithyananda, Sadhguru and OSHO. Anatoly says that nobody can dare to expose this fact about Waleed in Saudi Arabia.

Anatoly says that the Syrian civil war will never come to an end until each and every citizen alive there gets killed or die a natural death, the only people that will stay alive from Syria are going to be the ones who are going to migrate from Syria to some other country. Anatoly says that the G-8  and United Nations will announce Syria as a part of Greater Israel after a while.

Anatoly’s wife – Christine is an Obstetrician who has been lifting  since high school but she never felt and looked any better since she started using CrazyBulk. At first, Christine was scared to take CrazyBulk as she never tried any sort of supplements ever before but now she says that CrazyBulk is one of the best things that ever happened to her.

Christine has been learning astrology from some Indian gurus for quite a while and here is an excerpt from her astrology blog that she has maintaining for quite a while – “The Orion changes its shape according to the era on the planet earth and what is going on during the era and what’s popular. In the ancient times, the Orion used to be in a shape of a man with a sword but now it is a couple with wife working on a laptop and the husband carrying an AK-47.”

Podiatrist only trusts Doggy Dan when it comes on raising her lovey-dovey-doggies better

George Jansen (name changed) is a Swedish gentleman who claims that Tigers are the oldest species of wild cats on earth and they didn’t evolve from any other species. Although George wants to buy a wild cat for himself, his wife wouldn’t let him, George’s wife – Kate is a Podiatrist with several specializations but she couldn’t have imagined to have raised her three different dogs of different breeds without the help of Doggy Dan, Kate got stunned by the way Doggy Dan helped her raising her dogs that for the very first time she wrote a Brain Training for Dogs Review. Kate never even wrote a review for a product that she bought on the eBay or Amazon before.

Kate is a technology, cars and gadgets freaks. Kate has a popular blog where she writes about all the stuff that she cares about. Kate recently wrote a post about how Whirlpool will soon come out with the best LED WI-FI television sets ever. Kate once wrote a post claiming that the female ducks are one of the most promiscuous creatures ever on earth which received a lot of mixed comments. Kate once mentioned on her blog that she is creating a unique sort of survey that has never been seen ever before. Kate claims that this survey will be able to identify traitor or potential traitor like a wonder.

Kate says that no matter how hard she tries, she can never make her family members happy except her three dogs and that’s why perhaps she loves them more than anything else in the world.

Kate is the daughter of a philosopher who used to live in a rented apartment with his family. Kate has 3 siblings and all of them are successful now. One of Kate’s brother is a famous poet and low budget movie director.

Maud read Mandino as Mandingo and wrote an article about it while she was in Crete, Greece

Maud Underwood (name changed) is an advocate by profession who has read and done tons of research on the Shariah Law, Maud called Shariah a ‘cancer’ in one of her blog posts and asked for the ban of Shariah of any sort in Greece.

Maud drinks a lot of vodka and once while intoxicated at her favorite island called Crete, she was looking for a book on the Amazon, she came across the author OG Mandino’s books but wrongly read his name as OG Mandingo and immediately wrote a stupid post on her blog claiming that the popular black male pornstar Mandingo is an author as well and this is a proof that well-endowed men are more creative than the ones who are not.

Maud claims that she has read all the verses of the Quran and the Bible, she calls both these books as the largest compilations of broscience. Maud says that if you can believe that the earth is flat, you can also believe that Vladimir Putin is the god and his daughter is the reincarnation of virgin Mary.

Maud is totally against the pro-pedophile groups and she says that governments are stupid enough to tolerate these guys. Maud says that these guys must be stoned to death.

Maud says that she has done an extensive research on the eugenics and she has come to a conclusion that Iranian and Spanish hybrid kids are extremely sexual. She gave the example of Sarah Shahi (Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi) – an American actress from Texas saying that she saw her hanging around with 3 guys during her trip to Miami.

Maud doesn’t love anything more than a tour of Crete and she always hires the same car rental Crete Heraklion airport service each time during her trip there.

Asnat Gusmao and her popular Youtuber friend got robbed in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Asnat Gusmao (name changed) buys, reads and keeps almost each and every book whose cover she appeals to her. Asmat’s most favorite book of all time is ‘A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories’ by the Punjabi Indian author Khushwant Singh.

Asnat’s pen boyfriend is a Polish man living in Russia with whom Asnat has been chatting for over 5 years now. Asnat and her boyfriend – Szymon have been ensuring each other that they are not dating or seeing anyone else, they claim that they are so much in love that they cannot imagine about being with anyone else.

Asnat is of firm belief that one child-policy must be implemented in each and every Islamic country otherwise the rest of the world will have no other option than to wage a war on these Islamic countries. Asnat has also been volunteering against the burqas, chadars, hijabs and other things that Muslim women wear to hide themselves in the non-Islamic countries. Asnat doesn’t identify herself as a right-winger or a liberal but she hates it when Muslim people get away with forcing their laws and lifestyles upon the rest of the world and they don’t let anyone follow their own lifestyle in their Islamic countries.

Asnat once traveled to Punjab, India with one of her best friends and they were both robbed there in a town called Hoshiarpur by the taxi driver that they were traveling in. Asnat is a Martial Arts champion and it is next to impossible to rob her for a lone man, a bunch of other taxis and their drivers surrounded the taxi that Asnat was traveling in with her friend and that’s when the incident took place, the driver of Asnat’s cab acted like he is innocent and it was all a tragedy but Asnat is a smart woman and she understands it all, Asnat’s best friend is a popular Youtuber who made a 15 minute long video on it which you check here, just click site.

Gogoro accessories seller and author confident about making her current book a bestseller and is busy writing more books

Angel York (name changed) recently wrote a book named “The Philosophy of Intelligent Magic” which has been out for sale for the past 2 months and hasn’t been able to sell a single copy yet. Angel is still as much confident about making her book one of the top bestsellers of all time

Angel says that drowsiness and ignorance kept her poor for so long. Recently, she started a Gogoro 2 Delight accessories selling business that sells accessories both online and at a brick and mortar store and she has been making more money than she ever did before with her newfound business and she has tried tons of businesses before including an eBay business, an Amazon business, an Etsy store, a dropshipping business, a herbalife business, a gym and several others.

Angel has traveled the world including India. Angel says that she spent 6 months of her life in India where she worked as a babysitter for one of the richest families of Bengal. Angel claims that magic rituals are endemic in big East Indian bungalows. Angels says that most Bengali people are involved in black magic and other magic rituals and the people of the rest of the India are also aware of the same and they fear Bengalis for the same.

Angel says that the mother of the baby that Angel was the caretaker of used to collect poison of different snakes and other animals, and used those for magic.

Angel says that the extensive celebrity culture in India is like the modern plague. Angel says that this plague is taking over all of India. Angel recently checked the popular Google searches in India, she came up with the conclusion that millions of Indians are busy checking out Ranveer-Deepika wedding, the rest are checking out about a celebrity kid, many are checking out about Priyanka-Nick Marriage. She says that India is a horrible place indeed.

Mr Camden is obsessed with Camels and along with driving a cab he rides camels and wishes if he could fit a turbo engine in a camel

Livio Camden (name changed) lives in Elko, Nevada where he offers Camel riding services and he himself is a camel riding enthusiast. Livio’s full-time business is not giving out Camels for rent and hence he only has 3 camels that he gives out for rent to ride on them. Livio says that only if the camels could ride much faster, he would never use his car to travel. You will be amazed to know what Livio’s full-time business is, Livio is a Lyft cab driver and before becoming a part of Lyft, he used to drive an Uber cab. Lyft driver promo code is what attracted Livio to join Lyft.

Livio is a part-time blogger as well, he has written some negative things about the witty people in the past. He once wrote that it is pretty obvious that witty people are more cunning and treacherous in their overall affairs. Livio wrote that there is no denying that witty people are more creative, better business managers, innovative and generally more hard-working and hence they believe that it is their birth right to manipulate the others as they think of them as inferior beings.

Once Livio wrote on his blog that characterless people are more creative as well and generally instead of applying their creativity in business, inventions, they use this creativity to create more stupid relationships which are mostly doomed to fail finally and even if they succeed, they don’t give you as much as a business or invention could have.

Livio’s father was a big businessman who was always busy in business tours and related stuff, when Livio was 18, he discovered that his real biological father was the secretary of his father, Livio’s father always knew it because his secretary was black and he himself was white, he took the revenge on Livio’s mother by fathering a child with his female secretary. After finding out what a huge mess his family is, he moved out of his family the day he learnt about it all.

Sarms making women lose their self control

Cyril Alnwick (name changed) is not a Jew but he never drives German cars which makes people think that he is one. Billions of people across the world do not drive German cars but when doesn’t drive one it makes people shocked, because first of all, Cyril is a self-made multimillionaire and a car enthusiast. Cyril owns almost every non-German made car brand, his favorite cars in his lot are a 2017 Volvo S60 Polestar, a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and a 2013 Ford Mustang.

Even though Cyril is French from his mother’s side and English from his father’s side, Cyril finds French, British and German architecture boring compared to the Italian.

One of Cyril’s friends whose name is Jabbar was born into a Sunni Muslim family, Jabbar used to be a strict Muslim until the day he learnt that Muhammad married Ayesha when she was only 6 and he had 9 wives whereas he preaches other Muslims to have only 4 wives. Jabbar used not be aware of the fact that the Muslims are permitted to have slave men and women and bear children with the slave women. Jabbar had no idea about several other evil stuff that the Muslims are encouraged and allowed to do and hence Jabbar became an atheist that day and replaced the Namaj (Islamic Prayer) time with bodybuilding time.

When Jabbar started bodybuilding, he had no idea that there is something called PED that he could use to enhance his performance in the gym thrice as much, he researched about the best PED brand everywhere on the internet and turned out that there Sarms is unbeatable in this regard.

It has been 7 months since Jabbar has been using Sarms and his girlfriend cannot get enough of singing the Self Control by Laura Branigan whenever he sees a picture of his anywhere including her mobile phone, laptop screen or anywhere and whenever she sees Jabbar in person, she just instantly jumps upon him.

The city of Nizams aka Hyderabad should be renamed to the city of boredom – Abida Durand

Abida Durand (name changed) is a French woman who decided to travel to the so-called city of Nizams aka Hyderabad after learning that it is full of historical monuments and a breeze of freshness and nostalgia but after arriving to the so-called city of Nizams, Abida found out that it has nothing on the showcase for the visitors other than extravagant road traffic and cheap men that stare at women like they have never seen one before.

Abida really regretted going to the city of Nizams aka Hyderabad and wished if she would have gone to some Thai city like Pattaya, Bangkok or Hua Hin instead. Abida is from the Paris and the Paris has at least 100 times the number of fascinating and stunning monuments to show than Hyderabad. Abida decided to visit Hyderabad just because she saw this video by a Youtube car reviewer that goes by the name Faisal Khan appreciating and complimenting Hyderabad for each and everything and calling it the city of Nizams over and over again. Abida doesn’t like his car reviews but she watches his videos just because she finds him attractive, tall and exotic to look at. Abida is so angry at the guy at the moment that she has already unsubscribed him after commenting on one of his videos that he is a traitor. Abida called him a traitor because he is a Muslim and he never appreciated or complimented any other town, city or village of India other than Hyderabad. Abida accused him of being a Pakistani agent living in India or the agent of the Muslim Ummah or the agent of the state of Saudi Arabia.

Abida needs to go Thailand to freshen herself up for a while after having a bad experience in Hyderabad, she will be in Thailand on 13th January and she has already booked a Hua Hin Taxi for her tour.

Ruth Taylor bought a new villa with that NATO money and now getting it renovated

Ruth Taylor (name changed) lived in Afghanistan for 8 years. Her husband is in the NATO army and she was paid millions of dollars to be disposed to the Afghanistan and work as a translator. Yes, Ruth has a natural gift of learning new languages really fast whether it be a programming language or a linguistic. Ruth learnt the Pashto language and it took her only 6 months to be fluent in the same. After learning the language, Ruth was all ready to move to the Afghanistan so that she can accompany her husband, have some adventure and make millions as well.

Ruth got to know a lot about the Afghanistan and most of the time she worked as a translator with an Aghanistani tribal chief who helped the NATO a lot in their task.

Anyways, Ruth is back and with the millions that she received working as a translator in Afghanistan, she just bought a new villa in the Newmarket, Ontario. The villa is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and as soon as it is done, Ruth will move there.

Ruth has went back to the IT company that she used to work as a programmer for before moving to Afghanistan 8 years back.

In the free time, Ruth has been writing books on several different topics including a book on the infamous Dr. Phil whom Ruth calls one of the biggest hypocrite, fake and fraudulent persons of all time. Ruth accuses Dr Phil of running a fake program and she says that the contestants that appear on Dr Phil’s show are either paid struggling actors or homeless people who would do whatever Dr Phil ask them for money. Ruth says that none of the Dr Phil’s success stories is a real success story, it is all scripted and Dr Phil is making a fool out of the stupid Americans.

Finally an app that can tell you whether you should buy a petrol or diesel car

Kotara Bano (name changed) has always been a great critic of Jay Leno and almost everything that he does. Kotara finds 1972 Mercedes Benz 600 Kompressor car of Jay Leno and his video about it more stupid than 99.99% of the things on earth. Kotara asks the point of spending millions of dollars on an old garbage which can even cut your finger while you close that boot. Kotara says that if Jay Leno spends half of the money that he spent on those stupid vintage and classic cars for giving employment to the unemployed people he could have made a lot of money, could get 100 times more happiness and also would have increased his fan following. Kotara used to be a subscriber of Jay Leno’s Youtube channel until she saw those videos of his where he is bragging about knowing cars so much and driving those stupid old cars which are good for nothing, drink so much of precious fuel and pollute the air at least 4 times as much as the modern cars.

Kotara has recently launched an app which will help you select the most perfect tyres for your vehicle and also tell you whether you should buy a petrol or diesel vehicle. Kotara couldn’t have created this app without the help on Indonesian ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios). Kotara is a lawyer by profession and there is no way that she could figure out how to create an app with her busy schedule, she is a mother of 2 young kids and she rarely gets enough time to do anything new, like a couple of days in a year and those couple of days are also when she doesn’t have a meeting and her kids are having a flu.

Retired international cricketer – 6 feet 1 inches tall, 76 year old hyperactive Greek gentleman loves to watch movies with his grandchildren

Raine Bain (name changed) is the granddaughter of an Australian cricketer who was expelled due to his misbehavior with a female. I guess that you have already guessed the name of the cricketer that I am talking about, let me give you another hint or guess here, he used to be an extreme fast bowler with a height of 6’1″. Raine’s grandfather came to Greece after he was insulted so badly in Australia. He first settled in Athens but then moved to the city called Chania.

Raine’s grandfather is still alive and he is so healthy, alive and fit even today that he runs his own blog where he writes whatever comes up in his mind and a ‘lot’ come in his mind even at this age. Old people are accused of living in their past but Raine’s grandfather’s story is quite different. He recently wrote a post criticizing the immigrants who complain day and night about the meager wages that they get in the United States, European countries, Australia, Canada, etc. He wrote that he has traveled almost all the Islamic countries including Turkey, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and a few others and the condition of the people that are residents of these countries is worse than the poorest of the poor in any first world country citizen can even imagine.

Raine’s grandfather once wrote a post about a secret meeting in Ajman, UAE that he attended disguised as a rich Arab from Doha, Qatar. He says that they talked about the Malhama (Armageddon) during most of the time in the meeting and they were referring to Russia-China-Iran-Pakistan-North Korea alliance as Gog and the rest of the world as Magog.

Raine’s grandfather’s favorite pastime and hobby is to watch children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with his grandchildren which he thoroughly enjoys. He totally forgets about what else is going around in the world while he is watching movies with his grandchildren.

Wear deep v-neck t-shirts in an Islamic country to feel like the only girl in the world

Missa Borg (name changed) claims that middle of the night is the best time to practice skills that you are not so good or bad at. Missa gives reference to the Indian mystical master Sadhguru’s statement when she wants to clarify why she practices her skills at night. Sadhguru once made a statement that only 3 kind of people don’t like to sleep in the night – 1. Indulgers (Sex Addicts, Drug or Substance Addicts) 2. Ascetics 3. Ill and Diseased. Missa says that she becomes sort of a combination of all three when she wakes up all night long to practice the skills that she is already bad at. Missa claims that she indulges in practicing that skill like a sex or substance addict; she ascetically practices that skill, she doesn’t care how cold it is or how hot it is in the night, she just goes; and last but not the least – Missa feels impatient like a diseased person until she achieves her goal of becoming an expert at that skill.

Missa is a sort of a conspiracy theorist as well and she has various claims to make in that regard. Like Missa claims that a Dirham in the near future will be only as strong as a Pakistani Rupee. Missa says that with the help of the United States and Europe – India alone will be richer than all the Islamic countries combined.

Missa also claims that the Illuminati or the ruling elite will transform Canada into the new greatest superpower and Ottawa will be the new Washington DC or in other words, the home to the most powerful politicians in the world.

Missa recently traveled to Iran and Pakistan where she was told that wearing Ladies V-Neck T-Shirts is haram and she must instantly get dressed in a Burqa, Hijab or Chadar in order to protect her life which she did. She feared that she will get killed if she doesn’t do so. Missa wanted to wear a hijab for other purposes as well, the Pakistani men were staring at her like vultures and eagles all the time. Missa really felt like the only girl in the world during her time in Iran and Pakistan.