Tech firm owner keeps making strange claims like hot shower makes you fit and healthy

Anthony Owen (name changed) is a tech firm owner who claims that he doesn’t let the customers tell him what he should sell them but he tells them what to buy. Anthony believes that wildlife must be destroyed if we have a bit of humanity. He says that wild animals like sloth bears, grizzly bears, cheetahs, lions, tigers, wolves, etc haven’t only been killing the cattle and other relatively weak animals including animals throughout the history, but they also have a huge part to play in killing the humanities among the humans.

Anthony comes from a poor household. His father used to sell snacks at a railway station and his mother was a homemaker.

Anthony has another crazy belief that discipline is an enemy not a friend, he claims that disciplined people are least creative and discipline is one of the most overrated traits. He went to an extent to claim that our ancestors couldn’t have evolved into humans from apes if they follower the perfect discipline while they were still apes.

Anthony’s sister Barbara (name changed) is a popular Canadian musician who hates to be in the limelight. She moves to her home in Malta when she is not working to stay away from the spotlight for a while and relax.

Anthony also told me something that I never heard before, he told me that Yoga worsened his physical health and shape. He says that his 6-pack abs and overall muscularity has disappeared since he started performing Yoga for 90 minutes a day. He says that hot showers are the real deal when it comes to staying fit and healthy, he has the best natural gas tankless water heater in each of his 5 bathrooms.