Are Apple Security Issues a part of the New World Order? Only Cosmetic Surgeon Jeremiah Pena can answer this

Dr Jeremiah Pena is a Cosmetic Surgeon who was born, raised and completed his education in Dallas, Texas. Dr Jeremiah is very outspoken as well and the evidence of this is that the blog on his practice’s official website is full of controversial posts, but his controversial posts do not make him an inattentive doctor with a negative attitude.

Dr Jeremiah tells on his blog to not trust any home remedy or cream that they sell in the marketplace to get rid of the wrinkles, lines around the eyes or smile/frown lines, only Botox can help you in such a situation.

Dr Jeremiah believes that DYSPORT is the most underrated and under-recommended wrinkle relaxer presently.

Dr Jeremiah says on his blog that patients really appreciate personal calls/Whatsapp messages or/and SMS post-procedure, a good doctor must make sure to do it if she/he can. Dr Jeremiah himself doesn’t use any Apple device or application, due to Apple Security Issues and that’s the reason why he claims to have never used iMessage.

Dr Jeremiah also advises that if you are going for the Botox, choose only the most expensive one and make sure to see the samples before and the pictures of some celebrities that have got the same done on themselves through the same surgeon. He also advises to make sure that you choose the procedure that lasts as long as possible. Some people that are rookie to things like Botox, choose the procedure that lasts only 30-60 days only to regret it later.

Dr Jeremiah believes that the surgeon that uses nothing but the latest procedures and technology may not always be the best and he has also cited many examples on his blog regarding this to prove his point.