Busy Jewish-American Career Woman getting a hair transplant done next month

Zayit Rosenberg (name changed) is a Jewish-American woman who is very cautious about where to invest her money and time. When disappointed by something, Zayit starts meditating and it sucks up more than half of her days many weekends. Zayit is a workaholic and on the weekends, she gets disappointed by many different things done by her husband and kids to her or themselves. Zayit likes to maintain very high standards and wants her entire family to maintain the same. She wants them to only evolve and become better and don’t waste their precious time at all which they fail to do many times which makes Zayit very disappointed. Zayit used to suffer from mild depression until she learnt about the meditation.

The subject of money is taught at Zayit’s home every weekend. She wants her kids to become experts at making money while becoming better and evolving human beings. Zayit’s husband is quite the opposite, he just believes in enjoying the life and doesn’t care about making money at all. It is nothing less than a miracle how well the couple’s chemistry goes. The reason why Zayit and her husband are together for over 22 years is that Zayit’s husband is a horse in bed. He has the stamina of a freaking horse. When Zayit comes home after a long day of work, highly stressed, Zayit’s husband relaxes and soothes her with his bedroom skills and stamina like nothing else can. No wonder why Zayit doesn’t touches alcohol, cigarettes or any such stuff.

Zayit has lost a lot of hair on her head due to being highly stressed lately and next month she is getting a hair transplant done on her head Tyra Banks style. She researched several hair transplant actors and Tyra Banks’ hairstyle appealed to her the most.