Hair Transplant Actors

Malcolm Mero (name changed) wonders all the time how many hair transplant actors are there. No, I don’t mean the actors who are experts at performing the hair transplant but the actors who have had hair transplants, I can name at least 100 actors right now that have had hair transplant done on their heads.

The popular Indian comedian Kapil Sharma got it done too, he was first lying to everybody that he never got it done on himself but later on his lies were caught when once when in the drunk condition he gave an interview and the interviewer taking advantage of the situation asked him “Are your hair your own?” Then he replied, “No, I was half bald at the age of 25 and when I started making huge money at the age of 32, the first thing that I did was I got a hair transplant done on my head.”

The so-called sexiest black woman alive – Tyra Jackson got it done too on her head. She will never tell you about the same, she will tell you that her hair is all natural but it is a complete lie.

The not-so-famous but once a mainstream actor – Aditya Pancholi got a hair transplant done on his head too. I warn you to never ask him about the same if you don’t want to indulge into a good fight. He is infamous for his abuses and bruises.

Bald Indian actor and singer – Himesh Reshamiya also got a hair transplant done on himself as he embarked on his acting journey. He used to be a bald and ugly before. He lost a lot of weight and got a hair transplant done on his head in order to look good enough to be called a leading actor.

Amateur Historian writes a lot about Southeast Asia instead of trying to lose weight during that time, he folds Christmas Origami a lot too

John Lorenzo (name changed) is an amateur historian who says that Khmer people are originally Muslim Arabs, not some Chinese or Mongol tribe. He also claims that Khmer people never came to Cambodia in the 5th century but rather the 9th century. He says that Arabs had no enthusiasm in them before Islam to go and invade any place.

John has read a lot of history related to the Southeast Asia, he claims that the Mahabharata’s Kishkinda wasn’t in Karnataka but in Andhra Pradesh instead.

John says that Mao Zedong was a womanizer and he became a revolutionary to attract as many women as possible which he did after becoming successful.

John also claims that Muslims edited Kautilya’s Arthashastra and it was much more vast than what it is today before the Muslims edited it.

About the Kamboja people of Indian subcontinent, John Lorenzo claims that they were never a royal tribe but they were a horse breeder and cavalry seller tribe. They are mistaken for being royal by some ignorant people and the people who want to impress the Kamboja people for some purpose.

About the midget ‘Bonne‘ people that the ancient Indians refer to in their ancient texts, John Lorenzo says that they were a Chinese tribe whom the ancient North Indian people mistook for a distinct breed of humans.

John says that Uzbekistan used to be a part of ancient India but about 6000 years ago some nomadic tribes came in there and settled forever.

John weighs 235 pounds and he is only 5 feet 9 inches tall, he has been trying his best to lose weight, somebody needs to tell him that you cannot lose weight by folding Origami Christmas.

This strong feminist manufactures steel guitars while her sister manufactures rhenium alloys and origami paper

Nolan Halper (name changed) smokes the most expensive Cuban cigars, she stays at the most expensive hotels and she also enjoys driving the hottest German cars including a BMW X6. From the very childhood, Nolan has a chip on her shoulder that if women wouldn’t have been persecuted, they would be far superior to the men. She likes to drive cars, SUVs, and trucks that ooze masculinity and aggression in order to show that she is superior to everyone else on the road.

Nolan’s father is a professional guitar player. He used to play guitar back in his teenage years and early 20s in a club, after that he worked odd-jobs and had some business failures as well and now he is broke.

Nolan’s company manufactures steel guitars but her online and offline stores sell all sorts of guitars.

Recently, Nolan traveled to Karachi, Pakistan where she discovered some of the best talent in the world. The beggars she saw on the streets there could give the best actors a run for their money. They did some of the best acts Nolan had ever seen.

Nolan’s one and only sister is also a very successful businesswoman whose one company manufactures Rhenium Alloys and the other manufacturers almost all sort of papers with their specialty being the origami paper.

Nolan claims that she can smell the gender of a person who is online with the words. She claims that she can easily identify reading a post on the Reddit whether the poster is a male or a female. She says that she has never failed and nobody can do this better than herself, at least, she hasn’t met anyone who can do it better than her yet.

Rich thinking habits make you rich – learn from e-commerce tycoon Cameron Falena

Cameron Falena (name changed) has always had a meandering relationship with her mother-in-law. Cameron’s mother-in-law has always been envious of Cameron’s great financial success. Cameron is a great wife, a wonderful mother and instead of being happy about it all, her mother-in-law hates her for the same. Instead of feeling thankful to God or mother nature for gifting her such a wonderful son, daughter-in-law and grandkids, this old woman keeps cursing everyone involved. Her sister died childless and this woman very well knows how much pain she was in due to dying childless but this mother-in-law of Cameron never learnt a lesson from the same.

Once Cameron found her father-in-law ogling at her cleavage with vulture eyes but Cameron couldn’t care less, she is too busy to care about these petty things.

Cameron drives a pink Cadillac CTS sedan, a pink Audi A6, a pink Jaguar XJ. She made enough money with e-commerce to buy herself all these, her mother-in-law doesn’t even know what e-commerce is (e-commerce o que é).

Last month, Cameron wanted to make some long-term investments and she thought buying a house would be a great idea. She didn’t have much left, she already bought a few million dollar life insurances and a brand new Jaguar XJ, so she checked the prices of the least expensive properties on the internet and came across this property in a neighborhood which she never heard the name of before, anyways, Cameron contacted the property owner and when she went to the property location, she saw nothing but stinking cheapers there wearing torn clothes and the whole neighborhood smelled like excretion. The people there all looked like drug addicts, alcoholics and wife beaters. Cameron left that neighborhood immediately and decided to never look for a property in a cheap neighborhood ever again.

Socialist vs Capitalist sister – Who wins? You decide!

Yolanda Clinton (name changed) is a total scrooge, she drives fuel-efficient diesel cars to save money. Yolanda hates the system of market economy and she loves the system of socialist economy.

My personal opinion for anyone who hasn’t ever lived in a socialist economy is that try living in a socialist country for a year and let me know if your opinion has not changed.

Yolanda never dreams big dreams, she doesn’t dream at all, the only dreams she has are about living in a country with socialist economy. Yolanda doesn’t enjoy doing anything she is required to do, her economic philosophy is mainly based on saving more money rather than making more money. She doesn’t ever feel committed to her job, she just works to survive and she survives for that daily booze, she has got no other reason to live. She never tried to develop a unique talent or ability unlike her sister – Kim who became an executive-vice chairman of a major international corporation at the age of 32.

Yolanda is very much interested in Hindu philosophy because it suits her negative philosophy and view towards the life a lot.

Yolanda’s sister – Kim enjoys the journey of life to her fullest, she says that she can never get enough of it. She wishes all the time if she were born a Jew in Israel, she would have loved the feeling of being the chosen one, legitimately. She still thinks of herself as a chosen one but she cannot talk about it openly, she has to keep it a secret otherwise they would either call her a narcissist or a megalomaniac and that would be a hindrance for her career, social skills and maybe mental health as well. Kim recently made her company’s online and offline stores cryptocurrency friendly. The store managers have a tab open of cryptocurrency market cap opened on their computers all the time with an auto refresh on which updates every 45 seconds.

The month of December brings good luck to Cabrera Christian’s life

Cabrera Christian (name changed) had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving aka Turkey day and now she is looking ahead for a marvelous Christmas and New Year eve. On the arrival of December, Cabrera cannot stop thinking about the schoolmate and her best buddy of the time – Edgar with whom she used to fold Origami Christmas all the time in the month of December.

Cabrera owns a Blue Dapple Dachshund whom she makes wear the same colored cowboy hat as the color of her dress.

Cabrera is one of the top wholesalers of security cameras on the internet. She buys them wholesale from Chinese websites like Alibaba and brands them as her own. Cabrera’s father – Dennis is a charcoal wholesaler who imports charcoal from the Republic of China’s best manufacturers and wholesales the same in the United States.

Cabrera is a devout catholic who hasn’t abandoned her faith no matter how much her friends tried to persuade her. She says that the holy bible answers all her questions and solves all her problems whenever she is in a trouble. She just goes through the bible whenever she is in a dilemma or in a state of major confusion related to something significant.

Cabrera doesn’t agree with the evangelists a bit. She says that evangelical people are atheists in disguise and they are worse than the atheists when it comes to the moral values.

Along with the catholic religion, Cabrera has a huge respect for the white people and the white European race.

Cabrera is 36 already and never married. Cabrera has been struggling with her masturbation addiction for the last 18 years and she cannot stop seeing men as merely sexually objects. She has every reason not to do it but she still does it. The number 1 reason for her to not to masturbate is the religious reason. It is a heinous sin according to the catholic religion.