Aren Tailor is really one mischievous and fun-loving taxi driver in Thailand

Aren Tailor (name changed) is a Thai Happy Taxi driver who has been happily working with them for the past 3 years. Aren has a hobby of chatting with his passengers throughout the way, recently when he was taking this couple from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak, he had the pleasure of knowing several things about their culture, traditions and more. It was a married couple with Muslim-British husband whom we will call Rehman here and Catholic-French wife whom we will call Ava here. On the way, the husband and wife started arguing among themselves as well. Like, when Ava said that Quran is nothing but just a manipulation of Bible, Torah and David’s Book in a new way, Rehman couldn’t answer the question and started screaming that polarization is a media tactic to keep us all indulged in stupid and nonsense thing so that the conglomerate of mainstream media, politicians and industrialists can take advantage of us. Ava replied, “What does the media, politicians or industrialists have to do with the Quran? And how are they going to benefit from polarizing us?”

Aren was enjoying himself thoroughly throughout the way. Aren asked Rehman “Did you study at a Madrasa, sir?” Rehman replied, “Yes, I studied at a Madrasa in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan and came to Southall, England, United Kingdom when I was only 20 to study my Business Program then I fell in love with Ava when I was 21, we were both in the same class, we both married and since then I have been living in the Europe.” Ava’s response to this wasn’t a pleasant one, she replied “This guy married me for a green card not because he had fallen in love with me”.

Aren was too sad when they reached their destination as he was thoroughly enjoying their stories and arguments.