Maud read Mandino as Mandingo and wrote an article about it while she was in Crete, Greece

Maud Underwood (name changed) is an advocate by profession who has read and done tons of research on the Shariah Law, Maud called Shariah a ‘cancer’ in one of her blog posts and asked for the ban of Shariah of any sort in Greece.

Maud drinks a lot of vodka and once while intoxicated at her favorite island called Crete, she was looking for a book on the Amazon, she came across the author OG Mandino’s books but wrongly read his name as OG Mandingo and immediately wrote a stupid post on her blog claiming that the popular black male pornstar Mandingo is an author as well and this is a proof that well-endowed men are more creative than the ones who are not.

Maud claims that she has read all the verses of the Quran and the Bible, she calls both these books as the largest compilations of broscience. Maud says that if you can believe that the earth is flat, you can also believe that Vladimir Putin is the god and his daughter is the reincarnation of virgin Mary.

Maud is totally against the pro-pedophile groups and she says that governments are stupid enough to tolerate these guys. Maud says that these guys must be stoned to death.

Maud says that she has done an extensive research on the eugenics and she has come to a conclusion that Iranian and Spanish hybrid kids are extremely sexual. She gave the example of Sarah Shahi (Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi) – an American actress from Texas saying that she saw her hanging around with 3 guys during her trip to Miami.

Maud doesn’t love anything more than a tour of Crete and she always hires the sameĀ car rental Crete Heraklion airport service each time during her trip there.