Milena Novotná has successfully recruited over 30 employees with a single free job ad for her new mobile phone company

Milena Novotná is building what she claims will be the greatest Czech mobile phone company ever. Milena claims to be a hardcore nationalist and that’s the reason why she took this decision to stop going to her day job that she had been working at as a senior engineer for over past 6 years.

Milena says that she is envious of Chinese, South Korean, Japanese and American mobile phone manufacturing companies and she wants to create a Czech mobile phone company that will surpass them all in terms of the quality, reliability and durability and make Czech Republic a proud name in the tech world.

Milena has already recruited many employees by putting an ad on a free local and popular job portal (inzerce práce zdarma) and she is amazed at the quick responses she got from the really eligible candidates.

Milena is extremely proud to have companies like Skoda in her country and she believes that it is herself that is going to create the second most significant Czech company after Skoda.

Milena is really an epitome of honesty and integrity and this is evident from the fact that owing to her extraordinary performance, she kept getting offers upon offers from other companies while she was working at her previous company and she decided to reject those all and stuck with working at her old job.

Milena says that she is going to stay celibate until her company becomes a success and she has told the same to her present boyfriend who says that he has no issues with the same. He is a restaurateur but has promised that he will help Milena in whichever way possible to establish her company, he has already provided some funds to Milena for her new company which Milena didn’t reject although she has a huge ego and self-respect.