Urologist from Mexico city is astonished with the great hosting service provided by tuHost

Dr Ramon Aburto is one the most popular urologist from the Mexico city. Dr Ramon recently started a blog completely dedicated to urology and he was astonished by the hosting service (servicio de hosting) provided by tuHost.

Dr Ramon claims on his blog that never before the urologists saw a greater number of patients that only come to get treated for issues related to fertility and sexual dysfunction. Dr Ramon believes that it is due to the growing culture of free internet high speed high definition porn.

Dr Ramon tells on his blog that most of the patients that go through vasectomy only to regret it later. Dr Ramon claims that the vasectomy reversal specialists have been making more than the vasectomy specialists as they charge much higher and are very much in demand because there are very few of those. Dr Ramon claims that vasectomy is a more advanced job which requires far greater experience, knowledge and expertise.

Dr Ramon claims that the most advanced of the urologists sometimes fail to do a proper vasectomy reversal and hence you must choose one with great recommendations in this regard and always confirm that the person who recommended you a specific urologist wasn’t lying or bragging about his experience with the urologist.

Dr Ramon says that a lot of old and middle-aged veterans that lost both their testicles during different wars come to him and ask if something can be done regarding their fertility; He says that many of them start crying in his clinic itself the moment they heard the word ‘No’. Dr Ramon says that it has made him cry along the patient a few times as well.

Dr Ramon believes that the revolution that happened in the field of UTIs recently is really overlooked and they are not putting much emphasis on the achievement of the doctors that did it, neither are the doctors interested in taking any credit for the same.