This loving and intelligent Thai couple loves to buy cotton bags together

Chintara Timkul (name changed) claims that the Republic of China will be the next superpower greater than any modern superpower that ever existed no matter how much America, Europe, Islamic Union or Russia try to stop it from becoming one. Chintara says that China is already economically stronger than any nation on earth.

Chintara is a Thai entrepreneur. All her heroes are Chinese entrepreneurs, be it Li Shufu, Robin Li, Jack Ma or Wu Yajun.

Chintara is extremely strong yet flexible when it comes to making important business decisions, be it decisions related to buying new fixed assets or recruiting new employees, she always does her best, no matter what.

Chintara’s husband – Chakrit is proud of his wife and he does whatever it takes to make Chintara happy, like recently it took him hours to find out the best canvas bag (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส) for his beloved wife but he couldn’t care less, he just bought the best possible bags from the most reputed shopping website.

Chintara and Chakrit’s favorite holiday destinations are the island of Malta and Gozo, and Trondheim, Norway. The couple loves the intensity and hence they visit the island of Malta and Gozo in the summers while they never forget to visit the beautiful and cold country called Norway in the winters.

Chintara claims that minerals also have souls and the person who drinks mineral water will be more energetic, passionate, more prone to psychic experiences and in general will have more positive qualities because the souls of the minerals that he inhaled will nourish his own soul.

Chakrit claims that he had some of the best ideas back in the 90s which he would have implemented using the internet and become a billionaire by now. He says that he had no idea back in the day that the internet will come such a long way in such a short period of time.