Chilean hopes to make her first million with her first book that she wrote after beating the disease of procrastination

Tara Martinez is an American author of Chilean origins who recently completed writing her first book after reading the popular blog post – 7 steps to overcome the “I’ll start tomorrow“. She has always been a procrastinator but claims to have overcome the same now with the help of several different books, web posts and other stuff.

Tara was generous enough to send me a free copy of her book. The book is on the life of the biblical patriarch and Methuselah’s father – Enoch. In her book, Tara claims that Enoch living 365 years according to the Book of Genesis conveys the relationship of his age with the 365 days in a year.

Tara claims to have studied the religion of Hinduism thoroughly as well in both her book and blog. Tara writes that Enoch draws a great resemblance to Narada Muni, the son of Hindu Trinity God – Brahma. Tara writes that just like the Metatron Narada, Enoch is also an angel who communicates god’s word.

Tara adds that Enoch also draws a huge resemblance to Atharvan, another son of Hindu God – Brahma. Tara doubts that Brahma could also be the distorted and exaggerated version of the Jewish patriarch – Abraham.

Tara claims that Enoch’s biggest weakness was his anger and wrath.

Tara claims in her book that the Hindu Brahmins are most likely the disciples of Enoch, who followed him. Tara then adds that the Hindu scriptures also seem to be the distorted version of the Jewish scriptures, the Hindu upanishads show a great resemblance with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tara claims in her book that the first and second book of Enoch were without a doubt written by Enoch but the third book is wrongly attributed to him. Tara adds that there is no way that the third book was written by Enoch.