The city of Nizams aka Hyderabad should be renamed to the city of boredom – Abida Durand

Abida Durand (name changed) is a French woman who decided to travel to the so-called city of Nizams aka Hyderabad after learning that it is full of historical monuments and a breeze of freshness and nostalgia but after arriving to the so-called city of Nizams, Abida found out that it has nothing on the showcase for the visitors other than extravagant road traffic and cheap men that stare at women like they have never seen one before.

Abida really regretted going to the city of Nizams aka Hyderabad and wished if she would have gone to some Thai city like Pattaya, Bangkok or Hua Hin instead. Abida is from the Paris and the Paris has at least 100 times the number of fascinating and stunning monuments to show than Hyderabad. Abida decided to visit Hyderabad just because she saw this video by a Youtube car reviewer that goes by the name Faisal Khan appreciating and complimenting Hyderabad for each and everything and calling it the city of Nizams over and over again. Abida doesn’t like his car reviews but she watches his videos just because she finds him attractive, tall and exotic to look at. Abida is so angry at the guy at the moment that she has already unsubscribed him after commenting on one of his videos that he is a traitor. Abida called him a traitor because he is a Muslim and he never appreciated or complimented any other town, city or village of India other than Hyderabad. Abida accused him of being a Pakistani agent living in India or the agent of the Muslim Ummah or the agent of the state of Saudi Arabia.

Abida needs to go Thailand to freshen herself up for a while after having a bad experience in Hyderabad, she will be in Thailand on 13th January and she has already booked a Hua Hin Taxi for her tour.