7 year celibate and sitting on 7 millions – Luciana Nicoli is really one of a kind woman

Luciana Nicoli (name changed) is an amateur political analyst and thinker who recently predicted and posted on her personal blog that the France will take over Palestine soon enough and Catholicism vs Judaism + Protestantism will begin instead of the current Islam vs Protestantism + Judaism of the modern day.

Luciana maybe an amateur, but she is respected for her wonderful imagination and future predictions throughout the world. Luciana has successfully predicted several happenings of the past and she is seldom wrong.

Luciana claims that the secret behind her extraordinary predictive and imaginative powers is her practice of celibacy. Luciana has been a celibate for the past 7 years, her biggest inspirations for staying celibate are Mother Teresa and Lata Mangeshkar. Luciana says that she always used to feel guilty after sex and on one fine day she decided that she will stay celibate for the rest of her life. Luciana has already successfully crossed the 7 year mark and counting.

Although Luciana is notorious for preaching on her blog that following your religion is more important than financial success, Luciana is extremely successful financially and most of the credit goes to her finding the right company for SEO, she knows the best guys for website optimization in Porto Alegre (otimização de sites em porto alegre).

Luciana never keeps the eatables or beverages in the fridge but in the ice coolers instead. Luciana preaches that the food kept in the fridge becomes full of unnatural gases which dumbs you down. Luciana claims that she has experimented with eating food kept in the fridge for 6 weeks and then eating food that was kept in the ice cooler. She says that her IQ was at least 40 points down when she was eating the food from the fridge.

Luciana is also notorious for preaching on her blogs that sexual perversion and alcoholism is responsible for the apathy among the human beings. She says that when she was a kid, people were much less sexually perverted and alcoholics and they were all loving people.