Asnat Gusmao and her popular Youtuber friend got robbed in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Asnat Gusmao (name changed) buys, reads and keeps almost each and every book whose cover she appeals to her. Asmat’s most favorite book of all time is ‘A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories’ by the Punjabi Indian author Khushwant Singh.

Asnat’s pen boyfriend is a Polish man living in Russia with whom Asnat has been chatting for over 5 years now. Asnat and her boyfriend – Szymon have been ensuring each other that they are not dating or seeing anyone else, they claim that they are so much in love that they cannot imagine about being with anyone else.

Asnat is of firm belief that one child-policy must be implemented in each and every Islamic country otherwise the rest of the world will have no other option than to wage a war on these Islamic countries. Asnat has also been volunteering against the burqas, chadars, hijabs and other things that Muslim women wear to hide themselves in the non-Islamic countries. Asnat doesn’t identify herself as a right-winger or a liberal but she hates it when Muslim people get away with forcing their laws and lifestyles upon the rest of the world and they don’t let anyone follow their own lifestyle in their Islamic countries.

Asnat once traveled to Punjab, India with one of her best friends and they were both robbed there in a town called Hoshiarpur by the taxi driver that they were traveling in. Asnat is a Martial Arts champion and it is next to impossible to rob her for a lone man, a bunch of other taxis and their drivers surrounded the taxi that Asnat was traveling in with her friend and that’s when the incident took place, the driver of Asnat’s cab acted like he is innocent and it was all a tragedy but Asnat is a smart woman and she understands it all, Asnat’s best friend is a popular Youtuber who made a 15 minute long video on it which you check here, just click site.