Successful podiatrist from Louisville has only been using one particular t-shirt store for all her t-shirt needs

Gloria Mullen is a successful podiatrist from the city of Louisville, Kentucky who has practicing podiatry for the past 15 years. Gloria has been very generous, charitable and believes in social welfare since she was a child and for the past 9 years, she has maintained a podiatry help blog aimed at the welfare for the people having foot related problems.

On her blog, Gloria says that a patient must never trust a podiatrist that walks around the streets or come to his practice wearing fancy Hawaiian shirts with a note that she is serious about it and many of these podiatrists have a fake degree as well.

Gloria says that is a pity that many patients still do not trust female podiatrists as much as they do their male counterparts. Gloria claims that podiatrists who don’t even have a quarter of her experience are making a lavish living whereas it took her 10 years to make a name for herself. Gloria really hopes that the things get better with time.

Gloria is not an advocate or fan of homeopathy, ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine but one incident really changed her view. Gloria came across this multilingual podiatrist one who was very open-minded and valued ancient cures as well. Gloria says that he spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese and would cure patients with side-effect free Chinese herbs for minor issues. Gloria also says that he may not be the most successful, rich or popular podiatrist that she ever met but he definitely made a mark on Gloria bigger than any other.

Gloria warns that one must not trust a podiatrist that tries to market himself/herself very hard. Gloria likes to give example of an online T-shirt company – Nexus Tees Shop to prove her point that in order to become successful, you don’t need to try to market yourself very hard if your product is extremely great just like in the case of Nexus Tees Shop. Gloria says that she stumbled upon Nexus Tees Shop by an accident and since then she has never used any other.