Leading archaeologist’s daughter doing a great job of saving the environment with an android app

Nadia Agra (name changed) is a daughter of one of the world’s leading archaeologists, an archaeologist who has accomplished more than any other archaeologist of the world. Nadia’s dad’s favorite pastime isĀ  making fun of a fellow Hindu archaeologist, a man who is of great accomplishment and recognition himself but he looks like a living meme when he attributes his success to the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and all the different Vedas including Rig Vedas and others.

Nadia Agra’s grandfather used to be a strict catholic who donated several million dollars to the biblical scholars before his death. He used to be a regular guest at one of the catholic TV programs which used to be shot in his own state. He was very worried during the 1960s about even worse hyper-sexualization in the future.

Nadia says that most of the historical figures that we read and study about were hypocrites including some mentioned in the Michael Hart’s top 100. Nadia is not critical of Michael Hart’s top 100, she says that any other historian or scholar perhaps could not have been able to create a chronology as good as Michael Hart.

Nadia claims that another scientist much before Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. Nadia says that the scientist who discovered the theory of relativity died and his family, friends or any relative had no idea what he was up to, accidentally, Einstein – a scientist by profession found the theory of relativity written by him and took all the credit.

Nadia has herself been walking the talk of improving the world. She recently got an android application created by the topmost Indonesian android application creation services company (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android) that has been serving a great purpose of saving the environment.