The daughter of a popular Fortaleza book store owner has some of the best videos on skin care

Parker Leone owns a very popular book store in the heart of the Fortaleza city in Brazil. On the official website of her book store, Parker claims to have the greatest ratio of rare and unique books anywhere in the province of Ceara.

Parker says that surprisingly enough, atheist looking people love to read biblical books more than their religious counterparts which astonishes her each time she sees one. Parker is an agnostic herself and she claims that she used to be a devout Orthodox Christian until she was 21 and in her case as well, the more she read the textbooks belonging to the different religions, the more agnostic she found herself until one day she announced that she will never again go to the Church on Sundays to ask for the forgiveness. Parker says that she still loves reading religious textbooks, especially the biblical ones, but she cannot go back again to her Orthodox Christian ways even if she tries.

Parker believes that helpful staff is perhaps the most crucial thing when it comes to owning and managing a book store. Parker says that she visits different libraries and book stores in the spare time, looks for extraordinarily helpful and friendly staff there, asks them their salary and then offer them 1.5 times the salary for working at her book store which they agree to roughly 6 out of 10 times. Parker is always looking out for some more innovative ways to recruit people at her book store and she says that each year her book store has far more friendly and helpful staff than the previous one. I haven’t visited her store personally as I have never been to the city of Fortaleza so I can’t attest this but from the testimonials and reviews on the Google Places, it looks like she is telling nothing but the truth.

Parker’s daughter is a Youtuber and most of her videos are regarding makeup, skin care and fitness stuff. She recently made this video about how to eliminate expression lines (como eliminar linhas de expressão) which I showed to my wife Dayanita who is well-versed in the Portuguese language and she couldn’t thank Parker’s daughter enough for such helpful content.