A couple of soap dispensers by Toshi Automation drove this Dehradun cosmetic surgeon crazy

Dr Srilekha Pannu is a cosmetic surgeon based in the Dehradun city of India. Dr Srilekha has a very popular blog dedicated to her practice on the official website of her blog where she mostly writes nothing but posts related to the cosmetic surgery but sometimes she writes other things as well there, for example, she recently made a post telling how the soap dispenser supplied to her by Toshi Automation Solutions has turned out to be unbelievably good and how she is trying her best to recommend this company to others as a form of gratitude.

Dr Srilekha writes on her blog that generally, the cosmetic surgeons that have their videos performing the surgery on the Youtube can be trusted more but you should not choose the ones that don’t allow comments on their videos and also always make sure to read the comments posted beneath a video if it has some because sometimes reading a genuine comment can change your life for the better.

Dr Srilekha believes that cosmetic surgeries are underrated and under-appreciated for how many lives and marriages they save and a good cosmetic surgeon should be given as much respect and regards as any other surgeon which many people do not do. Dr Srilekha appreciates the celebrities in this regard very much as they respect their cosmetic surgeon more than their general practitioner and sometimes owe their whole career to a good cosmetic surgeon that they luckily could discover.

Dr Srilekha also writes that you must always make sure that it is the surgeon himself/herself that performs each and every treatment/procedure, because owing to their super-busy schedule, sometimes the surgeons let their expert employees perform the surgery/treatment which can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even lethal.