Are Apple Security Issues a part of the New World Order? Only Cosmetic Surgeon Jeremiah Pena can answer this

Dr Jeremiah Pena is a Cosmetic Surgeon who was born, raised and completed his education in Dallas, Texas. Dr Jeremiah is very outspoken as well and the evidence of this is that the blog on his practice’s official website is full of controversial posts, but his controversial posts do not make him an inattentive doctor with a negative attitude.

Dr Jeremiah tells on his blog to not trust any home remedy or cream that they sell in the marketplace to get rid of the wrinkles, lines around the eyes or smile/frown lines, only Botox can help you in such a situation.

Dr Jeremiah believes that DYSPORT is the most underrated and under-recommended wrinkle relaxer presently.

Dr Jeremiah says on his blog that patients really appreciate personal calls/Whatsapp messages or/and SMS post-procedure, a good doctor must make sure to do it if she/he can. Dr Jeremiah himself doesn’t use any Apple device or application, due to Apple Security Issues and that’s the reason why he claims to have never used iMessage.

Dr Jeremiah also advises that if you are going for the Botox, choose only the most expensive one and make sure to see the samples before and the pictures of some celebrities that have got the same done on themselves through the same surgeon. He also advises to make sure that you choose the procedure that lasts as long as possible. Some people that are rookie to things like Botox, choose the procedure that lasts only 30-60 days only to regret it later.

Dr Jeremiah believes that the surgeon that uses nothing but the latest procedures and technology may not always be the best and he has also cited many examples on his blog regarding this to prove his point.

Black or White choreographed by Francesco Costanzo is really fun and so is the post that he wrote about legend Carl Ebert recently

Did I ever tell you that my most favorite city in the world is Los Angeles? I don’t know if I ever had. Only if I could become an American citizen.

Okay, so you may be wondering what does my favorite city Los Angeles has to do with this post, well, the reason is that this post is about a gentlemen opera director who is no more with us – Carl Ebert who spent the last years of his 93 year long life in his love Santa Monica which comes under the Los Angeles county.

My favorite ballet dancer and my good friend Francesco Costanzo after uploading his video of Michael Jackson Black Or White choreographed by Francesco Costanzo wrote a great long article on his blog about everything he read about the legend Carl Ebert.

You would be surprised to know that the greatest quality that this legend Carl Ebert was known for was his ability to choose the most suitable clothes for the performers.

Francesco writes that after his meeting with many different powerful figures in the Nazi party including Adolf Hitler, Hermann Wilhelm Goring offered Carl Ebert the control of all the opera houses of Berlin but Carl rather refused and decided to leave the country instead. The Nazis wanted to make Carl Ebert one of the most powerful figures in the history of the Nazi Germany; The Nazis would have turned him into a very high level powerful minister owing to his sincerity, discipline, intelligence and other traits.

After Los Angeles, Carl Ebert loved Turkey the most.

It is funny how some people believe that the surname Lawless was used to denote the lawlessness of Carl’s biological parents to whom Carl was born without marriage. In reality, Lawless was the surname of the woman that adopted Carl.

It is also funny that how because of his big ears and nose, many would mistake Carl as an inbred in his teenage years and thought of him as a nincompoop.

Neil Armfield is an idol for several Opera Directors around the world, including Francesco Costanzo

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must be aware of my love for the Opera, Theater and Ballet. There is someone who is far more interested than me in all three and his name is Francesco Costanzo – The Opera Ballet Theatre Director.

Francesco recently wrote a very lengthy article about one of his heroes – Neil Armfield on his blog. In his blog, Francesco writes that The Royal Queensland Theatre Company saw a remarkable crowd on the day they performed ‘A Cheery Soul’ by Neil Armfield.

Francesco writes that Neil Armfield was the first one to depict Muslim characters in the play ‘The Marriage of Figaro’. He writes that he did so in order to reveal that the Muslims also consider the play to be pious for them.

Francesco also writes that nobody directed ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ better than Neil Armfield in the history of Opera.

When Francesco interviewed Neil once when he was in Australia, Neil told him that many of the viewers of ‘Waiting for Godot’ believed that the play is all about Gog and Magog after hearing the characters’ names. Neil also told Francesco that surprisingly, ‘The Underpants’ which was originally written by the German playwright Carl Steinham in 1910 as Die Hare is his most difficult work yet. Neil also joked that the play Alchemist really got him obsessed with alchemy in real life.

Neil also told Francesco that the way he directed the play ‘Keating!’, it really got a great percentage of the audience to believe that he is a sycophant of the Prime Minister Paul Keating.

Francesco’s personal favorite by Neil Armfield of all times is the play ‘Stuff Happens’. Francesco says that the passion that Neil put in while directing ‘Stuff Happens’ really portrays how anti-war and peace-loving sensible man he is.

Successful General Practitioner from Lexington uses this one website only to order textbooks for his children

Dr Dennis Surnow is a general practitioner who has been practicing in Lexington, Kentucky for the past 11 years. Dr Dennis is notorious for writing posts related to the medical field on his practice’s blog.

Dr Dennis  claims that the patients have become smart enough now and with the Google Places and other websites where the patients can post a review for you, it has now become next to impossible to extort money from the patients through unnecessary tests and investigation and the ones who do, have no future and are bound to struggle to make enough money even for their survival.

Dr Dennis Surnow  recently wrote on his blog a lengthy post about how he has been providing free self service coffee in the reception area since the day of his clinic’s inception.

Dr Dennis claims that first come first serve has proven to be the best way for a general practitioner time and again. Dr Dennis claims that he knows several general practitioners personally that tried the appointment method only to give up on the same soon enough.

After reading reviews for general practitioners from across the globe on Google Places, Dr Dennis wrote on his blog that it becomes extremely hard for a general practitioner to check how the receptionist(s) is/are behaving with the patients. Dr Dennis says that already doctors in the USA find it extraordinarily hard to keep up with everything and now many patients are overly concerned with how the receptionist(s) in the clinic behave with them. Dr Dennis claims that many of the times it is the patient’s fault and they claim that is was the receptionist who initiated it and sometimes they accuse the receptionist(s) for the things they never did. Dr Dennis Surnow really hopes that some new technology soon takes the place of the receptionist(s) so that the general practitioners around the world can get relief from this issue.

Dr Dennis may be a rich and successful gentleman, but he prefers to save each and every penny that he can and that’s the reason why he chooses nothing but College Student Textbooks when it comes to getting some textbooks for his children’s education.

The daughter of a popular Fortaleza book store owner has some of the best videos on skin care

Parker Leone owns a very popular book store in the heart of the Fortaleza city in Brazil. On the official website of her book store, Parker claims to have the greatest ratio of rare and unique books anywhere in the province of Ceara.

Parker says that surprisingly enough, atheist looking people love to read biblical books more than their religious counterparts which astonishes her each time she sees one. Parker is an agnostic herself and she claims that she used to be a devout Orthodox Christian until she was 21 and in her case as well, the more she read the textbooks belonging to the different religions, the more agnostic she found herself until one day she announced that she will never again go to the Church on Sundays to ask for the forgiveness. Parker says that she still loves reading religious textbooks, especially the biblical ones, but she cannot go back again to her Orthodox Christian ways even if she tries.

Parker believes that helpful staff is perhaps the most crucial thing when it comes to owning and managing a book store. Parker says that she visits different libraries and book stores in the spare time, looks for extraordinarily helpful and friendly staff there, asks them their salary and then offer them 1.5 times the salary for working at her book store which they agree to roughly 6 out of 10 times. Parker is always looking out for some more innovative ways to recruit people at her book store and she says that each year her book store has far more friendly and helpful staff than the previous one. I haven’t visited her store personally as I have never been to the city of Fortaleza so I can’t attest this but from the testimonials and reviews on the Google Places, it looks like she is telling nothing but the truth.

Parker’s daughter is a Youtuber and most of her videos are regarding makeup, skin care and fitness stuff. She recently made this video about how to eliminate expression lines (como eliminar linhas de expressão) which I showed to my wife Dayanita who is well-versed in the Portuguese language and she couldn’t thank Parker’s daughter enough for such helpful content.

Bayu Angora is perhaps the fastest growing Indonesian freethinker at the moment

Respati Brahmana is a freethinker Indonesia blogger from the city of East Jakarta. Respati has always been a huge critic of Bertrand Russell and his philosophy and has been writing a book on him now. Respati has published some of the excerpts that he has included in his book, here are some of those:-

Respati claims that if Bertrand Russell wasn’t born in a prominent aristocratic family, he would have been just another guy and he claims not to be the first one person to say it, he claims that several people before him have mentioned so but he hasn’t named any of those in his books which is quite strange.

Respati has used the term – “Jack of all trades but master of none”, for Bertrand Russell and he claims that he was surprised to see him in the polymath category of Wikipedia which looked insulting for the term ‘polymath’ to him. Respati says that Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, etc, only these guys deserve to be called polymaths. He goes to the extent of saying that Bertrand Russell was nobody but a big melancholic complainer born to an adulterous mother and a depressed father.

Respati claims that the main reason why Betrand’s father went into a state of chronic medical depression was due to the adulterous deeds of Bertrand’s mother who couldn’t get enough of different men.

Respati ends his book by saying that there is no denying that Bertrand Russell was definitely ahead of his time in several aspects and that’s the main reason why he is celebrated so much but he says that he would have been just another philosopher in the modern times.

Respati is a great fan of another freethinker Indonesia blogger – Bayu Angora and cannot get enough of reading his same poems over and over again.

Urologist from Mexico city is astonished with the great hosting service provided by tuHost

Dr Ramon Aburto is one the most popular urologist from the Mexico city. Dr Ramon recently started a blog completely dedicated to urology and he was astonished by the hosting service (servicio de hosting) provided by tuHost.

Dr Ramon claims on his blog that never before the urologists saw a greater number of patients that only come to get treated for issues related to fertility and sexual dysfunction. Dr Ramon believes that it is due to the growing culture of free internet high speed high definition porn.

Dr Ramon tells on his blog that most of the patients that go through vasectomy only to regret it later. Dr Ramon claims that the vasectomy reversal specialists have been making more than the vasectomy specialists as they charge much higher and are very much in demand because there are very few of those. Dr Ramon claims that vasectomy is a more advanced job which requires far greater experience, knowledge and expertise.

Dr Ramon claims that the most advanced of the urologists sometimes fail to do a proper vasectomy reversal and hence you must choose one with great recommendations in this regard and always confirm that the person who recommended you a specific urologist wasn’t lying or bragging about his experience with the urologist.

Dr Ramon says that a lot of old and middle-aged veterans that lost both their testicles during different wars come to him and ask if something can be done regarding their fertility; He says that many of them start crying in his clinic itself the moment they heard the word ‘No’. Dr Ramon says that it has made him cry along the patient a few times as well.

Dr Ramon believes that the revolution that happened in the field of UTIs recently is really overlooked and they are not putting much emphasis on the achievement of the doctors that did it, neither are the doctors interested in taking any credit for the same.

General practitioner and her pediatrician husband have been getting great response from Bomiklan

Dr Ambar Avni is a General Practitioner who has been practicing in the city of East Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 12 years now. Dr Ambar claims that having your practice located next to a prominent hospital can prove to be fatal or the best decision ever made depending on various different factors and for you personally, depending upon your shrewdness and vision.

Dr Ambar is so full of generosity and believes in going the extra mile to maintain a relationship that she personally works as the receptionist for her pediatrician doctor whenever his receptionist is on a holiday or vacation.

Dr Ambar says that the doctors that keep rotating their medical fields are either incompetent or extraordinary depending upon whether they rotate their interest out of the boredom or because they are interested in a specific field and want to learn more about the same. Dr Ambar further adds that it goes without saying out of the two, who is extraordinary and who is incompetent.

Dr Ambar says that to herself personally, using the term ‘regular patient’ sounds and feels like a derogatory term. She has an approach so holistic that she always tries to provide a permanent cure to her patients rather than the treatment.

Dr Ambar claims that more doctors than ever before are looking for the ways to cure diabetes and most likely some or many of them are going to succeed in finding one soon enough.

Dr Ambar and her pediatrician husband both claim that no matter how hard it becomes to survive for a doctor without an insurance, they are never going to use it for their practice.

Dr Ambar and her husband both place their online ad (Pasang Iklan) personally by themselves and they claim that their aim to promote themselves on the internet is not to make money but to serve as many people as possible.

Successful podiatrist from Louisville has only been using one particular t-shirt store for all her t-shirt needs

Gloria Mullen is a successful podiatrist from the city of Louisville, Kentucky who has practicing podiatry for the past 15 years. Gloria has been very generous, charitable and believes in social welfare since she was a child and for the past 9 years, she has maintained a podiatry help blog aimed at the welfare for the people having foot related problems.

On her blog, Gloria says that a patient must never trust a podiatrist that walks around the streets or come to his practice wearing fancy Hawaiian shirts with a note that she is serious about it and many of these podiatrists have a fake degree as well.

Gloria says that is a pity that many patients still do not trust female podiatrists as much as they do their male counterparts. Gloria claims that podiatrists who don’t even have a quarter of her experience are making a lavish living whereas it took her 10 years to make a name for herself. Gloria really hopes that the things get better with time.

Gloria is not an advocate or fan of homeopathy, ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine but one incident really changed her view. Gloria came across this multilingual podiatrist one who was very open-minded and valued ancient cures as well. Gloria says that he spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese and would cure patients with side-effect free Chinese herbs for minor issues. Gloria also says that he may not be the most successful, rich or popular podiatrist that she ever met but he definitely made a mark on Gloria bigger than any other.

Gloria warns that one must not trust a podiatrist that tries to market himself/herself very hard. Gloria likes to give example of an online T-shirt company – Nexus Tees Shop to prove her point that in order to become successful, you don’t need to try to market yourself very hard if your product is extremely great just like in the case of Nexus Tees Shop. Gloria says that she stumbled upon Nexus Tees Shop by an accident and since then she has never used any other.

Rheumatologist lost Binary Options only to get those back again

Dr Taylor Condrin is a rheumatologist based in Dallas, Texas who has a combined MD and MPH degree from Yale University School of Medicine, and a medical specialization: F-O Rheumatology from the University of Manchester.

Taylor Condrin has always been of the belief that a doctor, especially a specialized one must always stay at home in case of any family problems as working for a doctor while having some family issues is bound to effect his/her goodwill and might even cost the patient some permanent damage in rare cases. Dr Taylor has always walked the talk in this regard but one day after having a very rough argument with his beloved wife, Dr Taylor decided not to go to the clinic and rather try the recent popular phenomena – Binary Options Investment and he did only to regret it later as he lost all the Binary Options that he invested overnight only to get more sad, disappointed and misanthropic than he was in the morning after the argument with his wife. One good thing happened though and that was that his wife who didn’t even want to see his face after the argument in the morning, sat right beside Dr Condrin and drank a glass of champagne with him. And after they both got a little high, Dr Condrin’s wife suddenly recalled that the same happened to a very good friend of hers a couple of months ago who then tried a company that goes by the name Assured Recovery on a friend’s suggestion for her Binary Options Recovery and had great success with the same. All the Binary Options that she had lost were successfully returned back to her for a petty fee which was a chachki compared to the damage done.

Dr Condrin tried the same tactic only to get the same success that the friend of her wife had.