Celibate Tajik man can’t get enough of his bow and bow sight

Firuz is a 41 year young Tajik semi-nomadic type man. Why do I call Firuz young at 41 and semi-nomadic type? He is young at 41 because he feels younger than ever at the age of 41. Firuz has been practicing 100% celibacy for the past 13 years and he says that he feels stronger and younger mentally, physically and psychologically because of that.

Firuz’s 23% hair have turned gray and some of his beard also has turned gray but he still says that he feels better and younger than when he was 21. Maybe true, but it is haram for Sunni Muslims to stay celibate throughout their lives. Firuz is a devout Sunni Muslim, he recites his prayer 5 times a day like an ideal Muslim should, but he is confused whether to stay celibate forever or not. His celibacy is the only thing that is against Islam. He is sandwiched between the two loves of his life and he is not sure which one to choose.

Whenever Firuz feels very bored or off, he goes out for hunting Marco Polo Sheeps, Yaks and Ibex, and for the last 1 year, he never forgets to take along his best bow sight for hunting with him.

Firuz was introduced to hunting by his dearest uncle Abdullo. Abdullo is now 66 and he still goes out for hunting with his hands shivering. A 66 year old Asian man is like a 80 year old American or Western European. The food and water quality is not as good in Asian countries as it is in their western counterparts.

Firuz also practices martial arts, do bowing practice and also goes to the gym 4 times a week. Firuz was introduced to the masturbation at an early age by an older friend of his, and the consequences it followed made him choose celibacy forever. I will personally recommend Firuz to find a good wife and marry.