Ruth Taylor bought a new villa with that NATO money and now getting it renovated

Ruth Taylor (name changed) lived in Afghanistan for 8 years. Her husband is in the NATO army and she was paid millions of dollars to be disposed to the Afghanistan and work as a translator. Yes, Ruth has a natural gift of learning new languages really fast whether it be a programming language or a linguistic. Ruth learnt the Pashto language and it took her only 6 months to be fluent in the same. After learning the language, Ruth was all ready to move to the Afghanistan so that she can accompany her husband, have some adventure and make millions as well.

Ruth got to know a lot about the Afghanistan and most of the time she worked as a translator with an Aghanistani tribal chief who helped the NATO a lot in their task.

Anyways, Ruth is back and with the millions that she received working as a translator in Afghanistan, she just bought a new villa in the Newmarket, Ontario. The villa is currently undergoing home renovation Newmarket and as soon as it is done, Ruth will move there.

Ruth has went back to the IT company that she used to work as a programmer for before moving to Afghanistan 8 years back.

In the free time, Ruth has been writing books on several different topics including a book on the infamous Dr. Phil whom Ruth calls one of the biggest hypocrite, fake and fraudulent persons of all time. Ruth accuses Dr Phil of running a fake program and she says that the contestants that appear on Dr Phil’s show are either paid struggling actors or homeless people who would do whatever Dr Phil ask them for money. Ruth says that none of the Dr Phil’s success stories is a real success story, it is all scripted and Dr Phil is making a fool out of the stupid Americans.