Sugar Baby and her satanic cousin are having a reunion at Jogja

Mia Sher (name changed) worked as a sugar baby from the age of 20 to 40. She never wanted to marry back then and didn’t want children either. She wanted to make enough money before the retirement so that she can live a plush life during her old age.

One of Mia’s cousins fell for the porn mafia when she was only 18. That cousin of Mia is already 36 and married to a guy 10 years older than her. She is going to divorce him because she thinks he is not handsome anymore. It is nothing less than an irony that this cousin of Mia graduated from a Catholic school and her parents were hardcore conservative catholic as well.

After Mia’s cousin fell into the hands of porn mafia, her psyche and beliefs completely changed altogether. She started participating in satanic rituals, regularly going to a satanic temple and worshiping anti-christ.

Mia and her cousin are about to have a reunion at Yogyakarta during the Christmas holidays this year. Mia’s cousin has already booked the hotel rooms, rental mobil Jogja and many other things to have a great time there. Mia is a bit scared about if something unusual or unpredictable happens. If Mia didn’t have a sugar baby background she wouldn’t go to have a reunion with her cousin at any cost but her sugar baby career has made her very shrewd and strong.