Busy Jewish-American Career Woman getting a hair transplant done next month

Zayit Rosenberg (name changed) is a Jewish-American woman who is very cautious about where to invest her money and time. When disappointed by something, Zayit starts meditating and it sucks up more than half of her days many weekends. Zayit is a workaholic and on the weekends, she gets disappointed by many different things done by her husband and kids to her or themselves. Zayit likes to maintain very high standards and wants her entire family to maintain the same. She wants them to only evolve and become better and don’t waste their precious time at all which they fail to do many times which makes Zayit very disappointed. Zayit used to suffer from mild depression until she learnt about the meditation.

The subject of money is taught at Zayit’s home every weekend. She wants her kids to become experts at making money while becoming better and evolving human beings. Zayit’s husband is quite the opposite, he just believes in enjoying the life and doesn’t care about making money at all. It is nothing less than a miracle how well the couple’s chemistry goes. The reason why Zayit and her husband are together for over 22 years is that Zayit’s husband is a horse in bed. He has the stamina of a freaking horse. When Zayit comes home after a long day of work, highly stressed, Zayit’s husband relaxes and soothes her with his bedroom skills and stamina like nothing else can. No wonder why Zayit doesn’t touches alcohol, cigarettes or any such stuff.

Zayit has lost a lot of hair on her head due to being highly stressed lately and next month she is getting a hair transplant done on her head Tyra Banks style. She researched several hair transplant actors and Tyra Banks’ hairstyle appealed to her the most.

Alcoholism hater bought top notch ties from Tie Store Australia

Daryllyn Shaw (name changed) hates alcoholics. Both her parents were alcoholics and she hated them after they got drunk. She would either pretend to them that she is asleep or go out with friends or alone somewhere to stay away from them.

All these things had a major effect on Daryllyn’s psyche and mental health, and made her an un-attentive kid in school. Overall, she became a very strange and schizophrenic personality with dis-associative identity disorder.

Daryllyn’s parents successfully put food on her table, roof on her head, clothes on her body, but they couldn’t be good parents and like every human child, Daryllyn needed good parenting more than anything else.

Daryllyn got married to her best friend in school who understood her the best at the age of 21. The relationship finally changed Daryllyn’s life for the better. All her mental illnesses disappeared after she started living with this wonderful man called Joseph.

Daryllyn loves Joseph so much that she does all the shopping for him and takes care of him more like a mother than a wife. They have 2 kids together, one son and a daughter. And when the family went to a soiree occasion together last week, it was Daryllyn who bought ties from an online tie store for both her son and the husband.

In the month of July this year, Daryllyn’s mother who was suffering from hypertension and kidney disease for over a decade died due to sudden cardiac arrest. Daryllyn didn’t even attend the funeral.

Sugar Baby and her satanic cousin are having a reunion at Jogja

Mia Sher (name changed) worked as a sugar baby from the age of 20 to 40. She never wanted to marry back then and didn’t want children either. She wanted to make enough money before the retirement so that she can live a plush life during her old age.

One of Mia’s cousins fell for the porn mafia when she was only 18. That cousin of Mia is already 36 and married to a guy 10 years older than her. She is going to divorce him because she thinks he is not handsome anymore. It is nothing less than an irony that this cousin of Mia graduated from a Catholic school and her parents were hardcore conservative catholic as well.

After Mia’s cousin fell into the hands of porn mafia, her psyche and beliefs completely changed altogether. She started participating in satanic rituals, regularly going to a satanic temple and worshiping anti-christ.

Mia and her cousin are about to have a reunion at Yogyakarta during the Christmas holidays this year. Mia’s cousin has already booked the hotel rooms, rental mobil Jogja and many other things to have a great time there. Mia is a bit scared about if something unusual or unpredictable happens. If Mia didn’t have a sugar baby background she wouldn’t go to have a reunion with her cousin at any cost but her sugar baby career has made her very shrewd and strong.

Popular Turkish Youtube Comedian getting a hair transplant by Dr T in 2019

Ruzgar Birel (name changed) is a 45 year old Turkish man from the city called Kilis.

Ruzgar is a part-time amateur stand-up comedian who only performs in front of high class and elite audience. Ruzgar also maintains a regular vlog on the Youtube telling his personal opinions, stories and jokes. Ruzgar recently started receiving lots of mocking comments making fun of his hair loss. All those comments made Ruzgar realize that he needs a hair transplant and he is getting it done in the early 2019. Hair transplant price 2019 is chachki compared to the advantages and benefits it offers. A head full of hair is definitely going to increase the confidence of Ruzgar so that he can perform better in front of the audience.

Ruzgar was raised up by ignorant, abusive and alcoholic parents and that made Ruzger live in a fear of exploitation all his life. Ruzgar suffered from multiple personality disorder all his teenage years and most likely it was an automatic reaction of his body to cope up with the circumstances and environment that his parents had created for him. He started living in his own Utopian world.

Ruzgar is also a wannabe historian and he has been studying the American history currently and trying to find out whether it was ever a republic. He is also looking for the answers to popular questions like “Who killed JFK?” and “Who killed Abraham Lincoln?”

Ruzgar inherited a great immune system from his parents and he very seldom falls ill. Unlike most his cousins, Ruzgar is not a result of cousin marriage and that’s one of the most obvious and peculiar reasons behind his impeccable immune system.

Top Swiss Businesswoman reversed hair loss just by reading an article and following it

Kyle Muller (name changed) is a middle-aged Swiss lady from the city of Geneva. Kyle was born in the scenic and luxury alpine resort town called St. Moritz in Switzerland’s Engadin valley.

Kyle has always been a big fan of the nature and nothing explains it more than the garden in her bungalow. It is a stunning garden with huge number of distinctive trees, plants and flowers. But more Kyle has always loved her own physical beauty more than the nature. Kyle is 42 now and when she was 37, she noticed some hair loss on her head. She started shivering the moment she saw that and pinched herself to confirm that she wasn’t having a nightmare.

Kyle looked for solutions all over the internet after she saw that horrendous sight of herself losing hair on the head but didn’t find any success. Kyle is a businesswoman and a very experienced one, she could tell looking at those solutions that they are all fake written by kids sitting in their basement. Kyle was embarrassed to go out of her house; she couldn’t even dare to look at the mirror.

Kyle then searched for “New Hair Loss Treatment” on Google and came across this article by the top Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey about how to reverse hair loss. Kyle started with the first 4 solutions mentioned on that web page and within 6 months she could successfully reverse her hair loss. Kyle was even planning to get a hair transplant if those solutions didn’t work but it came as a great surprise to her how only those 4 petty solutions by a world-class doctor could reverse her hair loss. She has been voluntarily promoting Dr T’s clinic since then to return the favor.

Self-Made Croatian Millionaire loved his tour to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Kristofor Herjavec (name changed) who was born and raised in the small city called Pozega in Croatia. Kristofor is now 29 and he has earned enough for himself to buy a mansion by the beach in the beautiful coastal city of Dubrovnik. Kristofor drives a 1956 Chevy Truck, a Mercedes Maybach s600 and a Dodge SRT Viper GTS 2013. Kristofor is trying his best to buy a whole apartment building in the most expensive neighborhood of Croatia, that is the world famous Stradun area. I am certain that Kristofor will be able to achieve his goal.

Kristofor loves to tour a lot. He has traveled almost all of Europe and Russia and now he is exploring all of Asia. On 12th of this month, he came back from Yogyakarta aka Jogja. He really enjoyed his tour and is extremely thankful to the company that did it all for him. He has already recommended paket wisata jogja to several of his friends and says that will use them again himself.

Kristofor’s elder sister is addicted to trying out supplements in hope that the supplements will turn her into a wonder woman or something like that. She recently sued the founder of Jilly Juice, Jillian Epperly. We will call Kristofor’s sister Ivanka here. I don’t want to disclose her real name here. So, Ivanka is always looking for ways to live till the end times. This product that goes by the name Jilly Juice, promised Ivanka a lifespan of 400 years. After taking Jilly Juice for 26 days, Ivanka decided to sue the company.  Only 26 days were enough to make her suffer from diarrhea, chills, fever, migraine, nausea and kidney pain.

21 year young Australian lady lost 125 lbs with online personal training

“If you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything”, Mia, a 21 year young Australian lady used to repeat this sentence at least 60 times a day on an average till she used to be obese. Mia considers losing those extra 125 lbs an enormous achievement, all thanks to online personal training. Mia understood too early that obesity brings several deadly diseases with it and decided that she needs to do really something about it. Mia used to hate pretty girls unless she lost her extra pounds

Mia believes that every woman is worthy of love and respect. And she also believes that most women are more cunning and shrewd than most men. Mia has an experience of discussing and debating several issues with both men and women, and that’s what she claims has brought her to this conclusion.

Since Mia has lost those extra lbs, she doesn’t use escalators or elevators unless there is no other option or she is needs to go to the top floor of a skyscraper.

Mia was raised up by a strict catholic mother. Her mother was against Mia listening to the pop music, wearing short and skimpy clothes, and watching highly sexualized television dramas.

Mia’s maternal grandfather used to be a petty religious cult leader and Mia tries her best to never let anybody that she is related to him.

Mia’s father lived as a moocher till he was 35. He was alcoholic and a mentally disturbed person. He made no reasonable sacrifice to raise his kids while on the other hand, Mia’s mother was a devout catholic who took her responsibilities very seriously and did her best to have a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

Babysitter from Beverly Hills currently settled in Sao Paulo, Brazil won 100 R$ Brazil

Dorothy McGraw started her career as a full-time babysitter and chauffeur for a Beverly Hills kid. Dorothy was with the kid till his 15th birthday. Dorothy then moved to the gorgeous coastal city called Santos in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

After working as a guide for a few months, Dorothy dated this local Brazilian gentleman 5 years younger than him for about an year and ultimately the relationship ended in marriage. Dorothy’s husband is from an upper-middle class family and he has been running a couple of small successful businesses for over 12 years now. He gave Dorothy the money to open a stunning shack at the Ilha Porchat Island. Dorothy’s shack was doing well and Dorothy was happy with it but running  just one successful shack was not enough to make Dorothy content. Dorothy lived half of her life in the Beverly Hills and that has really left some imprints on her. Dorothy believes in multiplying what she manages and she wants it done really fast. Dorothy wants to have several shacks in each city of Brazil and she needs funds for that and she is not going to ask anybody for any help. The good news is that she has already started the process and as they say “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

From the very childhood, Dorothy believes 17 is her lucky number. This year, Dorothy was seeing the number 17 everywhere, especially when checking the time. It was always 1:17 AM, 2:17 AM, stuff like that. Dorothy was certain that something special was awaiting her. During the month of June this year, once when Dorothy found it hard to sleep and started surfing the internet, she stumbled upon this one article about Rio de Prêmios where a woman won 100 Million Brazilian Reals and is now building her own small shopping mall in the town of Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso. Dorothy checked the time at that moment, it was 3:17 AM. Dorothy instantly registered a ticket and would you be surprised if I tell you that she won 100 Million Brazilian Reals too? Dorothy is now building the plan with her husband to create as many shacks as possible effectively all over the major Brazilian cities with the 100 Million Brazilian Reals that she won with the River of Awards.

25 year handsome young man found the best shower soap scum remover in the market

Baruch is a 25 year young man who likes to buy pheromones only cologne to attract women. Baruch promised his parents that he will become a doctor when he grows up but failed. He was too busy impressing women.

Baruch once went to a doctor for advice on something that I can’t disclose here. He merely asked for the advice but he gave him pills with lots of side-effects. That was the moment Baruch says when he started to hate doctors. I personally do not believe Baruch on this, I think he hates doctors because he couldn’t become one.

Baruch used to be a member of satanic cult once. He still recalls that period sometimes and it makes him go nuts.

Baruch loves affluent people and he only respects them honestly. He believes that middle-class people are too lazy and stupid. He is a middle-class personal himself though.

Baruch loves to prank a lot. He claims that it is the fallacy of the poor people for their lifestyle and also the people of the third world countries deserve to suffer like they do.

Baruch loves hot Punjabi girls in his neighborhood. Baruch has a love-hate relationship with most things in his house and his neighborhood. One of the things that he hates most intensely are the soap scums in shower. Luckily, he knows about one of the top shower soap scum remover available in the marketplace.

One of Baruch’s cousin who lived in Germany got killed in a hijacked plane flight from India to Germany. They made a very popular biopic in the Bollywood about this incident featuring an air hostess ‘Neerja’ as the protagonist. Baruch doesn’t understand the Hindi language so he watched the movie Neerja with English subtitles.

Hair Transplant has very few disadvantages and they vary from person to person

Saburo hates both capitalism and communism. Saburo hates the French Revolution. Saburo believes that all legitimate authority comes from the God. Saburo is also always very curious to know about the great people who were thrown in the garbage bin of history.

When Saburo is not busy doing anything business or such, you will find him predicting about the future of the world and especially Turkey. Saburo thinks that the history of Dinar and Dirham has been changed by the historians deliberately and he has some crazy personal ideas about the history of Dinar and Dirham.

Saburo also believes that we are living in the end times. Saburo always persuades his wife to wear a hijab and he believes that women who wear skimpy clothes are dressed yet naked. Saburo always insists about hair transplant disadvantages to his friends who have already got hair transplant done or thinking of getting it done; but they are getting hair transplants done nonetheless.

Saburo’s sister owns a lingerie store in the city center of Istanbul and Saburo hates her for it. This sister of Saburo is drinks alcohol a lot and many days of the month she finds herself unable to go to the work because of her alcohol addiction. Saburo hates her even more for that.

Saburo always wishes if he were born during the Islamic Golden Age.

Saburo’s family recently enjoyed a trip to the St Petersburg, Russia. They loved Russia and Russian people. Saburo still receives regular financial aid from his parents and he never feels embarrassed about it.

Saburo runs a pastry and ice cream shop in the center of popular neighborhood of Halkali Meydan in Istanbul. The income is not that good for Saburo but he recently bought a new motorcycle and his first priority while buying the biking was the fuel economy.