A Non-Profit Internet Marketing School is a great idea to teach what you know about VPS hosting to others

Maria Sousa is an internet marketer, online baby store and several other small online stores owner who says that the joy of owning an online business is far greater than the joy of owning a brick and mortar business.

Maria Sousa says that most online businesses fail because they overemphasize on ranking on the top of Google but they forget that ranking on the search engines like Bing, Yahoo, MSN and having a great social media presence is also as important as ranking on the top of the Google. Maria says that they also fail because when they start out, they start out with a belief that internet marketing is very easy and doesn’t require to be street-smart or shrewd and that’s where they make a huge mistake.

One of Maria’s best friends is also involved in internet marketing. This friend of Maria got a job at the Chrysler instantly after she completed her graduation from Stanford, she decided to leave her job for the internet marketing and she has been making ten times the amount of money that she got as a salary for working as an engineer at the Chrysler.

Contrary to the popular belief that the new businesses aren’t easy to rank anymore online, Maria claims that the new businesses can rank their webpages with the same ease as they could about 10 years ago if they play their cards right.

Maria claims that the Google is going to reintroduce Page Rank soon enough and this new Page Rank will be much more accurate and advanced than the previous one.

Maria says that her online business journey began when she started an internet forum while still in grade school. Maria says that she wants to teach her expertise which will include VPS hosting as well by starting a non-profit internet marketing school