Like Nijinsky, Francesco Costanzo believes in making the dance extraordinarily easy for the beginners


Ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo has something to teach to everyone, no matter whether you are interested in learning ballet, contemporary or hip-hop, or you belong to the advanced or beginner level.

Like his all-time favorite hero – Nijinsky, who wanted to innovate some extraordinarily easy classes for the beginners, Francesco Costanzo has also been working on the same.

Francesco Costanzo has also been working on combining yoga exercises with dancing for the ones who aren’t ready to believe that dancing can be a perfect form of exercise or are yoga freaks.

Francesco Costanzo met some Sufi saints while he was in Iran recently and he taught them some ballet as well. He also enjoyed Sufi Whirling with them for hours.

Francesco Costanzo attended a wedding in Pakistan in the year 2017 and he was amazed to see that in the most fanatic Islamic nation, they had a wedding where everyone was dancing, especially the women and that’s when Francesco said to himself that nobody can stop the power of dancing.

Just like his hero Nijinsky, Francesco believes that dancing with your body, mind and soul simultaneously and wholly increases your intuitive powers as well. He claims that it has increased his own.

Francesco claims that Nijinsky believed in behaving nice all the time, no matter how stressed or frustrated he was at the inside. Francesco claims that this is the philosophy of every great dancer including himself.

Francesco recently read each and every article that he could find about the founder of the Ballets Russes and Vaslav Nijinsky’s infamous lover – Sergei Diaghilev. After reading every piece that he could find, he came to the conclusion that Sergei did his best to hate on Nijinsky but he couldn’t do it wholeheartedly, his love for Vaslav Nijinsky remained the same till the last day he breathed.

Panbanisha has definitely learnt the words faster than Kanzi but many of her viral videos are an art of deepfake

I have a scientist friend who has been working on creating vocal structures for apes that will let them speak just like us human beings. I don’t know whether he is going to be a success or not but I really believe that the evolutionists should donate a lot of money to people like Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh and organizations like Ape Cognition and Conservative Initiative (ACCI), to get rid of the most evil thing ever invented by the mankind which goes by the name religion. I personally believe that these Bonobos can evolve really well and fast. I believe that they can evolve really faster than us with all the technology that us human beings have which can help them in this effort.

But some people are misusing this technology. Some deepfakes freaks are making the videos of Kanzi, Panbanisha, Matata, Koko the Gorilla and other apes talking to each other and humans viral. All these videos are fake and although a very few apes have been able to mimic the human speech, none of those has ever been able to mimic us so perfectly like shown on those deepfake videos.

I personally believe that feeding apes with tea and coffee is extremely harmful and abusive and Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh must be prohibited from doing so.

If you know about Kanzi, then you must be aware of Panbanisha as well. I believe that one of the reasons why Panbanisha showed a greater capability to learn the language than any other Bonobo is her mother Matata who was already well versed in many words by the time birth of Panbanisha took place. It proves that evolution takes place even among the apes.

Sayulita born neurosurgeon can now convey his interesting brain health messages to English speaking audience

Dr Ricardo Diaz is a neurosurgeon from the city of Tijuana in Mexico. Dr Diaz was born and raised in the Sayulita village in Mexico but moved to the Mexico city to complete his higher education. Dr Diaz never spoke fluent English until he came across koe mexico last year. Now, Dr Diaz created an additional official website for his practice in the English language using WordPress, all by himself and he also regularly writes blog posts there that are second to none in terms of fluency in the English language and are very interesting and informative as well.

Dr Ricardo Diaz writes on his blog that many neurosurgeons are now always in a hurry to perform temporal lobectomy for the patients with seizures, which he believes is completely unfair because it involves the resection of the temporal lobe which according to him has a great importance and shouldn’t be resected until and unless there is no other way to get rid of the seizures. Dr Ricardo also believes that several products that are available in the market freely are responsible for creating these seizures and they include aspartame containing drinks like Diet Coca Cola, Energy Drinks and many others. Dr Ricardo claims that Red Bull is the most dangerous energy drink that is available in the market today, because he claims that it contains amphetamine along with aspartame which is a lethal combination. Dr Ricardo claims that most of the governments are sold out and they will not do anything about it as long as they are being paid millions by the Red Bull owners.

Dr Ricardo claims that he has been working on finding different better permanent cures for the seizures and hopefully, he will be able to find some soon enough.

A couple of soap dispensers by Toshi Automation drove this Dehradun cosmetic surgeon crazy

Dr Srilekha Pannu is a cosmetic surgeon based in the Dehradun city of India. Dr Srilekha has a very popular blog dedicated to her practice on the official website of her blog where she mostly writes nothing but posts related to the cosmetic surgery but sometimes she writes other things as well there, for example, she recently made a post telling how the soap dispenser supplied to her by Toshi Automation Solutions has turned out to be unbelievably good and how she is trying her best to recommend this company to others as a form of gratitude.

Dr Srilekha writes on her blog that generally, the cosmetic surgeons that have their videos performing the surgery on the Youtube can be trusted more but you should not choose the ones that don’t allow comments on their videos and also always make sure to read the comments posted beneath a video if it has some because sometimes reading a genuine comment can change your life for the better.

Dr Srilekha believes that cosmetic surgeries are underrated and under-appreciated for how many lives and marriages they save and a good cosmetic surgeon should be given as much respect and regards as any other surgeon which many people do not do. Dr Srilekha appreciates the celebrities in this regard very much as they respect their cosmetic surgeon more than their general practitioner and sometimes owe their whole career to a good cosmetic surgeon that they luckily could discover.

Dr Srilekha also writes that you must always make sure that it is the surgeon himself/herself that performs each and every treatment/procedure, because owing to their super-busy schedule, sometimes the surgeons let their expert employees perform the surgery/treatment which can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even lethal.