Sayulita born neurosurgeon can now convey his interesting brain health messages to English speaking audience

Dr Ricardo Diaz is a neurosurgeon from the city of Tijuana in Mexico. Dr Diaz was born and raised in the Sayulita village in Mexico but moved to the Mexico city to complete his higher education. Dr Diaz never spoke fluent English until he came across koe mexico last year. Now, Dr Diaz created an additional official website for his practice in the English language using WordPress, all by himself and he also regularly writes blog posts there that are second to none in terms of fluency in the English language and are very interesting and informative as well.

Dr Ricardo Diaz writes on his blog that many neurosurgeons are now always in a hurry to perform temporal lobectomy for the patients with seizures, which he believes is completely unfair because it involves the resection of the temporal lobe which according to him has a great importance and shouldn’t be resected until and unless there is no other way to get rid of the seizures. Dr Ricardo also believes that several products that are available in the market freely are responsible for creating these seizures and they include aspartame containing drinks like Diet Coca Cola, Energy Drinks and many others. Dr Ricardo claims that Red Bull is the most dangerous energy drink that is available in the market today, because he claims that it contains amphetamine along with aspartame which is a lethal combination. Dr Ricardo claims that most of the governments are sold out and they will not do anything about it as long as they are being paid millions by the Red Bull owners.

Dr Ricardo claims that he has been working on finding different better permanent cures for the seizures and hopefully, he will be able to find some soon enough.