Maud read Mandino as Mandingo and wrote an article about it while she was in Crete, Greece

Maud Underwood (name changed) is an advocate by profession who has read and done tons of research on the Shariah Law, Maud called Shariah a ‘cancer’ in one of her blog posts and asked for the ban of Shariah of any sort in Greece.

Maud drinks a lot of vodka and once while intoxicated at her favorite island called Crete, she was looking for a book on the Amazon, she came across the author OG Mandino’s books but wrongly read his name as OG Mandingo and immediately wrote a stupid post on her blog claiming that the popular black male pornstar Mandingo is an author as well and this is a proof that well-endowed men are more creative than the ones who are not.

Maud claims that she has read all the verses of the Quran and the Bible, she calls both these books as the largest compilations of broscience. Maud says that if you can believe that the earth is flat, you can also believe that Vladimir Putin is the god and his daughter is the reincarnation of virgin Mary.

Maud is totally against the pro-pedophile groups and she says that governments are stupid enough to tolerate these guys. Maud says that these guys must be stoned to death.

Maud says that she has done an extensive research on the eugenics and she has come to a conclusion that Iranian and Spanish hybrid kids are extremely sexual. She gave the example of Sarah Shahi (Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi) – an American actress from Texas saying that she saw her hanging around with 3 guys during her trip to Miami.

Maud doesn’t love anything more than a tour of Crete and she always hires the same car rental Crete Heraklion airport service each time during her trip there.

Asnat Gusmao and her popular Youtuber friend got robbed in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Asnat Gusmao (name changed) buys, reads and keeps almost each and every book whose cover she appeals to her. Asmat’s most favorite book of all time is ‘A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories’ by the Punjabi Indian author Khushwant Singh.

Asnat’s pen boyfriend is a Polish man living in Russia with whom Asnat has been chatting for over 5 years now. Asnat and her boyfriend – Szymon have been ensuring each other that they are not dating or seeing anyone else, they claim that they are so much in love that they cannot imagine about being with anyone else.

Asnat is of firm belief that one child-policy must be implemented in each and every Islamic country otherwise the rest of the world will have no other option than to wage a war on these Islamic countries. Asnat has also been volunteering against the burqas, chadars, hijabs and other things that Muslim women wear to hide themselves in the non-Islamic countries. Asnat doesn’t identify herself as a right-winger or a liberal but she hates it when Muslim people get away with forcing their laws and lifestyles upon the rest of the world and they don’t let anyone follow their own lifestyle in their Islamic countries.

Asnat once traveled to Punjab, India with one of her best friends and they were both robbed there in a town called Hoshiarpur by the taxi driver that they were traveling in. Asnat is a Martial Arts champion and it is next to impossible to rob her for a lone man, a bunch of other taxis and their drivers surrounded the taxi that Asnat was traveling in with her friend and that’s when the incident took place, the driver of Asnat’s cab acted like he is innocent and it was all a tragedy but Asnat is a smart woman and she understands it all, Asnat’s best friend is a popular Youtuber who made a 15 minute long video on it which you check here, just click site.

Gogoro accessories seller and author confident about making her current book a bestseller and is busy writing more books

Angel York (name changed) recently wrote a book named “The Philosophy of Intelligent Magic” which has been out for sale for the past 2 months and hasn’t been able to sell a single copy yet. Angel is still as much confident about making her book one of the top bestsellers of all time

Angel says that drowsiness and ignorance kept her poor for so long. Recently, she started a Gogoro 2 Delight accessories selling business that sells accessories both online and at a brick and mortar store and she has been making more money than she ever did before with her newfound business and she has tried tons of businesses before including an eBay business, an Amazon business, an Etsy store, a dropshipping business, a herbalife business, a gym and several others.

Angel has traveled the world including India. Angel says that she spent 6 months of her life in India where she worked as a babysitter for one of the richest families of Bengal. Angel claims that magic rituals are endemic in big East Indian bungalows. Angels says that most Bengali people are involved in black magic and other magic rituals and the people of the rest of the India are also aware of the same and they fear Bengalis for the same.

Angel says that the mother of the baby that Angel was the caretaker of used to collect poison of different snakes and other animals, and used those for magic.

Angel says that the extensive celebrity culture in India is like the modern plague. Angel says that this plague is taking over all of India. Angel recently checked the popular Google searches in India, she came up with the conclusion that millions of Indians are busy checking out Ranveer-Deepika wedding, the rest are checking out about a celebrity kid, many are checking out about Priyanka-Nick Marriage. She says that India is a horrible place indeed.

Mr Camden is obsessed with Camels and along with driving a cab he rides camels and wishes if he could fit a turbo engine in a camel

Livio Camden (name changed) lives in Elko, Nevada where he offers Camel riding services and he himself is a camel riding enthusiast. Livio’s full-time business is not giving out Camels for rent and hence he only has 3 camels that he gives out for rent to ride on them. Livio says that only if the camels could ride much faster, he would never use his car to travel. You will be amazed to know what Livio’s full-time business is, Livio is a Lyft cab driver and before becoming a part of Lyft, he used to drive an Uber cab. Lyft driver promo code is what attracted Livio to join Lyft.

Livio is a part-time blogger as well, he has written some negative things about the witty people in the past. He once wrote that it is pretty obvious that witty people are more cunning and treacherous in their overall affairs. Livio wrote that there is no denying that witty people are more creative, better business managers, innovative and generally more hard-working and hence they believe that it is their birth right to manipulate the others as they think of them as inferior beings.

Once Livio wrote on his blog that characterless people are more creative as well and generally instead of applying their creativity in business, inventions, they use this creativity to create more stupid relationships which are mostly doomed to fail finally and even if they succeed, they don’t give you as much as a business or invention could have.

Livio’s father was a big businessman who was always busy in business tours and related stuff, when Livio was 18, he discovered that his real biological father was the secretary of his father, Livio’s father always knew it because his secretary was black and he himself was white, he took the revenge on Livio’s mother by fathering a child with his female secretary. After finding out what a huge mess his family is, he moved out of his family the day he learnt about it all.

Sarms making women lose their self control

Cyril Alnwick (name changed) is not a Jew but he never drives German cars which makes people think that he is one. Billions of people across the world do not drive German cars but when doesn’t drive one it makes people shocked, because first of all, Cyril is a self-made multimillionaire and a car enthusiast. Cyril owns almost every non-German made car brand, his favorite cars in his lot are a 2017 Volvo S60 Polestar, a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and a 2013 Ford Mustang.

Even though Cyril is French from his mother’s side and English from his father’s side, Cyril finds French, British and German architecture boring compared to the Italian.

One of Cyril’s friends whose name is Jabbar was born into a Sunni Muslim family, Jabbar used to be a strict Muslim until the day he learnt that Muhammad married Ayesha when she was only 6 and he had 9 wives whereas he preaches other Muslims to have only 4 wives. Jabbar used not be aware of the fact that the Muslims are permitted to have slave men and women and bear children with the slave women. Jabbar had no idea about several other evil stuff that the Muslims are encouraged and allowed to do and hence Jabbar became an atheist that day and replaced the Namaj (Islamic Prayer) time with bodybuilding time.

When Jabbar started bodybuilding, he had no idea that there is something called PED that he could use to enhance his performance in the gym thrice as much, he researched about the best PED brand everywhere on the internet and turned out that there Sarms is unbeatable in this regard.

It has been 7 months since Jabbar has been using Sarms and his girlfriend cannot get enough of singing the Self Control by Laura Branigan whenever he sees a picture of his anywhere including her mobile phone, laptop screen or anywhere and whenever she sees Jabbar in person, she just instantly jumps upon him.

The city of Nizams aka Hyderabad should be renamed to the city of boredom – Abida Durand

Abida Durand (name changed) is a French woman who decided to travel to the so-called city of Nizams aka Hyderabad after learning that it is full of historical monuments and a breeze of freshness and nostalgia but after arriving to the so-called city of Nizams, Abida found out that it has nothing on the showcase for the visitors other than extravagant road traffic and cheap men that stare at women like they have never seen one before.

Abida really regretted going to the city of Nizams aka Hyderabad and wished if she would have gone to some Thai city like Pattaya, Bangkok or Hua Hin instead. Abida is from the Paris and the Paris has at least 100 times the number of fascinating and stunning monuments to show than Hyderabad. Abida decided to visit Hyderabad just because she saw this video by a Youtube car reviewer that goes by the name Faisal Khan appreciating and complimenting Hyderabad for each and everything and calling it the city of Nizams over and over again. Abida doesn’t like his car reviews but she watches his videos just because she finds him attractive, tall and exotic to look at. Abida is so angry at the guy at the moment that she has already unsubscribed him after commenting on one of his videos that he is a traitor. Abida called him a traitor because he is a Muslim and he never appreciated or complimented any other town, city or village of India other than Hyderabad. Abida accused him of being a Pakistani agent living in India or the agent of the Muslim Ummah or the agent of the state of Saudi Arabia.

Abida needs to go Thailand to freshen herself up for a while after having a bad experience in Hyderabad, she will be in Thailand on 13th January and she has already booked a Hua Hin Taxi for her tour.

Ruth Taylor bought a new villa with that NATO money and now getting it renovated

Ruth Taylor (name changed) lived in Afghanistan for 8 years. Her husband is in the NATO army and she was paid millions of dollars to be disposed to the Afghanistan and work as a translator. Yes, Ruth has a natural gift of learning new languages really fast whether it be a programming language or a linguistic. Ruth learnt the Pashto language and it took her only 6 months to be fluent in the same. After learning the language, Ruth was all ready to move to the Afghanistan so that she can accompany her husband, have some adventure and make millions as well.

Ruth got to know a lot about the Afghanistan and most of the time she worked as a translator with an Aghanistani tribal chief who helped the NATO a lot in their task.

Anyways, Ruth is back and with the millions that she received working as a translator in Afghanistan, she just bought a new villa in the Newmarket, Ontario. The villa is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and as soon as it is done, Ruth will move there.

Ruth has went back to the IT company that she used to work as a programmer for before moving to Afghanistan 8 years back.

In the free time, Ruth has been writing books on several different topics including a book on the infamous Dr. Phil whom Ruth calls one of the biggest hypocrite, fake and fraudulent persons of all time. Ruth accuses Dr Phil of running a fake program and she says that the contestants that appear on Dr Phil’s show are either paid struggling actors or homeless people who would do whatever Dr Phil ask them for money. Ruth says that none of the Dr Phil’s success stories is a real success story, it is all scripted and Dr Phil is making a fool out of the stupid Americans.

Finally an app that can tell you whether you should buy a petrol or diesel car

Kotara Bano (name changed) has always been a great critic of Jay Leno and almost everything that he does. Kotara finds 1972 Mercedes Benz 600 Kompressor car of Jay Leno and his video about it more stupid than 99.99% of the things on earth. Kotara asks the point of spending millions of dollars on an old garbage which can even cut your finger while you close that boot. Kotara says that if Jay Leno spends half of the money that he spent on those stupid vintage and classic cars for giving employment to the unemployed people he could have made a lot of money, could get 100 times more happiness and also would have increased his fan following. Kotara used to be a subscriber of Jay Leno’s Youtube channel until she saw those videos of his where he is bragging about knowing cars so much and driving those stupid old cars which are good for nothing, drink so much of precious fuel and pollute the air at least 4 times as much as the modern cars.

Kotara has recently launched an app which will help you select the most perfect tyres for your vehicle and also tell you whether you should buy a petrol or diesel vehicle. Kotara couldn’t have created this app without the help on Indonesian ios application services (jasa aplikasi ios). Kotara is a lawyer by profession and there is no way that she could figure out how to create an app with her busy schedule, she is a mother of 2 young kids and she rarely gets enough time to do anything new, like a couple of days in a year and those couple of days are also when she doesn’t have a meeting and her kids are having a flu.

Retired international cricketer – 6 feet 1 inches tall, 76 year old hyperactive Greek gentleman loves to watch movies with his grandchildren

Raine Bain (name changed) is the granddaughter of an Australian cricketer who was expelled due to his misbehavior with a female. I guess that you have already guessed the name of the cricketer that I am talking about, let me give you another hint or guess here, he used to be an extreme fast bowler with a height of 6’1″. Raine’s grandfather came to Greece after he was insulted so badly in Australia. He first settled in Athens but then moved to the city called Chania.

Raine’s grandfather is still alive and he is so healthy, alive and fit even today that he runs his own blog where he writes whatever comes up in his mind and a ‘lot’ come in his mind even at this age. Old people are accused of living in their past but Raine’s grandfather’s story is quite different. He recently wrote a post criticizing the immigrants who complain day and night about the meager wages that they get in the United States, European countries, Australia, Canada, etc. He wrote that he has traveled almost all the Islamic countries including Turkey, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and a few others and the condition of the people that are residents of these countries is worse than the poorest of the poor in any first world country citizen can even imagine.

Raine’s grandfather once wrote a post about a secret meeting in Ajman, UAE that he attended disguised as a rich Arab from Doha, Qatar. He says that they talked about the Malhama (Armageddon) during most of the time in the meeting and they were referring to Russia-China-Iran-Pakistan-North Korea alliance as Gog and the rest of the world as Magog.

Raine’s grandfather’s favorite pastime and hobby is to watch children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with his grandchildren which he thoroughly enjoys. He totally forgets about what else is going around in the world while he is watching movies with his grandchildren.