Mr Camden is obsessed with Camels and along with driving a cab he rides camels and wishes if he could fit a turbo engine in a camel

Livio Camden (name changed) lives in Elko, Nevada where he offers Camel riding services and he himself is a camel riding enthusiast. Livio’s full-time business is not giving out Camels for rent and hence he only has 3 camels that he gives out for rent to ride on them. Livio says that only if the camels could ride much faster, he would never use his car to travel. You will be amazed to know what Livio’s full-time business is, Livio is a Lyft cab driver and before becoming a part of Lyft, he used to drive an Uber cab. Lyft driver promo code is what attracted Livio to join Lyft.

Livio is a part-time blogger as well, he has written some negative things about the witty people in the past. He once wrote that it is pretty obvious that witty people are more cunning and treacherous in their overall affairs. Livio wrote that there is no denying that witty people are more creative, better business managers, innovative and generally more hard-working and hence they believe that it is their birth right to manipulate the others as they think of them as inferior beings.

Once Livio wrote on his blog that characterless people are more creative as well and generally instead of applying their creativity in business, inventions, they use this creativity to create more stupid relationships which are mostly doomed to fail finally and even if they succeed, they don’t give you as much as a business or invention could have.

Livio’s father was a big businessman who was always busy in business tours and related stuff, when Livio was 18, he discovered that his real biological father was the secretary of his father, Livio’s father always knew it because his secretary was black and he himself was white, he took the revenge on Livio’s mother by fathering a child with his female secretary. After finding out what a huge mess his family is, he moved out of his family the day he learnt about it all.