Self-Made Croatian Millionaire loved his tour to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Kristofor Herjavec (name changed) who was born and raised in the small city called Pozega in Croatia. Kristofor is now 29 and he has earned enough for himself to buy a mansion by the beach in the beautiful coastal city of Dubrovnik. Kristofor drives a 1956 Chevy Truck, a Mercedes Maybach s600 and a Dodge SRT Viper GTS 2013. Kristofor is trying his best to buy a whole apartment building in the most expensive neighborhood of Croatia, that is the world famous Stradun area. I am certain that Kristofor will be able to achieve his goal.

Kristofor loves to tour a lot. He has traveled almost all of Europe and Russia and now he is exploring all of Asia. On 12th of this month, he came back from Yogyakarta aka Jogja. He really enjoyed his tour and is extremely thankful to the company that did it all for him. He has already recommended paket wisata jogja to several of his friends and says that will use them again himself.

Kristofor’s elder sister is addicted to trying out supplements in hope that the supplements will turn her into a wonder woman or something like that. She recently sued the founder of Jilly Juice, Jillian Epperly. We will call Kristofor’s sister Ivanka here. I don’t want to disclose her real name here. So, Ivanka is always looking for ways to live till the end times. This product that goes by the name Jilly Juice, promised Ivanka a lifespan of 400 years. After taking Jilly Juice for 26 days, Ivanka decided to sue the company.  Only 26 days were enough to make her suffer from diarrhea, chills, fever, migraine, nausea and kidney pain.