Gardener uses only ArmorThane on her Chevy Silverado’s Bedliner

Emma Shire’s Gardening and Landscape (name changed) was founded by Emma Shire, a New Yorker who first wanted to name her company something related to the African Starfish flowers but she didn’t name it as such because many of her friends suggested her that it will make many people misunderstand what her business is all about.

Emma Shire wants to expand into selling small gardening tools as well.

Emma is very optimistic about life and she is always welcoming to new things and changes. One example includes replacing the forum on her one and only business’s official website with a blog because many of her friends suggested to her that the forum looked outdated. Another example of her being welcoming to the new changes is her replacing the bed liner spray that she used for her one and only Chevrolet Silverado only to find out that the new spray is at least 10 times better than the previous one.

Emma claims that she never parked her Chevrolet Silverado on any of her own trees.

Emma is always on a constant pursuit of new ideas and places for garden designs. She is unbelievable passionate about the knowledge of plants and trees.

Emma studied biotechnology at the college, she couldn’t score a job in her own state with her knowledge of biotechnology but she is happy about it as she believes that her gardening and landscaping business couldn’t have become a reality if she weren’t a graduate in biotechnology.

Emma’s husband is a Master in Architecture and he helps and supports Emma a lot. He has his own architectural firm and he has had never been fully involved in Emma’s business.

Emma has several friends with horticulture background that keep supporting Emma from time to time.