Gogoro accessories seller and author confident about making her current book a bestseller and is busy writing more books

Angel York (name changed) recently wrote a book named “The Philosophy of Intelligent Magic” which has been out for sale for the past 2 months and hasn’t been able to sell a single copy yet. Angel is still as much confident about making her book one of the top bestsellers of all time

Angel says that drowsiness and ignorance kept her poor for so long. Recently, she started a Gogoro 2 Delight accessories selling business that sells accessories both online and at a brick and mortar store and she has been making more money than she ever did before with her newfound business and she has tried tons of businesses before including an eBay business, an Amazon business, an Etsy store, a dropshipping business, a herbalife business, a gym and several others.

Angel has traveled the world including India. Angel says that she spent 6 months of her life in India where she worked as a babysitter for one of the richest families of Bengal. Angel claims that magic rituals are endemic in big East Indian bungalows. Angels says that most Bengali people are involved in black magic and other magic rituals and the people of the rest of the India are also aware of the same and they fear Bengalis for the same.

Angel says that the mother of the baby that Angel was the caretaker of used to collect poison of different snakes and other animals, and used those for magic.

Angel says that the extensive celebrity culture in India is like the modern plague. Angel says that this plague is taking over all of India. Angel recently checked the popular Google searches in India, she came up with the conclusion that millions of Indians are busy checking out Ranveer-Deepika wedding, the rest are checking out about a celebrity kid, many are checking out about Priyanka-Nick Marriage. She says that India is a horrible place indeed.