This one of a kind person turned his newly formed gadget creator company into a great success within 10 months

Cande Barlos (name changed) laughs out loud at the claim of some fanatic Hindus that the black stone in Kaaba, Mecca is a Shiva Lingam. He says that the Hindus like to present a darker picture of the Sunni Islam than it really is.

Cande says that there is no way that the black stone of Kaaba is an ancient Shiva Lingam, it is not even shaped like a Shiva Lingam. Whenever someone says Shiva Lingam in front of Cande Barlos or even if he reads the word somewhere, he gets reminded of that fraud who is dead now – Sathya Sai Baba. Sathya Sai Baba used to eject a Shiva Lingam from his mouth which he claimed came from nowhere in his heart as a gift from the Shiva himself and gets ejected through his mouth.

Cande says that the Hindus, Muslims and Christians will go to any extent to prove that their religion is the only truth, rest are all fake.

Cande owns a very successful little gadget company that was formed in the February of 2018. Cande’s company has come a long way within only 10 months of its formation, all thanks to tech news portals like texnologia. Cande’s business success lies in keeping himself updated with the latest technology and gadgets news, another secret of Cande’s business success is “working and focusing on a task till the completion of it like a sniper”.

Cande claims that he is an expert at recognizing a person’s heart conditions by his/her face and he can easily tell if a person is going is going to have a cardiac arrest within 24 hours just by looking at his/her face for a while.