They serve halal food in many Koh Chang restaurants

Raheem Sultan (name changed) is a Pakistani Muslim who is extremely strict when it comes to eating non-vegetarian food. Raheem travels a lot and he used to be always surprised to see Muslim men and women eating haram (non-kosher) food everywhere other than their home countries. Raheem used to wander around in other countries looking for halal food.

Raheem remembers how a restaurant in Koh Chang, Thailand had a specific menu for halal food. Raheem used to eat only at that particular restaurant whenever he went to Koh Chang whenever the company sent him there. Raheem’s restaurant bills were used to be paid off by the company if he ate at the restaurant of the hotel that they gave him room in but he would rather choose to pay the restaurant bill himself and eat only halal food at a different restaurant and let me tell you, this restaurant was much more expensive than an average Koh Chang restaurant, it cost Raheem 20% of his monthly salary only to eat there for a week but he couldn’t care less as long as the food was halal (kosher).

Like most Pakistani Muslims, Raheem got married to the daughter of his father’s sister’s daughter (her first cousin), Muslims consider marriage to the first cousins better than marrying someone stranger.

Raheem smiles very less because he says that people think of him as some fool when he smiles. He himself claims that he has an ugly smile which makes him look like a retard. For their honeymoon, Raheem and his wife went to the same Koh Chang resort where they serve halal food and throughout their time in Koh Chang, Raheem seldom smiled, Raheem’s wife got suspicious that he is not happy with her and they had a huge argument because of this. Raheem told her why he seldom smiles and after telling her that, Raheem felt like a fool and his wife didn’t believe him.