This strong feminist manufactures steel guitars while her sister manufactures rhenium alloys and origami paper

Nolan Halper (name changed) smokes the most expensive Cuban cigars, she stays at the most expensive hotels and she also enjoys driving the hottest German cars including a BMW X6. From the very childhood, Nolan has a chip on her shoulder that if women wouldn’t have been persecuted, they would be far superior to the men. She likes to drive cars, SUVs, and trucks that ooze masculinity and aggression in order to show that she is superior to everyone else on the road.

Nolan’s father is a professional guitar player. He used to play guitar back in his teenage years and early 20s in a club, after that he worked odd-jobs and had some business failures as well and now he is broke.

Nolan’s company manufactures steel guitars but her online and offline stores sell all sorts of guitars.

Recently, Nolan traveled to Karachi, Pakistan where she discovered some of the best talent in the world. The beggars she saw on the streets there could give the best actors a run for their money. They did some of the best acts Nolan had ever seen.

Nolan’s one and only sister is also a very successful businesswoman whose one company manufactures Rhenium Alloys and the other manufacturers almost all sort of papers with their specialty being the origami paper.

Nolan claims that she can smell the gender of a person who is online with the words. She claims that she can easily identify reading a post on the Reddit whether the poster is a male or a female. She says that she has never failed and nobody can do this better than herself, at least, she hasn’t met anyone who can do it better than her yet.