Writing and selling eBooks cheap is one of the proven methods to make money online

Bobbie Beale is a British author who recently completed writing her third eBook. When I interviewed Bobbie on Skype after reading the book, she told me that it is a part of one of her ways to make money online. The book is on the life of the historical King of Norway – Harald Hardrada.

In her book, Bobbie writes that Harald could have been a far greater emperor if he spent lesser time on the women and alcohol and more on the governance.

Bobbie writes that Harald was a man of great clarity, he knew what he wanted and he would do whatever it took to achieve it.

Bobbie writes that due to his addiction to women, Harald couldn’t keep a check on everything that he needed to.

Bobbie writes that Harald possessed great communication skills and had a great command on his men but he was also a very shy person.

Bobbie criticizes Harald Hardrada by writing that Harald would only come into picture if it were so important that they couldn’t do without him, he was so busy with the women and alcohol otherwise, that’s the foremost reason behind each of his failures as well.

Bobbie writes in her book that she believes that Harald inherited his high libido and fondness for the opposite sex from his mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter, who also happened to be the same.

Bobbie writes that the claim that Harald’s mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter was responsible for killing Harald Grenske so that she could marry the young, virile and vigorous – Sigurd Syr, is a completely fake story.

Bobbie writes that Harald’s first wife – Elisiv of Kiev, was addicted to advancing her knowledge, just like her great-great grandmother – Saint Olga.

Optometrists prefer to use Large Format Printing art in their clinics for their patients’ ease

Dr Sarah Soprano is an optometrist from Detroit, Michigan, who makes at least one post on her practice’s blog each week. Dr Sarah claims on her blog that those who eat nuts and dried fruits since the young age are very less likely to suffer any kind of degeneration in the later years compared to those who do not.

Dr Sarah once claimed on her blog that if the military people don’t ever get hit by any physical eye injury, they are 300% less likely to suffer any chronic or permanent naturally occurring damage or degeneration over the years.

Dr Sarah says that it is a pity that the modern optometry related mass companies care about their profits more than they do about the health of the eyes of their patients.

Dr Sarah once wrote on her blog that they really have come a long way when it comes to the advancement of the technology of the contact lenses, but they are still far away from making it 100% healthy, which she personally believes will never happen.

Dr Sarah’s most recent post on her blog was that because she acknowledges that most of the patients that come to her office cannot see clearly, she has chosen to use nothing but Large Format Printing art there.

Orthodox Jew author from Haifa wants to write his next book in collaboration with an essay writing service seller

Noah Brenner is an Orthodox Jew author from the city of Haifa, Israel, who believes that the Jewish matriarchs aren’t given the importance and respect that they deserve and all the focus of the followers of the Abrahamic religions is on the patriarchs instead. Noah’s latest book which he launched in the August of this year was completely based on this topic which he titled “Jewish Matriarchs – The forgotten mothers of the so-called holy ones”. The book hasn’t sold good numbers yet but I happen to be one of the few that have bought a copy and the book really exceeded my expectations.

In his book, Noah writes that it is a pity and a form of racism that they do not include Hagar in the list of Jewish matriarchs. Noah agrees that she wasn’t a Jew, but he then adds that he was the mother of one of the most important Jewish patriarchs – Ismael, whom Arabs consider to be their real ancestor.

Noah claims in his book that all the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs had the healing powers like the Jesus but they preferred not to show it unless there was a necessity unlike Jesus, who was addicted to showing off his powers.

Noah believes that Rachel is a more important matriarch than her sister Leah, but she is not ever given the respect that she really deserves. Noah claims that Leah was just a bit fat but almost as good-looking as Rachel contrary to the popular belief.

Noah claims to have used an essay writing service more than 15 times lately that he discovered on the docker hub and has fallen in love with the same. Noah writes that he has been considering the owner of that essay writing service to write a book in collaboration with him if he agrees.

Engineer wishes if he could play a video game based on the life of Methuselah on his Sega Genesis Mini

Jacob Goldberg is an engineer by profession who recently turned an author with his book on the life of the current President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

Jacob never gets tired of repeating on his blog that in some professions, the imagination has an edge over the knowledge, in others, it is the opposite, but for an engineer, both equally matter.

Jacob believes that like in most other professions, the success of an engineering firm mostly depends upon the energy levels and overall health of the founder and the employees.

Jacob claims that the upcoming foldable smartphone – Flex Pai is going to sell like hot cakes in the beginning but it will also work to ultimately defunct the company in the end that is going to create it – ‘Royal Corporation’ as Jacob believes that it will come with so many issues that the Royal Corporation will have first have to call the phones back many times and then refund the money of the buyers, ultimately resulting in a disaster for them.

Having been grown up in the 1980s and the 1990s, Jacob is most interested and curious about the Sega Genesis Mini lately and was among the first ones to buy the same.

Jacob recently enjoyed a trip of Eastern California with his Indian co-workers and went on to see the world’s oldest tree there – Methuselah. Jacob’s Indian co-workers told him that most Indians that know about Methuselah tree believe that the Methuselah tree is in reality a leg of Methuselah which has grown up to become a tree and is never going to die. They told Jacob that this rumor was spread by a fake Indian saint who has several heinous criminal cases pending against himself.

Chilean hopes to make her first million with her first book that she wrote after beating the disease of procrastination

Tara Martinez is an American author of Chilean origins who recently completed writing her first book after reading the popular blog post – 7 steps to overcome the “I’ll start tomorrow“. She has always been a procrastinator but claims to have overcome the same now with the help of several different books, web posts and other stuff.

Tara was generous enough to send me a free copy of her book. The book is on the life of the biblical patriarch and Methuselah’s father – Enoch. In her book, Tara claims that Enoch living 365 years according to the Book of Genesis conveys the relationship of his age with the 365 days in a year.

Tara claims to have studied the religion of Hinduism thoroughly as well in both her book and blog. Tara writes that Enoch draws a great resemblance to Narada Muni, the son of Hindu Trinity God – Brahma. Tara writes that just like the Metatron Narada, Enoch is also an angel who communicates god’s word.

Tara adds that Enoch also draws a huge resemblance to Atharvan, another son of Hindu God – Brahma. Tara doubts that Brahma could also be the distorted and exaggerated version of the Jewish patriarch – Abraham.

Tara claims that Enoch’s biggest weakness was his anger and wrath.

Tara claims in her book that the Hindu Brahmins are most likely the disciples of Enoch, who followed him. Tara then adds that the Hindu scriptures also seem to be the distorted version of the Jewish scriptures, the Hindu upanishads show a great resemblance with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tara claims in her book that the first and second book of Enoch were without a doubt written by Enoch but the third book is wrongly attributed to him. Tara adds that there is no way that the third book was written by Enoch.

Akron’s most popular conspiracy theorist claims that the pharma industries are scared of this one agonist

Frank Medrocillo is a conspiracy theorist from Akron, Ohio, who is mostly interested in the conspiracies going on in the Indian subcontinent region and in the health and pharma industry.

Frank Medrocillo claims that he buy gw-501516 regularly and take it and he has experienced nothing but positive effects with the same. Frank believes that the pharma companies are scared of its magical effects on eliminating many of the weaknesses, disorders and illnesses which the pharma companies feed on and that’s the reason why they are so much scared of the same.

Now, let us come to some of Frank’s political conspiracy theories around the Indian subcontinent. Frank claims that the 3rd ASEAN-Russia summit that took place on the November of 2018 was more of an instruction summit by the KGB to Southeast Asian countries whose chiefs work exclusively for their agendas.

Frank claims to have studied the Indian political and parliamentary structure thoroughly and he has come to the conclusion that the President of India is a puppet of the Prime Minister of India for most of the part. Frank writes on his blog that the constitution of India says that the President of India must be of a sound mind but it has only happened a couple of times that a man with a sound mind was chosen to be the President of the nation of India, one of such Presidents was APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, but generally, they only choose a man of an unsound mind who can be easily controlled by the man who calls all the shots in India – the Prime Minister.

Cuban restaurant owner from Antwerp congratulates Stad Taxi on such a grand success of theirs

Juan Manzano owns a Cuban restaurant in the city of Antwerp that only uses Surti buffalo’s beef from a particular Animal Husbandry in Indonesia for their delicious and popular Ropa Vieja, Shredded Beef and Nom Cuban Beef.

Juan lived in Florida for over 10 years and claims to have tried Cuban food at each and every restaurant there, he says that no Cuban restaurant in the entire Florida can compete with his own.

Juan writes on his blog that for the first time, beef has become more popular at the Cuban restaurants around the world than the pork. Juan writes that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the duck becomes the most popular served form of food after a while at the Cuban restaurants around the world, just like Stad Taxi has become the most popular taxi antwerpen lately.

Juan’s restaurant is extremely popular with the homosexuals and that sometimes even serves as the negative for the business.

Juan writes that the customers of today are more focused about the health than the taste and hence using the best quality beef is quite inevitable.

Juan claims that his is going to be the first Cuban restaurant in all of Indonesia that will have chefs from all Havana, Cuba.

Juan has mentioned more than a couple of times that it is in his blood to own and operate a restaurant. Juan’s grandfather established an Indonesian restaurant in the early 1960s but it failed drastically. Juan wishes all the time if his grandfather were still alive to see Juan running a very popular Cuban restaurant in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

Davao city’s Urologist knows how to save money, his cheap Windows 10 key is just one example

Dr Matthew Cole is an urologist from the Davao city, Philippines who claims on his blog that the urologists that have on-site labs are 200% more popular compared to the ones that don’t and it has been proven time and again.

Dr Matthew claims that drinking coffee increases the risk of kidney, bladder and prostate cancer, although there are not many studies available that prove the same, but who needs many proven studies when you read something written personally by Dr Matthew Cole on his personal blog written using his laptop that uses cheap windows 10  key.

Dr Matthew Cole claims to have had the most funny case of his career recently, a mosquito flew inside the penis of a patient when he was sleeping naked, the patient had to go through the medication for kidney stones that made him pee like a firehose all the time, it didn’t work at all, then the mosquito had to be taken out by a urinary tract surgery.

Dr Matthew has mentioned more than once on his blog that you are better off visiting a cosmetic surgeon if you need a penile implant, and you should never get it done through an urologist, although most of the certified urologists are open to penile implants.

Dr Matthew claims that vasectomies aren’t as popular as they once used to be anymore. He further adds that vasectomy reversal has gone more popular on the other hand though.

Dr Matthew Cole agrees with the popular Dr Lawrence Wilson’s claim that we can know more about a patient’s health through his/her hair than his/her urine.

I never knew that Francesco Costanzo loved the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini

I recently read this post by the Italian ballet dancer, choreographer and director – Francesco Costanzo who claims that he is one of the greatest fans of Pier Paolo Pasolini in the world.

In his post, Francesco Costanzo writes that the paternal uncle that Pier Paolo was named after was also suspected to be a homosexual by many but nobody dared ask him as he was physically a very strong man. Francesco also writes that this paternal uncle of Pier Paolo Pasolini was a very creative man like Francesco Costanzo himself but he was never able to make it mainstream like his nephew with the same name did.

Francesco Costanzo writes that when Pier Paolo Pasolini’s younger brother – Guidaliberto was born. Francesco writes that Pier Paolo’s father knew very well that they couldn’t afford having another child financially and that’s the very reason why Pier Paolo’s dad used to gamble day and night with the hope to make enough extra buck with it but rather the opposite happened.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo’s father was never persuaded by the so-called virtues of fascism but he had no other option than to say that he is persuaded by the virtues of the fascism in order to save his life from the cruel and arrogant fascists.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo being a pro-life, optimistic, creative person is highly evident from him writing poems appreciating the beauty of Casarsa at the young age of 7. Francesco adds that anyone who has visited the city of Casarsa will tell you that the city is not a very beautiful one but Pier Paolo really didn’t miss a single beautiful thing that he could mention in his poem and that too at the age of 7.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo being influenced by bisexual poet – Arthur Rimbard at an age that he didn’t know that he was a homosexual himself, even before he discovered that there is such a thing as homosexuality, proves that bisexual and homosexual men have creative prowess that is quite distinct from their straight counterparts which attracts the like of them. Francesco adds that there is a reason why most of the successful fashion designers are either homosexual or bisexual men or straight women.

Francesco claims that Pier Paolo started losing his religion the day he discovered the hatred against homosexuality and bisexuality in the religious scriptures of the religion that he and his family used to follow. Francesco writes that it wasn’t possible for him anymore to go back to having faith in his religion.

Francesco writes that although Pier Paolo Pasolini identified himself as an atheist, he was often confused there as well, he would think of himself as a pantheist, agnostic or apatheist at times.

Francesco claims that Pier Paolo used attain the state of nirvana whenever he used to write poetry between 12 to 5 AM in the night.

Francesco believes that entering the politics was the greatest mistake of the man called Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Francesco writes that Pier Paolo couldn’t ever get over the death of his younger brother Guido’s murder.

Francesco writes that although Pier Paolo loved the communism, he hated Stalinism and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read him even a bit.

Francesco believes that it is a pity that they haven’t been able identify the murderers of Pier Paolo Pasolini till date.

Francesco writes that at one point of time in his life, Pier Paolo was obsessed with learning the Sanskrit language to understand the Indian vedic civilization better but because he couldn’t even after trying so hard, he turned his back on it and started hating the Sanskrit language and the nation called India. Francesco adds that the next year, the same happened when he tried to learn the Hebrew and Yiddish language simultaneously again to understand the Catholicism, Judaism and Israel better.

Francesco writes that although Ezra Pound wasn’t a communist, interviewing a great poet like Ezra Pound was the greatest moment for Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Francesco writes that if Pier Paolo were alive today, he would be extremely happy to see how far the gay rights have come.

I personally do agree with most of the points that Francesco Costanzo makes about Pier Paolo Pasolini and I am immensely happy to have learned a fact yesterday that the biopic directed by one of the former collaborators of Pier Paolo Pasolini – La Macchinazione, has over 70% Non-Italian viewers, which I believe should be a delight for any PPP lover.