Panbanisha has definitely learnt the words faster than Kanzi but many of her viral videos are an art of deepfake

I have a scientist friend who has been working on creating vocal structures for apes that will let them speak just like us human beings. I don’t know whether he is going to be a success or not but I really believe that the evolutionists should donate a lot of money to people like Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh and organizations like Ape Cognition and Conservative Initiative (ACCI), to get rid of the most evil thing ever invented by the mankind which goes by the name religion. I personally believe that these Bonobos can evolve really well and fast. I believe that they can evolve really faster than us with all the technology that us human beings have which can help them in this effort.

But some people are misusing this technology. Some deepfakes freaks are making the videos of Kanzi, Panbanisha, Matata, Koko the Gorilla and other apes talking to each other and humans viral. All these videos are fake and although a very few apes have been able to mimic the human speech, none of those has ever been able to mimic us so perfectly like shown on those deepfake videos.

I personally believe that feeding apes with tea and coffee is extremely harmful and abusive and Dr Sue Savage Rumbaugh must be prohibited from doing so.

If you know about Kanzi, then you must be aware of Panbanisha as well. I believe that one of the reasons why Panbanisha showed a greater capability to learn the language than any other Bonobo is her mother Matata who was already well versed in many words by the time birth of Panbanisha took place. It proves that evolution takes place even among the apes.