Brick and mortar retail chain combined with eBay and reliable automated phone message service = Perfection

My Own Way (name changed) is a large clothing retail chain that has been serving kids, men, women, babies with the best possible clothing, accessories and underwear at the best prices possible. My Own Way also caters to adults that wear Plus Size clothing.

Instead of raising the prices for their products during the festival season, My Own Way offers rebates.

The secret behind My Own Way’s extraordinary success is a hard-working, persevering team. My Own Way is also one of the greatest sellers of all time on the eBay.

When their competition was getting sold out, My Own Way was continuously expanding.

One of the co-founders – Kate started her career as a seller on eBay and she didn’t want to give up her plans and ambitions with eBay and instead of dropping her business on eBay, she looked for the ways to make each and every stuff available for sale offline on My Own Way retail chain instated on her eBay store and she really succeeded in that.

The clothing chain really makes huge profits on eBay and along with making them profits, eBay gives more publicity and promotion to their store. A huge percentage of their buyers at the stores are the ones who found about them through eBay.

 Kate used to believe that eBay is the most fun business ever before My Own Way was founded but now she says that if you think selling online is fun, you gotta manage and operate your own brick and mortar store and to multiply the fun, make a chain of it.

My Own Way has been using the same automated phone message by Robotalker for over past 4 years and the only business group that they believe is more hard-working than their own is that at Robotalker.