Ex-salon worker is happy to be kicked out from her job because otherwise she couldn’t have been a successful Garra Rufa fish spa owner

After losing her job at a beauty salon, Brenna Benatar was hopeless about her future. Brenna is a single mother of 2 beautiful kids that are both younger than 10. Brenna’s husband is no more and the social security benefit program in her country just sucks. Brenna had been working at a nearby departmental store since the day she was laid off from the job and the money she was making at the job wasn’t even enough for herself. Brenna was going mental working at this departmental store until the day she came across this miracle of nature called ‘Garra Rufa Fish’.

One night, Brenna was reading random posts on Reddit and that’s when she came across a post thanking Garra Rufa fishes and the ancient people that discovered its miraculous capacity of eliminating the symptoms of an incurable skin condition that affects the entire body called psoriasis.

Brenna first thought that the poster was a troll but a voice in her head said that the guy is genuine and she started googling everything about Garra Rufa fishes. Brenna has a habit of reading every banner and board that comes her way while she is traveling and she remembered that she never saw an banner or advertising board for a Garra Rufa spa or Garra Rufa sale (garra rufa predaj) in her district ever although she spent all her life there.

Brenna knew a couple of her family members that suffered with this condition and she knew that psoriasis is really everywhere. Brenna then got an idea to start a Garra Rufa fish spa herself and she asked her brother who is a well-off guy to pay for whatever it is going to cost and she will return his money whenever she has it. Her brother, like every good brother was happy to help his sister and immediately gave the amount of money that she asked for.

It has been only 6 months since Brenna started that spa of her and she has been able to pay back her brother almost half of the money that she borrowed from him. Her business is really booming.