NoFap lifestyle makes you develop good habits like origami

Inge Ahlgren (name changed) believes that falling in love is seldom a positive sign. Inge used to be a highly religious person until he developed a habit of reading. This is what Inge told me, “I used to be a hardcore protestant and I believed in the second coming of Jesus. One of the best things that ever happened to me was that I started living a NoFap lifestyle. I always knew that watching porn, masturbating and looking at women with lust were bad but I had no idea that they were so bad. I came across the NoFap subreddit by accident, I signed up immediately and started posting there regularly. Before partaking in the ultimate challenge that is NoFap, I used to think of Reddit as just another forum. I thought it was just an extraordinary forum with its own software and a much bigger number of members. After that I discovered that Reddit is a lot more than a forum and most of the members are wankers while only a fraction of the Reddit was trying NoFap. I used to check the profiles of each of the users that were serious about NoFap and also the ones who were hardcore wankers. The ones who were on the NoFap had a completely different level, I learnt about simple origami from one of them and I also learnt more about fitness and health from those guys and a life changing habit – reading. The ones who didn’t do NoFap were all talking about ‘how to impress girls’, ‘which women they wank to’, ‘MGTOW’ and other stuff like that. I would read history, science and religions and finally I became certain that all the religions of the world are man-made and completely fake. I felt so free the day I became an agnostic.”