Emma uses and invests all her energy and potential in writing, reading and sports

Emma Amshinov (name changed) is an amateur historian who claims that police existed even in the prehistoric times and the police of those times was incorruptible. Emma claims that only hermaphrodites were eligible for becoming a cop in those days.

Emma claims that there will be a technology in the future that will be able to transform the inhabitants of a city into statues with a mere click. Emma says that the operator of the technology will need the SSNs of all the citizens in order to make this technology work.

Emma is a businesswoman and currently she owns this one business only that manufactures and sells nothing but watercolors. Emma’s business is pretty successful and is responsible for selling over 70 percent of the watercolors in her country.

Emma is an amateur writer too and is one of the most popular contributors to BreitBart, a popular website.

Emma says that she learnt working at the BreitBart that political correctness is a media tactic to keep people engaged in useless political correctness and deflate them from the real issues.

Emma learnt Scientology in the past and she is one of the biggest critics of the Scientology that you will ever meet. Emma says that the Scientology works according to the beliefs and observations of the people with nothing scientific to back them up. Emma says that she has done herself a lot of harm due to the Scientology and to her family too.

Emma used to be a professional athlete in her youth but she was expelled from the games because she was falsely accused of using Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Emma sacrificed all her hobbies in order to raise her children but she still finds it too hard to resist to watch the game of Super Bowl each year.