Wear deep v-neck t-shirts in an Islamic country to feel like the only girl in the world

Missa Borg (name changed) claims that middle of the night is the best time to practice skills that you are not so good or bad at. Missa gives reference to the Indian mystical master Sadhguru’s statement when she wants to clarify why she practices her skills at night. Sadhguru once made a statement that only 3 kind of people don’t like to sleep in the night – 1. Indulgers (Sex Addicts, Drug or Substance Addicts) 2. Ascetics 3. Ill and Diseased. Missa says that she becomes sort of a combination of all three when she wakes up all night long to practice the skills that she is already bad at. Missa claims that she indulges in practicing that skill like a sex or substance addict; she ascetically practices that skill, she doesn’t care how cold it is or how hot it is in the night, she just goes; and last but not the least – Missa feels impatient like a diseased person until she achieves her goal of becoming an expert at that skill.

Missa is a sort of a conspiracy theorist as well and she has various claims to make in that regard. Like Missa claims that a Dirham in the near future will be only as strong as a Pakistani Rupee. Missa says that with the help of the United States and Europe – India alone will be richer than all the Islamic countries combined.

Missa also claims that the Illuminati or the ruling elite will transform Canada into the new greatest superpower and Ottawa will be the new Washington DC or in other words, the home to the most powerful politicians in the world.

Missa recently traveled to Iran and Pakistan where she was told that wearing Ladies V-Neck T-Shirts is haram and she must instantly get dressed in a Burqa, Hijab or Chadar in order to protect her life which she did. She feared that she will get killed if she doesn’t do so. Missa wanted to wear a hijab for other purposes as well, the Pakistani men were staring at her like vultures and eagles all the time. Missa really felt like the only girl in the world during her time in Iran and Pakistan.