Hair Transplant Actors

Malcolm Mero (name changed) wonders all the time how many hair transplant actors are there. No, I don’t mean the actors who are experts at performing the hair transplant but the actors who have had hair transplants, I can name at least 100 actors right now that have had hair transplant done on their heads.

The popular Indian comedian Kapil Sharma got it done too, he was first lying to everybody that he never got it done on himself but later on his lies were caught when once when in the drunk condition he gave an interview and the interviewer taking advantage of the situation asked him “Are your hair your own?” Then he replied, “No, I was half bald at the age of 25 and when I started making huge money at the age of 32, the first thing that I did was I got a hair transplant done on my head.”

The so-called sexiest black woman alive – Tyra Jackson got it done too on her head. She will never tell you about the same, she will tell you that her hair is all natural but it is a complete lie.

The not-so-famous but once a mainstream actor – Aditya Pancholi got a hair transplant done on his head too. I warn you to never ask him about the same if you don’t want to indulge into a good fight. He is infamous for his abuses and bruises.

Bald Indian actor and singer – Himesh Reshamiya also got a hair transplant done on himself as he embarked on his acting journey. He used to be a bald and ugly before. He lost a lot of weight and got a hair transplant done on his head in order to look good enough to be called a leading actor.