Indoor herb gardens are more common than ever before

Donald Balcom lives in a small house but he has an indoor herb garden inside his small house nonetheless.

Donald says that some people are so ignorant that they look for the same herbs out in the market that already grow in their houses and one of the things that is common among them all is that they act like they know a lot about their plants.

Donald also believes that the indoor herb gardens look more beautiful than the outdoor ones.

Donald claims that one thing that he has noticed among all the lawn mowers is that they all have a great heart. He says that he knows some of the most greedy and cruel people that turned into very sweet and generous human beings after they started mowing lawns. Donald loves gardening himself.

Donald’s wife belongs to a family that owns one of the largest numbers of olive trees in Italy. Donald’s wife drives a Porsche GT3 RS and she doesn’t let Donald touch it. Donald is happy with his good old Honda Fit.

Donald is a great big fan of the Spinach and this is evident from his statement that iron content is not the most significant thing in the Spinach, the most significant content of the Spinach is still undiscovered and unidentified by the scientists. Donald remembers how he used to believe in the childhood that he would turn into Popeye the Sailor man if he eats a lot of Spinach and his parents would tell him lie that he will really turn into someone like Popeye if he eats up enough Spinach and play lots of sports.

Donald says that you shouldn’t consider taste at all while buying a herb for yourself, just look at the benefits that it provides and if it is tasty as well, that’s wonderful but don’t look for the taste yourself.