This young catholic couple wants to have dozens of babies after getting married

Luca Tellus (name changed) is a businesswoman who owns a small bridal gown store in Downtown, Miami. She replies almost instantly to all the business queries that she receives but she replies even faster to the messages of her fiance.

Luca likes to think of herself as Eve and her fiance – Tyler as Adam. Luca has traveled almost all of the world and all of the Middle East and Maghreb region. Luca claims that the Adam and Eve lived somewhere in Nile Delta.

Luca’s fiance – Tyler is a strict catholic who believes that religious education is more important than the formal education. Tyler is against birth-control methods and Luca is perfectly okay with it, she herself wants to be the mother of as many healthy babies as possible. It goes without saying that Tyler is against the democrats but he is also against the republicans and any other political party in the United States. Tyler says that both republicans and democrats are hypocrites. According to Tyler, the republicans are not republicans and democrats are not democrats.

Luca and Tyler are yet to decide their wedding date and they don’t even know what kind of wedding venue are they going to choose, although Luca has been reading several posts on the blogs and forums dedicated to choosing wedding venues in Florida, especially Miami but she hasn’t taken the first step yet.

Tyler claims that he has successfully converted over 300 atheists, agnostics, pantheists, apatheists, Sunni Muslims and protestants to Catholicism and he will continue doing the same until the day he can breathe. Tyler says that he is a chaste virgin and not going to break this commandment of god at any cost.