Successful General Practitioner from Lexington uses this one website only to order textbooks for his children

Dr Dennis Surnow is a general practitioner who has been practicing in Lexington, Kentucky for the past 11 years. Dr Dennis is notorious for writing posts related to the medical field on his practice’s blog.

Dr Dennis  claims that the patients have become smart enough now and with the Google Places and other websites where the patients can post a review for you, it has now become next to impossible to extort money from the patients through unnecessary tests and investigation and the ones who do, have no future and are bound to struggle to make enough money even for their survival.

Dr Dennis Surnow¬† recently wrote on his blog a lengthy post about how he has been providing free self service coffee in the reception area since the day of his clinic’s inception.

Dr Dennis claims that first come first serve has proven to be the best way for a general practitioner time and again. Dr Dennis claims that he knows several general practitioners personally that tried the appointment method only to give up on the same soon enough.

After reading reviews for general practitioners from across the globe on Google Places, Dr Dennis wrote on his blog that it becomes extremely hard for a general practitioner to check how the receptionist(s) is/are behaving with the patients. Dr Dennis says that already doctors in the USA find it extraordinarily hard to keep up with everything and now many patients are overly concerned with how the receptionist(s) in the clinic behave with them. Dr Dennis claims that many of the times it is the patient’s fault and they claim that is was the receptionist who initiated it and sometimes they accuse the receptionist(s) for the things they never did. Dr Dennis Surnow really hopes that some new technology soon takes the place of the receptionist(s) so that the general practitioners around the world can get relief from this issue.

Dr Dennis may be a rich and successful gentleman, but he prefers to save each and every penny that he can and that’s the reason why he chooses nothing but College Student Textbooks when it comes to getting some textbooks for his children’s education.