45 year old woman loves to fish at Cape Cod

Flann is a 45 year old woman born and raised in the city of Boston. Flann married twice and divorced both her husbands within 6 years. Flann believes she is too smart for marriage and she still has a 25 year young boyfriend but there is no way that she is ever going to marry again.

Flann has two main hobbies, one is fishing and the other is horse riding. Flann goes for fishing every weekend with her boyfriend to the Cape Cod. Flann’s boyfriend is an expert in choosing the best spinning reels and he is the one who brings it every time. Flann also goes for horse riding once in a month with her boyfriend.

Flann’s boyfriend is a very trustworthy young man and he loves Flann more than anything or anyone. Flann’s boyfriend wants to marry her so bad but Flann is not marrying ever again. They celebrate a little honeymoon every weekend and after each little honeymoon their love for each other gets stronger.

Flann hates the people who crave credit for everything and her boyfriend never claims the credit for even the things that he works so hard on. Like he learned tantra to satiate Flann better, but he never even told her about the same and loves to see the satisfied face of Flann each time.

Flann’s boyfriend just looks like the younger version of infamous Indian politician Subramanian Swamy. Yes, her boyfriend is of Indian origin, but he was born and raised up in the United States.

Flann’s boyfriend used to work at a ship casino until he got sea sick. He used to live in the city of New London, Connecticut with his parents. But when he moved out, his first aim was to find a city with very little number of frogs or no frogs at all as he has ranidaphobia. There were frogs everywhere around his house and on the streets where he grew up in New London and he hated it.