Conspiracy theorist husband and astrologer wife are in love with the CrazyBulk

Anatoly Kolar (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist with a passion for bodybuilding. Since Anatoly started using bodybuilding supplements, Anatoly feels so energetic that he hits the gym 2 hours a day, 6 days a week regularly.

Let’s come to Anatoly’s conspiracy theories for a while, which Anatoly likes to call ‘the truth’. Anatoly claims that the richest Saudi Arabian – Waleed Bin Talal has always been obsessed with Hindu spiritualism and he is a huge fan of Nithyananda, Sadhguru and OSHO. Anatoly says that nobody can dare to expose this fact about Waleed in Saudi Arabia.

Anatoly says that the Syrian civil war will never come to an end until each and every citizen alive there gets killed or die a natural death, the only people that will stay alive from Syria are going to be the ones who are going to migrate from Syria to some other country. Anatoly says that the G-8  and United Nations will announce Syria as a part of Greater Israel after a while.

Anatoly’s wife – Christine is an Obstetrician who has been lifting¬† since high school but she never felt and looked any better since she started using CrazyBulk. At first, Christine was scared to take CrazyBulk as she never tried any sort of supplements ever before but now she says that CrazyBulk is one of the best things that ever happened to her.

Christine has been learning astrology from some Indian gurus for quite a while and here is an excerpt from her astrology blog that she has maintaining for quite a while – “The Orion changes its shape according to the era on the planet earth and what is going on during the era and what’s popular. In the ancient times, the Orion used to be in a shape of a man with a sword but now it is a couple with wife working on a laptop and the husband carrying an AK-47.”

Podiatrist only trusts Doggy Dan when it comes on raising her lovey-dovey-doggies better

George Jansen (name changed) is a Swedish gentleman who claims that Tigers are the oldest species of wild cats on earth and they didn’t evolve from any other species. Although George wants to buy a wild cat for himself, his wife wouldn’t let him, George’s wife – Kate is a Podiatrist with several specializations but she couldn’t have imagined to have raised her three different dogs of different breeds without the help of Doggy Dan, Kate got stunned by the way Doggy Dan helped her raising her dogs that for the very first time she wrote a Brain Training for Dogs Review. Kate never even wrote a review for a product that she bought on the eBay or Amazon before.

Kate is a technology, cars and gadgets freaks. Kate has a popular blog where she writes about all the stuff that she cares about. Kate recently wrote a post about how Whirlpool will soon come out with the best LED WI-FI television sets ever. Kate once wrote a post claiming that the female ducks are one of the most promiscuous creatures ever on earth which received a lot of mixed comments. Kate once mentioned on her blog that she is creating a unique sort of survey that has never been seen ever before. Kate claims that this survey will be able to identify traitor or potential traitor like a wonder.

Kate says that no matter how hard she tries, she can never make her family members happy except her three dogs and that’s why perhaps she loves them more than anything else in the world.

Kate is the daughter of a philosopher who used to live in a rented apartment with his family. Kate has 3 siblings and all of them are successful now. One of Kate’s brother is a famous poet and low budget movie director.