General practitioner and her pediatrician husband have been getting great response from Bomiklan

Dr Ambar Avni is a General Practitioner who has been practicing in the city of East Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 12 years now. Dr Ambar claims that having your practice located next to a prominent hospital can prove to be fatal or the best decision ever made depending on various different factors and for you personally, depending upon your shrewdness and vision.

Dr Ambar is so full of generosity and believes in going the extra mile to maintain a relationship that she personally works as the receptionist for her pediatrician doctor whenever his receptionist is on a holiday or vacation.

Dr Ambar says that the doctors that keep rotating their medical fields are either incompetent or extraordinary depending upon whether they rotate their interest out of the boredom or because they are interested in a specific field and want to learn more about the same. Dr Ambar further adds that it goes without saying out of the two, who is extraordinary and who is incompetent.

Dr Ambar says that to herself personally, using the term ‘regular patient’ sounds and feels like a derogatory term. She has an approach so holistic that she always tries to provide a permanent cure to her patients rather than the treatment.

Dr Ambar claims that more doctors than ever before are looking for the ways to cure diabetes and most likely some or many of them are going to succeed in finding one soon enough.

Dr Ambar and her pediatrician husband both claim that no matter how hard it becomes to survive for a doctor without an insurance, they are never going to use it for their practice.

Dr Ambar and her husband both place their online ad (Pasang Iklan) personally by themselves and they claim that their aim to promote themselves on the internet is not to make money but to serve as many people as possible.