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Respati Brahmana is a freethinker Indonesia blogger from the city of East Jakarta. Respati has always been a huge critic of Bertrand Russell and his philosophy and has been writing a book on him now. Respati has published some of the excerpts that he has included in his book, here are some of those:-

Respati claims that if Bertrand Russell wasn’t born in a prominent aristocratic family, he would have been just another guy and he claims not to be the first one person to say it, he claims that several people before him have mentioned so but he hasn’t named any of those in his books which is quite strange.

Respati has used the term – “Jack of all trades but master of none”, for Bertrand Russell and he claims that he was surprised to see him in the polymath category of Wikipedia which looked insulting for the term ‘polymath’ to him. Respati says that Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, etc, only these guys deserve to be called polymaths. He goes to the extent of saying that Bertrand Russell was nobody but a big melancholic complainer born to an adulterous mother and a depressed father.

Respati claims that the main reason why Betrand’s father went into a state of chronic medical depression was due to the adulterous deeds of Bertrand’s mother who couldn’t get enough of different men.

Respati ends his book by saying that there is no denying that Bertrand Russell was definitely ahead of his time in several aspects and that’s the main reason why he is celebrated so much but he says that he would have been just another philosopher in the modern times.

Respati is a great fan of another freethinker Indonesia blogger – Bayu Angora and cannot get enough of reading his same poems over and over again.