Black or White choreographed by Francesco Costanzo is really fun and so is the post that he wrote about legend Carl Ebert recently

Did I ever tell you that my most favorite city in the world is Los Angeles? I don’t know if I ever had. Only if I could become an American citizen.

Okay, so you may be wondering what does my favorite city Los Angeles has to do with this post, well, the reason is that this post is about a gentlemen opera director who is no more with us – Carl Ebert who spent the last years of his 93 year long life in his love Santa Monica which comes under the Los Angeles county.

My favorite ballet dancer and my good friend Francesco Costanzo after uploading his video of Michael Jackson Black Or White choreographed by Francesco Costanzo wrote a great long article on his blog about everything he read about the legend Carl Ebert.

You would be surprised to know that the greatest quality that this legend Carl Ebert was known for was his ability to choose the most suitable clothes for the performers.

Francesco writes that after his meeting with many different powerful figures in the Nazi party including Adolf Hitler, Hermann Wilhelm Goring offered Carl Ebert the control of all the opera houses of Berlin but Carl rather refused and decided to leave the country instead. The Nazis wanted to make Carl Ebert one of the most powerful figures in the history of the Nazi Germany; The Nazis would have turned him into a very high level powerful minister owing to his sincerity, discipline, intelligence and other traits.

After Los Angeles, Carl Ebert loved Turkey the most.

It is funny how some people believe that the surname Lawless was used to denote the lawlessness of Carl’s biological parents to whom Carl was born without marriage. In reality, Lawless was the surname of the woman that adopted Carl.

It is also funny that how because of his big ears and nose, many would mistake Carl as an inbred in his teenage years and thought of him as a nincompoop.